Open Letter to Vladimr Putin (not all of us support Zelensky)

i won’t lie to you sir (fact is, i would never lie to anyone). I can’t stand Biden. I can’t stand Zelensky.

They both make me very suspicious that we, the American people, are being fleeced.

i would say our country is evenly divided over support of Zelensky. As for me i went from one side to the other. i had no idea who the man was but if the people of Ukraine elected him i would accept him as their legitimate leader.

As for our county’s support of him that is is another matter.That IS our[the American people] business*. I started to question our involvement. He was given a chance to have negotiations for a peace deal. Maybe he couldn’t accept the terms. Maybe he questioned your motives. The problem is he wasn’t even willing to try. Then Zelensky was almost making demands of our military and that was the last straw.

Now Biden is handing over taxpayer money left and right to Zelensky. i don’t recall him asking for our approval.

Ukraine is not a NATO country. i feel for the people of Ukraine but we’re under no obligation to their country either.

I have respect for the people of all nations. We just want to get on with the business of living and taking care of our families. We love our respective countries .We want our leaders to look out for our self interests. For us, it’s simple. Politics makes it too complicated.

So when it comes to world conflicts like the one between Russia and Ukraine who do i side with? Always the people.

Let me give you some insight into the American mindset. We’re always been reluctant warriors. We didn’t go into the American Revolution until we realized indepedence was the only solution we had. Then it was the Mexican-American war and finally the only civil war our country ever engaged in. We didn’t even want to get involved in WWII. We had become isolationist; that is until we were directly attacked. I think from that point on we viewed any involvement on the global stage through the lens of WWII. We see the war in Ukraine through the lens of WII and its aftermath. :We haven’t taken a time out to rethink the geopolitical world we live in today.We got involved in the unjustifiable wars in Iraq and Syria and were about to pull out of Afganistan. Biden decided on a hastily not well thought out withdrawal purely for his own political capital. It did not go well. Trump planned on getting us out but i can tell you he would have done a far better job of it. Our soldiers would not have been killed; at least he would have made sure our citizens got out safe and sound. Trump was not big on foreign entanglements. He was solid on that. On the other hand he could be unpredictable with different situations. .

I’m no isolationist or pacificst. i’m of the opinion we need to go back to being reluctant warriors and from here out seek the approval of our Congress[ the way we used to make those decisions]. The way we’re supposed to make those decisions. I don’t believe this is the time to invest billions into Ukraine especially while Biden is ignoring the problems in our own country.

I have nothing against Russia. In fact years ago when your country was transitioning from the USSR to Mother Russia i was helping a Russian family through the Friendship Parcel program. The transition was a hardship for the Russian people and would take time.i couldn’t help ALL the Russian people but i could help one Russian family. i learned a lot about the people of Russia, the culture and traditions through them. i gained as much as they did from our friendship. i have never forgotten them. They survived and Russia made great leaps forward. You have to admire the resilience of the Russian people.

You have a unique and enriching culture. Of course i’ll always be partial to the good ol’ USA. Sad to say we’ve gotten too far away from the founding principles of our Constitution. It was our founders Judeo-Christian principles that guided them in writing our Constituton and forming the new and independent government that made us what we are. The further we stray from that foundation the worse off we are.

It’s not a perfect government but then we live in a less than perfect world. It’s the one document that has kept us honest at least. I’ve never seen anyone trample on it like Joe Biden .It’s no wonder he’s handing Ukraine money without our permission.

i don’t trust him or Zelensky. Fortunately we can vote Biden out. Unfortunately we still have almost 2 yr to go. We did elect a House majority at least that will be keeping Biden in check until we can get him out. It helps.

I have nothing against Ukraine either. i’m just not thrilled with our unquestionable funding of the war. Are we solving a problem or prolonging one?

We elected an imbecile who also happens to be corrupt.

We have a multitude of problems at home. We cannot be solving the problems of the world. We have to get our own house in order. We seem to be engaged in endless wars. i’m no pacifist but there are situations that call for prudence more than military might.

Joe is not our biggest problem though. I know, hard to imagine a bigger problem than Joe. It’s our corrupt media. It’s like the fake air raid in Kyev as Biden stepped out in the square. It’s all propaganda to cover for Joe( at least until they decide to throw him under the bus). Watch how they do their reporting if they move onto another candidate. i know i’ll be keeping a close eye on them. I don’t like the American people being lied to for the benefit of Joe.

They don’t know how silly they looked talking about Joe as if he’s Churchill. We’re expected to beleive he got 81 million votes. YOU can’t trust anything these people say. Yes, our media is the biggest problem because it’s one thing for Joe to lie. It’s another to have our press not give the American people the truth they deserve. Our Constitution gives them freedom of the press. i would never want that taken away from them but it’s sad to see how they abuse it. They aren’t taking the responsiblity they have seriously. All that matters to them is their agenda.Few of them have the courage to speak the truth.

While Joe was in Ukraine falling all over Zelensky and trying to look like Churchhill we had a disaster back home where he should have been.He didn’t even have the decency to send someone from his administration to reassure the people and asses their situation. Our transportation secretary had to be humiliated into going but it was 2 weeks too late.Evidently he was on ‘personal time’.

They did the usual where they make excuses for themselves. The Biden administration lies about their accomplishments and blames their failures on Trump. The media is their mouthpiece. They’re all on the same page. i would never think i can tell you what to do but i will suggest you ignore most of our media. If they’re singing the praises of Biden find another source.

No, i am not trying to undermine the country i love. I’m sure someone will say i’m a Russian agent or a Putin stooge. I’m an American patriot who wants to see the American people enjoy the blessings our country affords us and the leadership we deserve. i’m no Biden stooge or Putin stooge or Zelensky stooge. I’m a big fan of leaders who will do what is right for the benefit of their own people. I’m a big fan of our press telling us the truth so we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our families. i’m a big fan of peace negotiations to save the lives of ALL people of good will rather than futile wars. I’m a big fan of military intervention if we are under a direct threat (ie Pearl Harbor) or our intervention will give us a more stable-not less stable-world. I haven’t see that in most of the conflicts of the last 10 yr. Syria was the perfect example of leaving a less stable world after intervention. Sometimes we’re just better off minding our own business.

The Ukraine War was a horrible mistake that Zelensky could have handled better or avoided altogether and i’m not one to criticize a foreign government for what they do. As noted several times- their business. We have enough to deal with here. That’s just my .02 worth.I do know our officials better give us an accounting of every dime we’ve handed Zelensky and not give him one penny more.

For what it’s worth i’m going to give you an outsider’s view on China’s interest in the Urkaine conflict. The obvious way of thinking is that if someone isn’t against me they must be for me,right? China is for China. PERIOD. Actually PM XI is for Xi . Period. You might share an opposition to the United States just like you might share the same opposition with Iran. i’m not sure i would call those ‘friendships’ or even alliances.

iran is a theocracy so i’m not even going to go there. China has no real allegiance to you or the Russian people. i’d be more cautious of them than i would be of us. The United States isn’t interested in world domination. We’re generally pretty content with maintaining our way of life even with some of the disurptive decisions of our leaders. Thankfully we usually find our way back. China not so much. Eventually if turning on you furthers their own ambitions they won’t think twice. We can hold elections and come up with a different leader. If you have a problem with Xi there’s not going to be any such election. He won’t care what you think and if you’re in his way of his plans your alliance isn’t worth squat to him. I wouldn’t get overly thrilled with his overtures. He may not have the best of intentions. I’m just an outsider with no political clout and defintitely no political education or experience. On the other hand i’m not contaminated with any agenda or ambitions either. I just pray to God [literally]we all leave our children and grandchildren with a better world than the one we lived in. Nothing more, nothing less.

*Our country is very divided right now over a lot of issues. It’s roughly about half and half on every issue,including Ukraine but i think that support is waning as we see our domestic problems affecting us more. If we go the route we usually do our focus will eventually be internal. The American people won’t tolerate our own government ignoring us for long.