An Open Letter to @briancraigshow the truly ๐Ÿ…ผ๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ…ถ๐Ÿ…ฐradio podcast from sunny Florida ๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ˜Ž

It wasn’t too long ago i tuned into your morning podcast at 6:00 a.m.(rarely miss)and called in as Pat from Pa. It’s Agent 99 in in your chat. You are definitely a real MAGA. Love the show. Good to see someone who doesn’t screen their calls. You take them ‘as is.’ A risk of course, but you’re willing to do it and sometimes sparks fly.

We had a little disagreement to which i said i would keep an open mind. You think Trump and DeSantis are working in tandem. i believe that DeSantis is a ruthless opportunist though i didn’t quite put it that way on the air. He has done a lot of good things for Florida-your state-but it’s always for a headline. That bugs me. Yet, when Trump was impeached and banned from Twitter he didn’t say a peep. When the FBI raided Mar A Lago, real estate in his own backyard, he spoke volumes by his silence. He can speak up any other time. It’s the one time he should have come to Trump’s defense.

He’s been running the not campaigning campaign and that my friend is deceptive. So while he’s doing that he’s playing Mr Nice Guy when Trump attacks him. Trump is the kind of person who will tell you to your face what he thinks of you. DeSantis is a backstabber. i can’t believe the people who will defend him over Trump.

DeSantis has amnesia and seems like other people do too. Maybe they just don’t know what Trump did for Ron.

I bet you know. For the benefit of those that don’t i am going to point out that DeSantis was losing his first race to Andrew Gillium. Hard to believe but true. He went to Trump and asked for him help. Trump endorsed him and supported him. He won. Then Ron committed to fully serving his 2nd term for Governor if he won. He had no such intention. The Bush people are whispering in his ear and putting up the $$$$. I bet he has every never Trumper backing him. If the Dems smell any chance for Ron to defeat Trump,even a slight chance, they’ll definitely stir up the pot.

I know if you’re wrong you’ll admit it. You’re not the kind of person who has to be right. You want to be honest and get to the truth. I want the truth too Brian. i know how much you want it NOT to be true because you like DeSantis but imho we are going to have to face reality. DeSantis would love to take out Trump.

It’s unfortunate on several levels. For one he made a commitment to a full term as Governor. He should stick with it. For another it could create a division in MAGA and the Dems would just love that.

The MAGA movement was all excited about a Trump-DeSantis ticket. Whoever runs with Trump for 2024 will have the red carpet rolled out for 2028. If Ron had played his cards right MAGA was 100% behind a Trump-DeSantis ticket and planning to vote for Ron in 2028. If he runs against Trump now or his intentions to possibly run against Trump get out that’s over. He loses all the good will we had towards him. It was pretty much a slam dunk and it looks like he’s tossing it out the window. You think Ron is too smart to ruin his political future. You note that he hasn’t made any mistakes politically; will give you that’s true up until now.

People think DeSantis captured the Hispanic vote all on his own. Trump had already started winning them over before DeSantis ran for his 2nd term. I’ll give him credit he finished the job but it was one that Trump had already gained ground in.

DeSamtis didn’t go to Iowa to drum up support for Trump. He hasn’t been courting the donors to give that support to Trump. He’s been doing it behind closed doors. Soros isn’t supporting DeSantis. Soros himself got that rumor started, probably out of his hatred for Trump. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some other donors backing him who also hate Trump. The Bush’s aren’t particularly fond of Trump either.Remember, Jeb himself is a Floridian. i don’t doubt for a second Jeb is supporting Ron and that’s why Trump came out with his first attack. I’m sure he has the inside scoop on what’s going on that most people don’t see. The other Bush’s can’t stand Trump either but Jeb has a particular axe to grind.

SANCTIMONIOUS Ron played the angel. It did turn some people against Trump. He knew it would . It’s how he’s working it.

I know DeSantis has done some good things for Florida. i am not going to discredit his good work. It wouldn’t be fair or honest. On the other hand what he’s had to face as the Governor of Florida doesn’t compare to what Trump had to contend with as President of the United States. We’re talking 2 different worlds here.

DeSantis has had a cake walk compared to Trump. Trump has earned his 2nd term in the White House. No candidate can make that claim. i will always believe that Trump won in 2020; election denier or not he must win in 2024. I am convinced he can. They said he couldn’t win in 2016. Boy, did they end up eating crow. None of that ‘he can’t win’ nonsense means anything to me. Besides, polls don’t win elections. Votes do. Hopefully Ron will wise up and put it to rest once and for all. We need all hands on deck.

It’s not up to Trump to put it to rest. Trump made his intentions known months ago. It was up to Ron when he ran for his 2nd term to put it to rest right then and there. The ball was in his court. If the MAGA movement becomes divided over Trump and DeSantis the blame lies squarely on DeSantis’s shoulders.

You may disagree with me if you like. It would never change my mind on how good your show is. Will always tune in at 6 [whether through you tube or Roku]. You’re 100% MAGA. You’re honest with your audience. You respect them-it’s obvious. You’re always a lot of fun especially when you’re confronted by a liberal or a liberal with acute TDS. You and Steve’s show is a great way to start the day. I have to give credit to Steven Kane too. You 2 don’t always agree either but it keeps the show interesting and lively.

No, i do not hate DeSantis but i lost a lot of respect for him once it became clear to me what he was up to. His campaign against Trump began the day Trump left DC. Backstabbers don’t cut it.

He hit the nail on the head with one tweet:

All credit for the Team DeSantis poster goes to the Conservative Treehouse i wish i could keep up with re-blogging their great articles.

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