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While the news cycle is focused on the bank run, the upcoming primaries, Jan6 etc. i’m going to go into a topic that’s off the radar. You may or may not think this one’s important. i happen to think it is or i wouldn’t be bringing it up.

I was born in Pa,grew up in Pa and lived my whole life in Pa. For those that live in our snowbelt you know that feet of snow and bone chilling cold temperatures are par for the course. In the fall the foliage is amazing. We’re also known for our historically important sites, especially Philadelphia. Everyone knows about Philadelphia.

My parents were born in Pa, grew up in Pa and lived their whole lives in Pa. Mom was a stay at home mom for years. Dad was a self made man who made a decent living for the family. They survived WWII and the Great Depression. They were middle class small town folks in a rural area. Dyed in the wool Democrats. Kennedy was President. Life was good.

So no one could say I don’t know Pa.Our small town was backwards by most standards but l loved it so much lived there most of my life.Over the years though i went from a flaming liberal to a staunch conservative. My parents were ok with it as much as i was ok with their strong support of the Democrat party. i can’t say i was crazy about it but we respected each other’s choices. We rarely discussed who we privately voted for, the key word being PRIVATE. It was nobody’s business. Our state usually votes Democrat. There have been a few (rare)exceptions. There’s no getting around it; Pa is midnight blue.

I want to look at 2 races here beginning with the Fetterman-Oz race. i know it’s not making headlines at all but i believe it’s very important anyway. The other race will be Trump-Biden and that’s far more current. It all ties together.

John Fetterman was a man who could barely spit out a sentence. He seldom had a coherent thought. The debate was a disaster. It wasn’t his fault. He had suffered a stroke. Oz on the other hand was a man who had successfully completed medical school. You put in a lot of years in school and do an internship. Now you have to ask yourself; who would be more qualified for the job? Someone who is obviously,through no fault of their own, mentally challenged or someone who earned a degree in medicine?

Fetterman’s only job in the private sector was a term as mayor  of Braddock, Pennsylvania. Prior to that he was supported by his parents until he was 40. i’m going to say that Oz had a better background to deal with the economic issues of our day than Fetterman whose only experience in the private sector was political.

The Democrats made much of the abortion issue here knowing that would be their strong point. Honestly, it didn’t matter much. One Senator is not going to change the abortion laws in Pa. anyway. Fetterman won. The abortion issue was irrelevant. It hasn’t come up since and Pa’s laws remain unchanged.

Now Fetterman has been hospitalized and vanished from site. His wife took off with the children and left for Europe.

I can’t believe Pennsylvanians would vote for Fetterman. The Democrats are so party first they didn’t care whether Fetterman was up to the task or not? Maybe Oz wasn’t anyone to write home about but you can’t say Fetterman was. I always talk up our state but quite frankly this was an embarrassment. Do the folks here do their research at all? Besides, in this case, Fetterman’s problems were obvious. You didn’t have to do any research to know something was wrong. Oz was not my first choice in the Republican primary but he wasn’t a terrible candidate either. He was at least capable of grasping the issues and making informed decisions. He could speak and communicate a coherent thought. He did well in the debate.*

Let’s talk about Biden and Trump now. It seems like the folks voted for Biden like they voted for Fetterman.

Did they have a clue what they were voting for? Biden talked about shutting down fossil fuels. He attacked fracking and coal. All these are critical to the economy of Pennsylvania. He told everyone what he was going to do. They can’t say they didn’t know.Do they actually pay attention?

Trump on the other hand gave us energy independence and we were heading for energy dominance. He brought steel back to Pa and went to bat for our manufacturing sector. He spent most of his life in the private sector as a real estate investor. He attended the Wharton School of Business. Biden spent all of his life in politics with at least 40 yr in the Senate. Nobody can claim Joe had any time in the private sector or had any knowledge of economics. He graduated at the bottom of his class. Trump was by far a more capable candidate and had a great record as President to run on. Our economy was booming under Trump and just recovering after the pandemic.

There was no inflation to speak of, gas prices were low, our oil reserves were full. There were no conflicts overseas. We had peace and prosperity. They voted to shoot themselves in the foot?

I have to ask. Are we going to do it again or fall for Biden’s lunch bucket Joe routine a 2nd time? i’d like to have faith in the people of my state but after they voted for Fetterman i can’t help but question their judgement.

It’s way worse than a matter of poor judgement. We were one of the states that ILLEGALLY changed our voting laws to favor Biden. I always have high hopes for our state though. The areas with the highest population are liberal. The rural areas with a smaller population are more conservative. We’re outnumbered. It’s a tall mountain to climb for any conservative candidate. Is it winnable at all? i think so if the strategy is right and our elections are fair. We would at least stand a chance.

The Biden administration is a disaster. Can we say lesson learned? I hope we have the sense to go for Trump this time.

  • His ads left a little to be desired though.

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