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Trump 44

With Democrats rapidly running out of options, and apparently quality candidates, in their determined effort to defeat President Trump, they may end up having to resort to using a tactic that would clearly make clear their desperation, yet one that you would think would be too diabolical even for them.  But it is also one which many on the left already seem to be rather enthusiastically supportive of.  And so, just what is it that they now feel that may have to resort to in order to succeed in the endeavor of removing President Trump?  Why, destroying our economy, of course!

And so it’s as we get closer to the next election the American people are going to be forced to consider something that they have never before thought possible, that we now have a political party so desperate to defeat a president that there is absolutely NOTHING that will…

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Why Is Joe Biden Running? *quick edit* NY Times quote included

When Joe Biden is the (at least supposed)front runner fot the Democrat party you know they have a problem. Unfortunately we have a problem too because this man should be nowhere near the Oval Office.

It’s not because i don’t like Joe personally-don’t know him. It’s not because he’s a liberal-which IS a reason i would never vote for him but then i would never vote for another liberal either. If i were a Democrat i wouldn’t vote for him because he’s not mentally capable of holding the office.

He’s not mentally capable to hold any position that requires a minimum of mental sharpness. He has some very serious problems. He would never pass the exam he would be given by the WH physician.

He should be home taking care of himself in retirement. Who decided Joe should run in this election? Did Joe really want to get involved in a campaign for President? Was it his idea? Did someone convince him  he ought to run and stood a good chance of winning?

Has anyone in his campaign or the Democrat party taken a serious look at the former VP and determined that something is radically wrong here? If i can see it-I’m sure they can see it.

Seriously they are doing no favors to Joe,the party or the American people by continuing to put up a facade for Joe. They make excuses calling them ‘gaffes’ when they are clearly MORE than just gaffes. The media is going to have cover for him.

You would think the people in contact with him on the campaign trail would notice the problems. They’re too obvious.He served in the Senate from 1973 to 2009.  He did serve as Obama’s VP for both terms. For my part I would be less likely to vote for someone who spent their whole life-or most of it-in politics.

My guess is the Democrats see it as a plus; his cred as Obama’s VP was probably supposed to carry weight Maybe it has but based on his current condition I doubt it will help. The media can’t cover for him all the time.

They may not want to in the end but whoever they pick they will support. I’ve been saying right along you will know who the Democrat nominee is by who the media supports. So far they’ve been a little fickle.

They don’t act like they are sure of who they want to get behind this time around. They were sure when Hillary was running. They even helped her cheat Bernie.I’m a 100% Trump supporter. If Biden is a weak candidate of course i should hope he’s the one who would run against Trump but i don’t want to go there.

A man with his mental capacity would be dangerous for the country and if there were even a smidgen of a chance he could win would not want to take that chance.

Besides it wouldn’t be good for him. He’s bound to get worse over time. Tell me,who talked him into it? Did he really want to run?  Does he have a challenger?

Word is that Biden is ahead of Trump by 10 points in a state Trump carried in 2016,Pennsylvania. My question is why? What does Biden offer that the folks of Pennsylvania support? He’s going to the left when they’re trying to pass him off as a moderate.

“Joe Biden has spoken his mind his entire life, which voters know and love about him. He’s a real person, he’s authentic and that will never change,” Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s communications director and deputy campaign manager, told The New York Times.

Joe Biden can speak his mind but it turns into word salads and utter confusion. You can find that endearing but not when there’s so much at stake. I’m glad he’s a real person. I also know that he’s in the back pocket of China. That’s real too.He’s not going to do the state of Pennsylvania any favors.

The campaign will probably try to keep their candidate out of the limelight and make sure he doesn’t have to do a lot of on his feet talking, especially in front of the cameras. The less he says,the better off they will be.The media will accommodate his campaign and cut back on their coverage. I question how long they will be able to hide Joe from any  legitimate scrutiny.

Come Sept/ Oct i’d bet the farm that Hillary jumps in and announces she will save the circus.She will go for identity politics and pass over Biden as Veep.

Temporarily Out of Commission🖥️ @alexa_wotus

I’m waiting on a new arrival,that is, an HP computer that is supposed to be delivered on the 18th. Hopefully sooner. I was ready to take a break from Twitter anyway so the timing was perfect.

First,we had the horrible tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. The El Paso tragedy was politicized from the moment it made news. I couldn’t stand another minute of it.

Now the gun debate will begin. There is a lot of pressure to ‘do something.’ I suppose this time they will have to. None of it will make any difference. I’m sorry for being cynical but laws don’t matter to criminals. You can’t stop evil. The best you can do is defend yourself against it.

The left OPENLY calls for violence. They’re not held accountable.They’re not even trying to hide it.Simple: they don’t have to.

The Bruce Ohr 32’s were released. Lo and behold they were trying to pull off a coup against a duly elected President.When i get back online I’m going to have a few things to say about it.

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.They’re going to investigate.It begs the question, how could he commit suicide when he was under suicide watch?

As  a quick a wrap on the news this week,I have to mention that Joe Biden had another screw up;further opening the door to a Clinton run. Nadler is bringing articles of impeachment against Pres Trump as i understand it. Good luck with that Nadler.

He’s also going to try for an impeachment  of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. I’m not even sure if he’s doing one impeachment or both.Nadler is a total moron. I’d like to be nice but as things are getting weirder the Democrats are going pro.

I will get caught up with the reader as soon as i’m online again. Some good stories there. Finally, I’ll be doing an Alexa entry again(far more uplifting).

Imagine it’s going to take at least a couple hours to get the new computer set up. Let’s not forget that.  You can’t just plug them in and go.I’ll go as fast as i can go and get back into business. By then there will be much to catch up on but probably nothing incredibly new. Same ol.

One thing changed here,besides the change in computer,the weather changed for the better. The heat and humidity vamoosed and 2 cold fronts came through.Love it!

The wind is blowing again like it typically does every day and you can hear the wind chimes either blowing in unison or a few of them. Love the sound.

It’s an especially pleasant  sound to hear as you fall asleep for the night.

Anyway,the break from Twitter has been nice. I’ve been able to watch Goodman,BCP,Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on our television via live streams on You Tube. So I’m not totally in the dark as far as headlines go.

Hope everyone is well and spending their own quality time outside the universe of the internet,especially the craziness that is sometimes Twitter.






Do Something!(El Paso and Dayton Massacres)

The cry to ‘do something ‘ is a desperate plea but it also tells us something. We DON’T know what to do.

Every time one of these tragedy strikes-just when we thought they were over-the first thing the left does is demand gun control. It’s not going to work and it infringes on our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms.

How many of us grew up with firearms in our home and never felt uncomfortable for an instant? We grew up in places where everyone and his/her brother had a gun.

I’ve given this some thought, based on past events,of  actions that might be helpful.

Once law enforcement begins their investigation one of the things they do is search the perpetrators social media print. How many times have we had an event where  the investigators find all kinds of red flags on some social media platform whether it’s twitter,facebook or instagram etc.

People will suddenly speak up and say they saw this tweet,comment or picture. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere all the time. How about if we see something we SAY something even if we’re not 100% sure it’s  a real red flag.

Let’s have  the attitude better safe than sorry. We may not want to appear silly but there’s always the chance we’re right. There’s nothing silly about being prudent and POSSIBLY saving lives.

I’ve also heard where someone had gone  to the police and reported a person they were concerned about;and it goes nowhere.. We all end up hearing that it had been reported,but nothing re the follow up.They should be taking the reports they get seriously. Even if 9 out 10 reports don’t amount to anything; all it takes is that one.

SEE SOMETHING,SAY SOMETHING. It works. Don’t second guess yourself and doubt your gut instincts. It’d be better for us to be wrong,than sorry later.

Back in the day there was a stigma attached to mental illness. Back in the day too civil rights groups had a hissy about people with mental illnesses being institutionalized They were concerned with depriving people of their  individual rights.Look at some of  our streets now in the larger cities.

Some cities are  filled with homeless people who can’t take care of themselves;some are drugs addicts and/ or alcoholics. How compassionate was it to stop institutionalizing  people who may have needed the help? How about the small percentage of mentally ill people who risk  having a violent episode? What about protection of the larger population?

Most of these shooters are suicidal. They want to go out with death by a cop.They figure they have nothing to lose;take out as many people as possible before they go down.

These individuals are going to act out as soon as their plan falls into place.

Intervention at a young age would be helpful as long as these individuals are monitored over long periods.Many,if not all, of these shooters showed signs of  serious problems in their teens.

Unfortunately it seems that some of  the parents (or parent /guardian)were more concerned with concealing the problems from discovery than getting help or reporting incidents to law enforcement.They do no one any favors,least of all themselves.

Stricter gun laws solve nothing. The law abiding citizens would give up all their guns if a law were passed that required it. The criminals would do what criminals  always do, ignore the law. This is why stricter guns laws are absurd.They leave the law abiding defenseless.

Gun laws (or any laws for that matter)mean nothing to a criminal.

We have some deeper societal issues that have to be addressed,but i think these small steps would go a long ways in prevention. It would also be helpful if we didn’t have gun free zones that give the perpetrators a target rich vulnerable environment.

We know the places most apt to be targeted;schools,malls,churches,movie theaters.

Basically any area that is open to the public, where large groups of people can gather and are known to be unprotected.

It’s like having a sign on the door that says ,strike here.







The Mass Shootings In Ohio & Texas

It’s become so ugly and contentious on Twitter I am almost ready to leave and not look back. I’m staying for 2 reasons;i can at least see my grand-daughter as she is growing up(that’s very important)and i can support our President.If those 2 things weren’t true i’d be deleting the account this minute.Honestly if it weren’t for Twitter i would have no idea what Alexa looks like or how she is doing. It’s amazing how she has turned out and grown up so much. Twitter inadvertently turned out to be a  positive thing in that regard.

I hope  it doesn’t sound like I’m stalking her. I was afraid that’s what it was coming to at first. I know what the deal is.On the other hand who would not  want to see their own grand child? From  her Twitter account *i found her instagram account with absolutely fantastic pictures and finally her you tube channel [with 1 video that made my day]. I now have a kind of mental image of who she is and what she’s like.She’s pretty special.

The one thing missing is that she doesn’t talk about her folks much. I’ve learned a few things though.

As for supporting our President i didn’t think it would be as ugly and contentious as it has been. Downright ugly. I believe it is an accurate reflection of the left and what the Trump supporters are up against.

The Texas massacre report should have been about the tragedy,the victims,the victims families and loved ones from the very beginning. All I read on Twitter was how it was the fault of Trump and his white supremacist,racist supporters. It was minutes from the time the shooting was reported until it was politicized. i highly doubt the people in Texas and Ohio care much about politics right now. All of us-left and right-Dem & Rep-Trump supporter & Never Trump,conservative,liberal and everyone in between could have come together with love,prayer and support for those folks.

What i read were tweets using a horrific event to push an agenda and attack the President. It’s shameful and disgusting no matter how they spin it.

A few facts:

1.the President has never and i do mean NEVER attacked legal immigrants.He does support a merit system and has asked Congress to work on it. Unfortunately,it’s not happening.They’re too busy trying to take down the Pres. His wife Melania is a legal immigrant. Why would he oppose LEGAL immigration?

2 when the caravans were heading for the United States in huge numbers he called it an invasion. It was an accurate description. It looked like an invasion to me.

4.  Pres Trump backs our Law Enforcement Departments and officers.This doesn’t mean he believes they take the right course of action every time  or there are no bad apples, but he knows what sacrifices the majority make to keep their communities safe.

5. Some of these countries are not sending their best. Some are rapists and murderers.Some are gang members. We know there’s human trafficking and drug running. I could delve into the whole issue far deeper than this but it would take a whole entry( probably 2 or 3) Suffice it to say our immigration system is broken and needs fixed Think the Democrats or Republicans seriously want to tackle it?

The Democrats are totally against it[real  immigration reform]. They are simply advocating for open borders and the elimination of ICE.

They’ve supported sanctuary cities for years.

Most in the  Republican party have let the Democrats,liberals and media  bludgeon then into submission. There are SOME Republicans that let the Democrats have their way. They actually support illegal immigration too;for their own reasons.The Dems only want the votes.

The election of Donald Trump brought the issue of immigration to the forefront. He was accused of being racist,xenophobic,’mean’,heartless-a hater.When,of course, they weren’t accusing him of being a Russian Agent.

6.The Democrats and their media arm spent every day from the time Trump got elected to this very minute working  to destroy the Trump presidency .When you have the media working on his destruction around the clock and putting it out as news  you do have an audience that buys it.

7. i can understand propaganda in other countries and expect it there. They have no choice. Hardship,Prison or even execution are not attractive. You report as the state demands it. In the United States there is no such threat so they are WILLING participants.

What does all this have to do with the recent tragedies of El Paso and Dayton? Plenty.

The media and the Democrats use the narrative THEY have built about Pres Trump-not who he actually is-to convince people he is a racist,white supremacist, fascist bigot  and that his supporters are no better. Don’t they grasp how incredibly wrong it is to do that?

NEWSFLASH: This isn’t about President Trump anyway.

The shame in all of  this is that the blame falls squarely on the shooters and the media isn’t saying that.The shooters are responsible. The suffering people of these communities need our love,prayers and support. They don’t care about politics. They haven’t had a chance to even mourn their  losses as individuals or a community and the event is being exploited. i can hardly stand to go on Twitter after reading some of the comments today.

It’s hard to take.

The Democrats i might be able to  understand-the media has no excuse. It’s shameful.

*someday i’ll explain how i did it. SOMEDAY.



Wray Welcomes Peter Strzok Back to FBI – True Pundit

Almost one year after he was fired from his top post at FBI, Peter Strzok is back in the building and the FBI’s good graces.“Strzok is in the (HQ) building all the time,” one FBI insider revealed. “He is taking meetings or part of meetings.”What?FBI sources confirm Strzok has been granted access to FBI facilities in Washington, D.C. and its headquarters building on numerous occasions since he was sacked in August 2018.Strzok has also not been stripped of his security clearances, an FBI insider said.

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