WWIII With the RNC

it’s obvious the blog supports Pres. Trump for 2024 and did so in 2016 AND 2020. You have to know there is a bias here.You can take that into consideration as you read what i am about to say re the re-election of RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

I for one was disgusted she was re-elected. My hope was for Harmeet Dhillon. She wasn’t flawless but i know she’d have done a lot better job than Ronna.

Now i see people attacking Pres Trump over Ronna’s win. First of all , contrary to the rumor,he did not endorse her. He did not endorse anyone in that race.

He let the process play out as it’s supposed to. Now i’ve heard some people say well he endorsed her by his silence.

Do you really think that the people who were supporting Ronna 100% considered her the best choice and were determined to see her win would have swtiched their support for another candidate because Trump said so?

Trump did the right thing when he congratualted her on the win. He did the only thing he could do because she won. He would have congratulated whoever won that race. i wasn’t thrilled she won and if all the accusations against her were true[ it seems they were] she shouldn’t have won but guess what? She did anyway.

I still can’t get behind her,but that said, why attack Trump for a vote other people cast?

The other option he had was to raise a stink and start WWIII in the RNC with the very people he’s going to have to count on to get the election in the primary and evemtually in the general against Biden.

IF he would have done that the left and the media would have had a field day. It wouldn’t have helped us one bit.

We may not like Ronna and the people in the RNC that did this but it has nothing to do with Trump. It’s a matter we can take up with the people who actually made it happen and left us stuck with her. Thankfully she is not going to run for another term. I’m sure with all the flack she’s getting she probably means it.

My support for Trump is a firm 100%. My support for Ronna is a firm 0%.

I’ve heard some rumblings re Trump and Lindsey Graham too.

Trump knows Lindsey like a book. He openly said in front of Graham that they do not always agree.

True. Lindsey has come through for us a few times ie the appointment of Bret Kavanaugh. He stuck by the conservative picks through thick and thin when it mattered. I’d never seen Lindsey so fired up as he was then.

He’s a mixed bag that’s for sure. We know he’s a neo con and that’s never going to change. On the other hand if Pres Trump ever needs support for a military strike Lindsey’s the guy.

Trump is not a neo cron. If anything he’s one to keep us out of foreign entanglements that cost us lives and treasure. However, that’s not to say the day won’t come he might have to make that choice.

Trump knows Graham very well and as

already noted they have had disagreements.Major ones. On the other hand the people of S Carolina have elected him consistently. Trump has to campaign in that state and carry it in the primary.. Why would you go against a candidate the people supported and risk losing their vote? Remember our elections go STATE BY STATE-not nationwide- and that’s how you have to campaign.

Trump congratulated the winners of the races in S Carolina and New Hampshire when they were announced. That’s what you do.

Truth is i support Prres Trump 100% but it doesn’t mean i agree with him on every issue 100% of the time either. What i don’t do is put those disagreements out in the public so people on the left[or never Trumpers]can use it against him.

He has to fend off enough attacks without getting one from his base.

Lindsey is supporting him in spite of their disagreements.. Lindsey supported him in 2016 AND 2020.

His support helps Trump carry that state. This is all hands on deck even with people we may not particularly care for like Ronna and Lindsey.

You don’t have to donate to the RNC. You can DIRECTLY support the candidate of your choice. In fact if you don’t agree with the RNC re Ronna or any other issues.i would recommend donating to the individual candidates anyway.

i just don’t see where piling on Trump for something he has little to 0 (ZERO) control over is helpful

NOTE:It probably sounds iike i’m a closet Graham fan or a Graham apologist . I will say this,when he supports anyone he goes all in. He doesn’t waffle even when the going gets rough.. I will also say this for Graham. For whatever reasons his constituents keep sending him back.i wouldn’t do that for all the tea in China but the voters in his state do and they must have a reason. When it comes to any candidate-even the ones i would never vote for-if they do something that supports the cause i am going to give them kudos. It does not make me their apologist. When they do something that hurts the cause darned right i’m speaking up against them. Graham included.