Police Brutality, My Eye

We had an abuse of power by some police officers and it has made the news.
Rightfully so. George Floyd should never have died being murdered by a cop;by ANYONE. I don’t care what underlying health conditions he had. Irrelevant.I don’t care if he had a rap sheet a mile long. Irrelevant.
Nobody who watches the video of George Floyd and the Minnesota police can possibly defend the officers. The more you know about the incident the more convinced you become that the officers were involved in a criminal act.

They get their day in court though like anyone else. All of us are innocent until proven guilty. We protect that right because we want to keep that right for ourselves.Fortunately,we’ve agreed not to do mob rule anymore.
This answers the question re George Floyd. It does not answer the charge of police brutality. I hate to even use that word because of the connotations.

Police brutality is what you see in a country like China,Cuba,North Korea,Venezuela.Live there,resist arrest,see what happens to you there.That people IS police brutality.

We have people who probably should not be police officers(it’s a high stress job anyway;not for everyone) and these officers were definitely in that category but the MAJORITY of police officers are there for the right reasons.Please,i am NOT saying these cops murdered Mr Floyd because of stress.Whatever the reason,they did it deliberately and it was evil.

They get very little thanks but every time we have a major incident they get a target on their backs. After the past few days i’d be surprised if the good cops are willing to put their lives on the line anymore for anyone.

Now for these creeps called Antifa, recently declared a terrorist organization by Pres Trump. He probably should have declared them a terrorist organization back in 2016-2017.
They weren’t exactly part of the national conversation back then like they are now.
I’d love to see a profile of their members. I’m guessing that most are white kids that live comfortably.The other word for it is spoiled brats. I’m also guessing that the useful idiots who belong have diverse backgrounds but every single one of them have one thing in common;they’ve been indoctrinated somewhere along the line.
I bet most people still have no idea what this group is or what it’s about. I bet most people have no clue who George Soros is either.

We better take a close look at what’s been going on right under our noses.The schools,the media,the Democrats,Obama,Clinton & Soros have been undermining our Republic for years. What we have going on here now is an insurrection;a coup.

God forbid i say this about our first black President. Sorry if it offends you,but i honestly don’t care what race he is. Melanin doesn’t excuse anyone from legit criticism.Joe Biden is another winner.

He’s been in politics forever(try around 40 yrs). What the hell did he ever do for the minorities the Democrats now claim he has empathy for? (Spare me).Joe is unqualified to be President for a whole host of reasons.

At least Obama had a brain & could make cognizant albeit poor decisions. Joe has dementia. I’m not being sarcastic here either. It’s too obvious.

Obama knew better than to endorse his own VP[let that sink in] until he was actually the candidate for the Democrat party. No choice at that point.

I digress here for a second, only because we have to consider who our future President could be. Why didn’t these 2-Obama and his sidekick Joe- address the problems we have instead of gaslighting the American people into the belief our  institution of law enforcement is dangerous and the Republic is evil?

Joe had 40 yr himself.

He and Obama together had 8.
The tragic murder of George Floyd was the catalyst for the insurrection but it could have been anyone,anything.They [meaning Antifa,rioters,looters;all the criminal elements]could care less about George Floyd.Prove otherwise if i’m wrong.



(289) The Rush Limbaugh Show 6/2/20 Rush Limbaugh June 2, 2020 – YouTube

Yes,Antifa is the Weather Underground set in a different era. Same ideology,just a different time. Their goal is to overturn the 2016 of Donald Trump .They are simpatico with the media and Democrat party.Individually they a wimps. They work in packs.People are a lot braver in a crowd & they are DANGEROUS.
Lindsey Graham needs to be educated. He has no idea what he’s talking about.

David Dorn: Retired St. Louis Police Captain Killed | Heavy.com

During a night of violent protests and looting in St. Louis, David Dorn was shot and killed by looters at a pawn shop in an incident that was captured on Facebook Live.

Dorn, a retired police captain, was shot in the chest at around 2:30 a.m. and died in front of the shop, Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry, at 4123 Martin Luther King Drive, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The 77-year-old was identified on Tuesday morning during a press conference by Mayor Lyda Krewson and Police Chief John Hayden. Hayden said Dorn was killed “during a looting process. David Dorn was exercising law enforcement training that he learned here.”

Police are investigating the shooting and there have been no arrests yet in connection with Dorn’s death.

Former St. Louis Police Chief Tim Fitch said on Twitter that Dorn was “A true public servant. Protecting & serving all the way to the end. None of us who knew you are surprised you went out fighting at Lee’s Pawn this morning. God speed my friend.”

The Incident Was Captured on Facebook Live & Dorn’s Wife Said He Was Checking on the Shop to Help Out the OwnerDorn’s wife, Ann Marie Dorn, told St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he was friends with the owner of the pawn shop.

She said he worked with him and would go check on the property when the burglar alarms went off to make sure everything was fine.

The outlet said, “She was too distraught to talk more about her husband.”The incident was captured on Facebook Live, although it has since been removed.

The person taking the video is in a car, which pulls up to the sidewalk by the pawn shop after the shooting’s taken place.

The person gets out of the vehicle and walks up to the victim, saying “stay with me, stay with me.” He then says, “all for some TVs, man? For real? It’s somebody’s granddaddy.”

The Ethical Society of Police, who posted about Dorn’s death, told the Post-Dispatch they were aware of the video. State Rep. Rasheen Aldridge said he saw the broadcast and was horrified by it. He wrote on Facebook, “I just seen a man die on live man! Smh.”

He also told the outlet he was “Very traumatized right now.” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone told the Post-Dispatch they were trying to get more information about the video.

Dorn Worked as a St. Louis Police Officer for 38 Years Before Retiring in 2007

Dorn was a retired police officer who was with the St. Louis Police Department for 38 years. He started as a rookie patrol officer before rising up the ranks and becoming a captain.

Dorn also served as the deputy commander of the Bureau of Patrol Support, overseeing patrols, the tactical unit and commercial vehicles.After his retirement in October 2007, Dorn became the police chief in Moline Acres.

The Ethical Society of Police wrote: “One of the people murdered last night was a retired St. Louis City Captain.

He was murdered by looters at a pawnshop. He was the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to. Violence is not the answer, whether it’s a citizen or officer. RIP Captain!”

KMBC reported that Dorn’s wife still works for the police department.

He said Dorn was a “fine captain” and that “Many of us, the other officers, looked up to him. [Dorn] was very well-liked, very pleasant. And his wife still works here. So a very sad time for our agency. We will honor him.”

Source: David Dorn: Retired St. Louis Police Captain Killed | Heavy.com

Democrat Leaders Sat Back & Watched #WakeUp

Notice how it’s all going down in LIBERAL cities. Why-because it’s where they can get away with riots,looting,chaos and anarchy. It started in Portland,Oregon-> 2017<- . They’ve been plotting,planning,waiting.Portland was just a test drive.
Wake Up!


#BLM. Help them clean up and take up funds as restitution for the damage,business lost

Cuomo is a day late. President Trump was already on it.

The governor must have missed the Rose Garden speech.

“PROTESTERS” (they love our country don’t they)?


How about Antifa? Young white kids outside the areas going into black or liberal communities destroying property, attacking people,creating chaos? Is this ok?

Dan Bongino spells it out perfectly. 

#Antifa been jumping up & down about them in the blog since 2017 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FBI (plenty of info here)

The 2020 riots are not the first riots Antifa were involved in.  Jack Posobiec and Ginger McQueen  had the skinny on the terrorist group around the same time-2017- i was trying to warn the public. They both did the most fantastic investigations of this group;  definitely spelled out trouble. Ex Antifa members were sounding the alarm too.

IF the FBI or DHS need any information re Antifa, Posobiec and McQueen are 2 people they should definitely talk to. They know their ‘stuff’.

Here are just a few of the related articles i posted here beginning in 2017 re Antifa and George Soros*.








The violent radicals have infected our colleges and universities. It’s in our face obvious. They infiltrated our body politic too. Let’s be honest. They had a friend in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Remember the violent attacks on  law enforcement even when our officers were in the right. Violence against police rampaged for at least a year or more.Did we forget that innocent [not rogue bad cops] officers were ambushed and assassinated while they were sitting in their vehicles? What steps did Obama take to help the situation? Anyone?


Between academia,culture,government(Senators,Representatives,Governors,Mayors,Candidates) and even law enforcement we have either direct or indirect moral and financial support of Antifa.

Notice we haven’t heard a peep from Speaker Pelosi,Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff,Maxine Waters and other loud mouths lately?  Most of the time you can’t shut them up. Silence.We can definitely surmise why. They support Antifa. PERIOD. End of story. They’re financed by Soros. PERIOD. End of that story. i don’t have any doubt in my mind.

Note that  The Conservative Treehouse (sundance)put up this excellent entry re the Berkeley Police Dept. POSSIBLE[emphasis mine because i believe it was active] involvement with Antifa back in 2017 too. 

Stunning Research Videos – Was Berkeley Police Department Supporting Antifa Violence?….

This is a well presented and easy to understand video which appears to make

a solid case that police munitions were fired by the Berkeley Police Department against Trump supporters, and in support of AntiFA thugs, last weekend.

*you can’t have one without the other