We Have To Talk About It. The Dump Trump for DeSantis Movement

Trump is the front runner for the Republican nominee in spite of the Democrats best efforts to destroy him. What’s new folks? They’ve only been trying since 2016. They’re putting me to sleep at this point. Newsflash: he’s running no matter what. We didn’t ask you for permission. We’re not going to.

The real problem is on our side. i can’t ignore it. It’s not going away. Most of Trump’s base is staying put. i know i am. We can’t be sure these people aren’t never trumpers disguised as MAGA but i have to admit some are the real deal. Maybe most. i have no way of knowing without looking at each and every defection. I’m not going to do that. i don’t have the time to invest anyway. i am going to write about it and take for granted they are genuine. We can give them the benefit of the doubt.

The question is, what is going on here. It’s simple on its face. These people don’t like Trump’s attacks on DeSantis. i’ll be honest and say they don’t bother me per se. They do bother me in that they are upsetting to some people. The next question is, why is he attacking DeSantis? The easy answer is he’s a potential opponent. We’re not going to look at an easy answer.

We’ll begin from the beginning. Ron DeSantis was running for his first term against Democrat Andrew Gullium. It’s hard to believe now that he was actually losing and the race was winding down. DeSantis went to Trump and asked for his support. He got it. Trump gave him an endorsement and 100% support. DeSantis won.

Come 2020 we know what happened. We know how the Dems tried to take Trump out from 2016-2020. They set in motion a soft coup that failed. It damaged the administration but thankfully it did not take him out.

The first attempt was the Russia Collusion Lie for 3 yrs followed by the 2 impeachments. Again, a failure. So we know what they had to do for 2020. It begs the question; what wouldn’t they do to keep him from winning?

They used BLM and Antifa to try and drive him out. They burnt down cities, attacked citizens and in some cases killed them. They attacked Federal buildings and law enforcement buildings. They tried to storm the White House, attacked the secret service injuring many and caused the secret service to move Trump and his family to the bunker. The J6 participants-no matter what you call the incident-were imprisoned without due process as stated in our Constitution.

They managed to rig the 2020 to stop Trump from winning but it left the Dems one plot to keep him from running for 24. Trump was banned from social media,including Twitter. The Democrats, FBI, Never Trumpers and media all conspired to paint J6 as an insurrection that Pres Trump led .Their narrative is that Trump can’t run if he incited the insurrection. Sorry to inform them nothing is going to stop him and nothing is going to stop us from voting for him.

By now you are probably asking what does DeSantis have to do with any of this?

Anyone notice when DeSantis started making headlines and gained coin with the MAGA movement? Many Trump supporters were talking about a Trump-DeSantis ticket. i noticed when he started making headlines. It was when Trump got banned just about everywhere and had left office for Mar A Lago. Trump had no office to return to. The newly installed Biden regime would be eating up a lot of news coverage.

You could call it a Trump black out with no means of communication with his base or a way to influence policy. When he left office he left a void. The media would try to make sure he was irrelevant. It happens to former Presidents but they wanted to be sure it happened in spades to Trump. The stop Trump crowd knew they had to cut him off from his base. They made it their mission. What they didn’t know is that it wasn’t going to work with us. MAGA is not going anywhere. We knew Trump wouldn’t abandoned us. He’d find a way eventually.

Here’s where Ron comes in. Fill the void. Grab the headlines.

He had an office to do it from. He had his own election coming up while Trump’s had just ended. Here’s where the Never Trumpers and Bush gang come in. They want Trump destroyed too. DeSantis is shrewd. He knows he has to appeal to the MAGA base first to win his 2nd term but not just his 2nd term. He’s eyeing the White House and he can get them on board for both. Trump started giving speeches when the opportunity came up and at least hinted at a run if you read between the lines. The people who knew Trump well knew he hadn’t given up. He couldn’t make a formal announcement so DeSantis couldn’t be 100% sure he would run no matter how many indicators were up that he would. He could definitely keep an eye peeled. The donors could definitely whisper in his ear. A lot of the polls put him in 2nd place to Trump; probably because much of the base considered him a good VP choice. Ron could take that any way he wanted but he could take it as a possible opportunity for himself at least couldn’t he?

Now there will be people who will write all this off but i would ask those same people a few questions. Did Ron say he would NOT run against Trump? Did Ron stand up for Trump during the impeachments? Did Ron question Biden’s election? Did he stand up against the left when they attacked Trump’s accusations against Biden’s installment? Did he say a peep when the left accused Trump of inciting an insurrection? He speaks up any other time. He grabs the headlines to make himself the center of them. He couldn’t make a few to stand up for our Republican president?

Nope. Maybe he can excuse those for one reason or another but what about the raid on Trump in his own backyard? The illegitimate raid by the FBI on Mar A Lago was the one time he should have spoke up and defended Trump. Crickets.

Meantime maybe Trump knew something the public didn’t know? There it was-his first attack on DeSantis where he called him sanctimonious. Whoah! Where did that come from? Trump pulled that out of thin air?

Notice how DeSantis would never answer THE question. We know the question. Will you run against Trump in the 2024 primary? He could have put it to rest with a diplomatic answer. His answer? NONE. SILENCE.

He had his debate with Charlie Crist. He had to know the question would come up to see if he would finish out his term as Governor if he won. It was a fair question and the voters had a right to know. We had a right to know.

The truth is even if it weren’t a fair question-depends on your opinion-he still had to know it would come up.

Did you see the look on his face? Read his eyes.

A question asks for a verbal response. He had none. It was a chance to finally put it to rest. He didn’t. Now it’s Trump’s fault? The ball was always in Ron’s court. It confirmed everything i thought Ron was up to.

He never intended to finish his 2nd term but he knew better than say it.

The donors, GOPe, Bush’s and Never Trumper’s had gotten to him. Trump knew. The sanctimonious title wasn’t just a stream of consciousness blurb that fell out of Trump’s mouth. Ron suffered from amnesia. He’d forgotten he used Trump as a stepping stone.

Remember Jeb Bush is a fellow Floridian and has a very special axe to grind with Trump. Politicians have their own m.o. Trump is different. He will let people know what he thinks to their face. It puts some people off but they don’t have to pull the knife out of their back either.

He could have been a pick for Trump’s VP. He could have been a slam dunk for 2028. Now i am convinced DeSantis is holding off on a formal announcement while he waits to see if the libs and Never Trumpers take Trump out of the running. Regardless he knows he can’t jump in too soon or it will look suspiciously like he ran for Governor with no intention to fulfill his term. Ron is on the not campaigning campaign. He doesn’t respond to Trump’s attacks but it’s his non response he’s using as his own tactic. It’s his way of saying he’s better than that and some people are buying it. It’s called BACK STABBING. You know it when you see it but you REALLY know it when it happens to you. Trump has had plenty. He didn’t expect it from DeSantis.