And Now For a Few Words About Gov. DeSantis

When we knew Trump would likely run again for 2024 a lot of us-and i do mean a lot of us-we’re excited about a Trump-DeSantis ticket. Let’s talk about that now.

When Pres Trump supposedly lost his bid for a 2nd term we were shook up badly. We were sure it was a landslide. It certainly looked that way when the counting stopped. Since then we were rejuvenated by the prospect of a 2nd run for 2024.

Unfortunately he was banned [acrossed the board] from social media.  He had no office to return to since he was never in politics. He lost the lines of communication he had with the country and worse, his base. It was probably what the Deep State was hoping for.

Their Plan:Cut him off and his support would dwindle,right? He would become irrelevant and the MAGA supporters would move on.

I also noticed that during his whole first term Gov DeSantis was fairly quiet . He wasn’t making headlines; very little if at all.  Did anyone notice him much during that time from 2016-2020. I do know he had a race in Florida he was close to losing. He went to Trump and asked for his help. Trump endorsed him and gave him his full support. DeSantis went on to win his first term. The truth is, were it not for Trump he might not have won. 

Now fast forward to Trump leaving office and his being silenced by big tech, social media and the legacy media except for negative attacks. There was definitely  a vaccum and guess who stepped in to fill it? Ron DeSantis. I called him an opportunist and it didn’t go over well with some people. Everyone wanted Trump to pick him for VP. i wasn’t too sure about that. i wasn’t against it but i wasn’t ready to jump on board either. Now DeSantis was making headlines left and right. 

Did he speak up for Trump when he was being attacked?  Did he question the election of Biden? Was he talking about election integirty at that point? How about when Trump was impeached? Did he make any comments when Mar A  Lago was raided-it was in his backyard after all.CRICKETS. Not a word. You mean to tell me for all the headlines he’d been making he couldn’t say two words about the illegitimate raid in his state?Maybe he didn’t  have much to say about Trump being banned from social media or the impeachments but a raid in his own state on a former Republican president that endorsed him warranted some kind of kick back from him. No headlines from Ron on that one. 

Recently Trump took a couple shots across the bow for DeSantis. i saw some Trump supporters side with Ron over Trump and took Trump to the woodshed for it. 

Wny not DeSantis? He was leading people on about a run in the primary.I wouldn’t consider that very honest.  He was running for Governor again and refused to put that question to rest.We all know that question. Are you going to run against Trump in 24? IMHO he knew all along what he was planning to do.We’re all hoping Trump will pick him for VP and behind Trump’s back[and ours] he’s plotting to run against him in the primary. 

You can’t tell me Trump hadn’t figured out what he was up to.

The Governor was keeping it all under wraps, so when Trump did take a shot at him he looked like he was taking the higher ground. 

I don’t doubt for a second he has NEVER TRUMPERS backing him up. I also know he could have put it to rest a long time ago and made it crystal clear he wouldn’t run against Trump. He didn’t. When it came to the debate[ in his run for a 2nd term] he refused to answer that question. The silence spoke volumes. I’m be willing to bet the farm he’s going to play like he intended( i say he wasn’t) to stay in the Governors office full term, right up to the last second in the primary [or darned close]. Truth be told he never intended to stay in the Gov office and his plans to run against Trump-as I noted-were already in the works;likely long before.

I’m not voting for him in the primary if it comes down to Trump and DeSantis and i’m definitely considering anyone but DeSantis for his VP choice, unless he’s willing to come out NOW and endorse Pres Trump. I was totally committed to Trump winning a 2nd term and that has not changed no matter who tries to ‘primary’ him.i honestly don’t get that;  support him in 2020 and think he deserved a 2nd term then  suddenly throw him under the bus and decide to move on? He either earned a 2nd term or he didn’t. i don’t care if it comes later than expected; if he earned it in 2020 then he’s good enough for 24 or i wouldn’t have voted for him[ in 2020] in the first place. The 2020 election was rigged. We all know it. The Democrats know it too but nothing is beneath those people.  I’m convinced he won in a landlside. There’s no way on earth Biden got 81 million votes,let alone more of the black vote than Obama. Pence just didn’t have the spine to do the right thing or he wasn’t as loyal as we thought he was. Take your pick. 

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I’m not saying DeSantis isn’t a good governor. i have never criticized any but one of his policies.  I did not support his sending illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. It was one of his headline grabbers-totally a political calculation.They should have been deported. All they did with the  migrants, once they were bussed there, was  move them into another location and give them  sanctuary. All that did was help Biden’s policy of moving these people into the interior United States. He would have impresssed me more if he would have had them deported. All he did was grab a headline again. I now question how much of what DeSantis does is more a political calcuation than a principled action. Maybe he’s just trying to get his name out there?

i’m not saying that’s true but for me at least  it casts some doubt on his best intentions.

Trump would be wise not to take any more shots if people are going to circle the wagons around DeSantis and attack him instead. The one very legit criticism could be that he pulled the wool over people’s eyes. If i were Trump i’d ignore him for now. I think i’d be looking for a campaign manager too, but i’m not Trump so he can call his own shots. I  just want him to win. PERIOD.

Since when did Ron get a ‘you can’t criticize me’ card? Why are people so quick to side with DeSantis and lambast Trump? Why not question DeSantis?  If Trump were willing to endorse him as Gov. there has to be a reason he’s taking a shot now. Maybe we should find out what’s going on here before we take sides with anyone? Couldn’t  we be just a little suspicous of DeSantis’s motives? 

i see a lot of good people in the party who would make a great VP choice for Pres Trump. i’ve lost interest in supporting a Trump-DeSantis ticket. There’s  Kari Lake, MTG and a host of others* who weren’t looking to primary him who would be strong choices.How about Harriet Hageman from Wisconsin? She only beat Liz Cheney by a historical 40 points. i’m really looking forward to see who he does pick!  We have a country to save. It’d be a shame if DeSantis caused a divide. He could have put it to rest months ago.

Note: if Trump were to pick DeSantis as a running mate i would support the ticket. It doesn’t matter much to me who Trump picks as VP as long as he’s top of the ticket. i know the people i would like to see him pick but i’m voting Trump come hell or high water anyway.

*Jim Jordan,Byron Donaldson, Matt Gaetz, J.D. Vance and even Ted Cruz sound like good choices. Besides the aforementioned DeSantis who would you consider a good choice?