Dan Bongino is Right. The Police State is Here

The police state is not a possibility in the future. We are living in the police state now. Maybe some people can’t see it. Maybe other people don’t care because it hasn’t affected them. Others probably think it’s tin foil hat territory. i think the majority don’t believe it’s true because this is the United States-it wouldn’t happen here.

i’m going to delve into it as it relates to current events and you can take it with the attitude of just in case Bongino is right. Let’s say i’m writing this for the benefit of the people who so believe in what our country stands for that they are skeptical.

What Bongino said will be helpful to the scenario i am going to paint.

The following are facts that few will dispute:

The left wants Trump indicted and the Democrats want to get him indicted. If they don’t get it one time, they’ll try again and again and again. They are determined. Take note of all the courts that have gone after him for one reason or another. :They have decided if they can get him indicted on something then he can’t run as a candidate. It’s why they formed the Jan 6 Commission. Get Trump indicted for inciting an insurrection and he’s done for. Count in the Never Trumpers with them. They have the same goal. Destroy Trump and MAGA.

Let’s think about that for a minute. The Democrats, Left and Never Trumpers are so hell bent on stopping Trump and MAGA they will put him in jail for any reason they can come up with. It’s not about beating your political opponent on a battlefield of ideas. It’s not about beating your opponent based on policies. It’s not about beating your opponent because their agenda has damaged the country. It’s about stopping your opponent at all costs because you think you deserve the power that comes with the office even throwing him in jail if you must. You unleash against him all the institutions of power in government not just to beat him but to destroy him. The left doesn’t care. Their goal is not to build on the foundations of the American principles but to impose an ideology they think is good for everyone, by any means necessary.

The Biden DOJ has targeted parents, Catholic traditionalists, MAGA Republicans(as they call us)and political opponents. They’ve used the FBI to carry out these orders.

What do you call that?

I know if they indict Trump i will be angry especially with this whole narrative about J6 being an insurrection.

There was no insurrection. A large group of UNARMED people at the Capitol Building is not going to overthrow the government.Trump was still in office and Biden hadn’t even been sworn in yet.

So what was the point of the rally that day? What did they hope to acheive?

They wanted the VP Mike Pence to refuse to certify the electoral votes from the states that had election issues; that is where the state legislators had illegally changed election laws and some states where there were questionable results. I’m not sure but it’s likely all that would have done is DELAYED certifying the election and sent the challenge to the Supreme Court by initiating a Constitutional crisis that would have to be resolved.

The Dems had already dragged out the election anyway. What would a few more weeks have mattered? Al Gore had done something very similar in the 2000 presidential election.

On the evening of election day—November 7, 2000—a clear winner of the presidential election had yet to emerge. Print and broadcast media cited often contradictory exit-polling numbers, and the races in Oregon and New Mexico would remain too close to call for some days. Ultimately, the contest focused on Florida. Networks initially projected Gore the winner in that state but later declared that Bush had opened an insurmountable lead. Gore called Bush to concede the election, but in the early hours of the following morning it became apparent that the Florida race was much closer than Gore’s staff had originally believed. Fewer than 600 votes separated the candidates, and that margin appeared to be narrowing. At about 3:00 AM Gore called a stunned Bush to retract his concession.


I’m convinced what upset the crowd, as it did me at home, was that Pence didn’t have the spine to stand up and do what many of us considered the right thing.The rally was meant to send a message to Congress in general and Pence in particular. Trump told the crowd to march PEACEFULLY and PATRIOTICALLY to the Capitol.

i know the lie the left perpetuated during the election. They said that Trump didn’t intend to leave the White House even if he lost and they could send in the U.S. Marshalls to remove him physically.

The day came. Trump had already packed and left.

This was the peaceful transfer of power. All we did was question it.All that happened on J6 was a riot by some who clearly engaged in violent behavior. We never condoned it. Most of the crowd didn’t get caught up in the chaos. They only wanted their voices heard. The mouth piece for the Biden administration-the media-drove home the insurrection narrative and showed selective video as often as they possibly could. Social media banned Trump. The FBI put out a Wanted Poster and rounded up people who attended the rally; both those who had entered the Capitol building and those who were simply on government property outside the building.None of these people were actually charged with insurrection. It didn’t stop the media narrative.

They characterized the event as worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. They claimed that Trump incited the violence and omitted the video of his calling for the crowd to peacefully march or later his calling out by tweet for the crowd to disperse and go home. The J6 Commission omitted exculpatory evidence-the whole point of the commission was to stop Trump from running again and destroy the MAGA supporters. There wasn’t a single Commission investigating the actual Antifa/BLM insurrection from 2016-2020. There was never a special counsel called up to investigate the attempted coup against the Trump administration in 2016 Remember the Russia Lie that went on for 3 years [plus]? Every single one of the perpetrators in government, save one , didn’t face any consequences at all. They were questioned by committee in Congress and walked free. Nothing more. A number of them were hired by the same media that pushed the lie.

What do you call it when the law enforcement arm of the government is used to target a political opponent?

What do you call it when the same law enforcement spies on American citizens, lies to a secret court and tampers with evidence? Normally that’s called breaking the law.What you had was law enforcement-the FBI-breaking the law first to prevent a candidate from winning an election then try to destroy that President because he won that election.

The Democrats claimed the Russians interfered in the 2016 election which they did,but they failed to mention they interfered themselves.

This begs the question; what would they have done to keep the same person-Trump-from winning a 2nd term?

Do you really believe anything was off limits, even cheating, if they had to?

Now they’re at the point they will do anything to keep him from running and that includes finding a way to indict him,put him in jail and prevent him from finishing out the race for 2024.

What they don’t like is being exposed. The left has no problem with the Democrats using any means necessary.

The truth is the Democrats don’t want to get caught for fear it will cost them an election but their own supporters don’t care if they’re exposed or not.

All they care about is getting their own way. They all know Biden isn’t fit for office. They knew it all along.

The media knew too but their job is to provide cover for him; at least until the higher ups decide he might cost them the election. At that point they will gladly throw him under the bus and build up their new candidate.

By the looks of things they haven’t quite decided yet. Eventually they will have to. Watch the media and you’ll figure out which way the Democrat party is going to go. So far Joe has been really effective at signing his name and with the assist of the media he’s done well at gaslighting the public.

The administration tossed out a reporter from the White House Correspondents Association. He was well known for asking what i believed were tough questions of the White House Press Secretary and wasn’t often called on. He announced his removal in a tweet.

i can remember when the press acted like zoo animals while Trump was president. They couldn’t wait to pounce on his press secretary. I believe the press should be adversarial with any administration-including Trump’s -but it’s obvious to me how they were tough with his and soft on Biden’s. I know one thing stands out here. You don’t toss a journalist to provide cover for your boss.

Add it all up. Censorship, propaganda, arrests under false pretenses, lack of due process, zero accountability. Words to the wise: don’t give up your rights protected by the Constitution. Consider the possibility :Dan Bongino is right. There is nothing to say it could never happen in the United States of America. We didn’t think Pearl Harbor or 9/11 could happen either.

Maybe people don’t want to believe it’s true.

The useful idiots will be fine with it until the state comes for them. They don’t know that’s the way it works.

Ignorance is bliss?

Here’s the deal for us, the MAGA family. What the Biden administration would love more than anything else is for us to become desperate and violent. This doesn’t mean we turn into cowards,but we also have to be sharp.

We have to know what their end game is but to do that, we first have recognize what we’re dealing with. I know it’s difficult to even say it,but the police state IS here.

Notice how Uncle Joe talks about the “MAGA Republicans”. We can all remember the ominous speech with the red backdrop where he painted us as domestic terrorists. i would call that a red flag. We are peaceful and patriotic. Our President knew he could count on that during the J6 rally. He knows us well. Now that we know the police state is gunning for us we have even more reason to be peaceful and patriotic. They will use any excuse they can get their hands on to stop us. You are aware that they are bound and determined to ‘get Trump’ but they always have been since he first ran. They are of the mind that if they get him they destroy us. Neither is going to happen. Trump is not going to let them get their way, even if they indict him. He knew when he announced he was going to set this in motion. We have to stay the course but we can’t resort to violence. We are NOT Antifa. Unfortunately the left is not going to do a damned thing about Antifa or BLM. These are the militant arm of the Democrat party. They won’t apply that standard to us. The best thing we can do is just stay the course and focus on 2024.

The GOPe would rather sit back and let the police state do their thing than stand up for our movement. They want Trump out just as much as Biden does. They’re the cowards.

The Conservative Treehouse is clearly pointing this out.


Treehouse concludes the article with these words,

All of their collective GOPe effort isn’t working…. they are starting to reach for the kitchen sink.

The bottom line is simple. We are not cowards. We are not violent.We are not anything the left paints us to be which the GOP establishment is allowing them to get away with. We have to be unified.

Above all, we must stay the course. We have a country to save.

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