Donna Brazile’s Bizarre “President Pelosi” Tweet


Why did a bright, well educated, seasoned news reporter named Donna Brazile tweet such a bizarre message?  Was it code? Did she just have a fuzzy brain moment?  She got into hot water with Hillary during the campaign and after with her book where she told her own truth. But, she lived through that and publicly fell in line with the rest of the Dem soldiers on the Pelosi Globalist plantation. So, is it a crazy tweet or a code.  If a code who is it meant to signal, or warn and about what?


Take out the hash tags and it reads, “Madam Speaker today, President Pelosi shortly thereafter. Martin Luther King Weekend is underway. Keep Hope Alive!” That is definitely a message to someone.  Either a signal to others that it’s a go, or a warning, or both.

The obvious part of this message is Madam Speaker today, President…

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THE TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR: Podesta’s Cunning Plan from April 2016. - The Conservative Voice in Global News


Written by Brendan Power for
20th February 2018.

“If that bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished… and if I lose its all on your heads for screwing this up. You better fix this shit!” Hillary Clinton screams at Donna Brazille October 17 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

I think we all know what she was referring to, any good lawyer knows when a defendant has got too emotional and said too much, even she would know she lost it and gave the game away, yet to date nobody in law enforcement has thought it important to question any of the Clinton crime cartel.

In “GET TRUMP” the eye watering, explosive 5 Part Series full of political corruption and intrigue , we take you behind the curtain, to give you a peek at what really happened in America’s 2016 Presidential…

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Collage @alexa_wotus


None of these are high definition but they were too pretty to pass up.




endless looping gif.gif
Native American artist George Redhawk creates eerily beautiful gifs even though he’s legally blind. With help from computer software, the designer utilizes the art of gif-making to show others how he sees the world as a man who suddenly lost his sight

WOW Words from Pope Francis

WOW Words from Pope Francis

joy of nine9

“The Internet…is something truly good, a gift from God.”  Pope Francis

The pope speaks out loudly and clearly, without compromise on a variety of topics such as:

true charity,  women, part-time Christians, the internet as a gift from God, prayer, each child is a gift,  a Church which is bruised,  Peter denies Christ, climate change, we have a Lord who is capable of crying with us….






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