Why We Have A REAL Designated Safe Place &What NOT To Do During A Tornado

This is why we have a safe space and we’re prepared to go there if we need to. We do not gawk out the windows.

Rule 1. Stay away from Windows

Rule 2. Go to your safe space when a warning is issued or you know a tornado is imminent!

Rule 3. Be a good idea to have a NOAA weather adio

Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared.

Do not forgo safety just to get a picture. Everyone has a cell phone these days. On the down side people are taking greater chances just to capture that footage. If you can’t do it safely it’s not worth it.

It’s clearly a bad idea to think it can never happen in your area.The one place on the planet that cannot get a tornado is the Antarctic. The conditions aren’t there. A tornado can form anywhere the conditions are right. You don’t live in the Antarctic and neither do I. This means it can happen to us.

Go to the lowest level of your home with as as many walls between you and the tornado as possible. A basement (best)closet or bathroom is a good safe spot. Do not be caught in a moblle home or vehicle.

Tune into Ryan Hall for forecasts and severe weather coverage! https://www.youtube.com/@RyanHallYall

Check out the Storm Prediction Center. Be Weather Aware! https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/ Comvective Outlook

Get yourself a NOAA weather radio.

Items to have during a tornado.:Flashlight with working batteries, cell phone,shoes , helmet and a way to get warnings.