Candidates i am proud to endorse, support and promote. We need good people we can get behind. MAGA candidates who are warriors and stand firmly behind our beloved Pres Trump, our country and our Constitution! No Rinos, no More! If you know of any MAGA candidates i’ve missed feel free to contact me and send info. Will take a look and add ’em.

Vernon Jones for Governor of Georgia

I can’t think of a candidate more qualified to take on rino and backstabber Brian Kemp than Vernon Jones. He’ll put his home state first and represent the good people of Georgia. There will be tons of cash pouring into his opponents campaigns so we need to get behind Vernon now. Donate financially if you can. Donate your time if you can’t. Word of mouth at the grassroots is very effective. Vernon Jones is the kind of principled warrior we all need in these times.


Larry Elder for Governor of California

Larry Elder just received the endorsement of Mark Levin. I can’t think of a single candidate more qualified to #MakeCaliGreatAgain. He definitely gets an endorsement here. Been following Mr. Elder for a long time. If Californians are smart enough to recall the terrible Gavin Newsome they are definitely smart enough to cast a vote for Larry Elder, but we have to get the word out and promote him.It’s not enough to get Newsome out the door. California needs a leader who will pull back California from the brink.

Here’s the Levin interview with Larry and his endorsement on the Mark Levin Podcast 7.16.21

I’m running for Governor because the decline of California isn’t the fault of its people. Our government is what’s ruining the Golden State. Our schools are closed to both students and their parents. Our streets aren’t safe from rising violent crime or the disaster of rising homelessness. And the scandals of Sacramento aren’t going to stop on their own. It’s time to tell the truth. We’ve got a state to save.

Source: Elect Elder | Larry Elder For Governor 2021 |

A Message from the Conservative TreeHouse

These ten DeceptiCons in the House also voted to support Nancy Pelosi’s “January 6th Commission.” They knew during the vote the purpose of the commission was to assist Democrats with a campaign narrative for 2022. There is no excuse for this level of decepticon behavior. However, they will be supported and funded by all voices who oppose the ‘America-First’ economic agenda. These people must be removed. There can be no quarter.
A Gallery of Svengalis 
it was nice knowing ya’ …NOT

Campaign links to their primary opponents we need to support:
♦ Valdao is being challenged in California by Chris Mathys

♦ Kinzinger is being challenged in Illinois by Catalina Lauf

♦ Meijer is being challenged in Michigan by Tom Norton

♦ Upton is being challenged in Michigan by Steve Carra

♦ Cheney is being challenged in Wyoming by three opponents:

Anthony Bouchard ,
Chuck Gray, and
Darin Smith
♦ John Katko (NY-24) is currently uncontested [ Need Primary Candidate]

♦ Gonzalez is being challenged in Ohio by Max Miller

♦ Tom Rice is being challenged in South Carolina by Ken Richardson

♦ Herrera-Beutler is being challenged in Washington State by Joe Kent

♦ Newhouse is being challenged in Washington State by Loren Culp

Please report any broken links. Thank you! And a special thanks to the Conservative Treehouse for the work and time they put into compiling this list and bringing it to the attention of patriots like us.

Look Who Trump Endorsed

This is how you handle the media. Stop kissing up to them.Vote Mo!

Everything you need to know about Mitch McConnell

so when are we going to talk about term limits folks?
These people are in there till the day they die.

Endorsement Coming Soon for Wyoming Candidate-Stay Tuned!

Larry Elder Sues California Secretary of State Over Decision to Keep Him Off Recall Election Ballot

Be sure to support Larry. They’re desperate, meaning they’re afraid he can win. Let’s make sure he does!!

FILE — In this July 13, 2021 file photo radio talk show host Larry Elder speaks to supporters during a campaign stop in Norwalk, Calif. Elder has announced his candidacy for governor in the Sept. 14 recall election but the California Secretary of State’s office has rejected his candidacy saying Elder, a Republican, filed incomplete tax returns that are required to run. Elder is challenging the decision. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

“We’ve complied with everything the secretary of state has required of us,” Elder said in a statement. “The politicians in Sacramento know I’m the only candidate who can beat Gavin Newsom. They are afraid, and they are using whatever shenanigans they can to try to trip me up. It won’t work.”

Larry Elder Won Case. Will Be On The Ballot!!!

Longtime talk show host Larry Elder will be a listed candidate on the California gubernatorial recall ballot after being previously disqualified, a Sacramento judge ruled July 21.“I won my court case,” Elder, an EpochTV host, said on Twitter. “We will be on the ballot.”
if you have a twitter account follow Larry on Twitter and give him your support.He’s up against 46 other candidates and he’s the best of the bunch.

The Larry Elder Show Sept 2020

he started a movement of Patriots

Herschel Walker for Senate

Let’s put MAGA in the Georgia Senate!!
One word: RUN!!!