Covid, The Chy-Na Bio Weapon

Back when the pandemic first broke out in the states i didn’t talk about it much here. It was too politicized. Most people wanted sound medial information NOT politics. i remember how some people were virtue signaling about masks. On both sides. Some people were shaming others for not wearing a mask. Some people were mocking people who were wearing them.

i didn’t care one way or the other. The word is ambivalent. Yes, some people are still bringing it up.

Now i ran into someone on twitter attacking Pres Trump for pushing the vaccine up until a few months ago. i felt the need to put up some kind of [honest]response.

Trump was talking about the vaccines up until several months ago. I’ll give him that .Was he pushing the vaccines? No-he was pushing the pharmaceutical companies to come up with a vaccine. The 45th President never mandated the vaccines. He was pushing therapeutics though. i remember that clearly. His opponents jumped on his case for that one. They jumped on his case for calling it the CHY-NA virus. Last i knew viruses were named for the location of origin. i didn’t know we were making an exception.

[The look from Pence was priceless. Anyone want to take a stab at what he was thinking at the time]?

Trump handled the crisis as good as anyone could have given the circumstances.In order to get a better idea of what the President did and didn’t do we can go back and look at that terrible year of 2020.

The WHO covered up for the CCP. When the virus was first breaking the WHO downplayed the danger of it. Fauci downplayed the danger of it in a cya narrative. What we didn’t know at the time was that Fauci was providing illegal, at the least unethical, funding for GOF research at the Wuhan Lab.Maybe if we had been given the honest skinny from the start we might have been able to get a handle on the spread or been a little better prepared. When there was no stopping it the President had to address the nation. On his shoulders was the burden of getting the American people to take the virus seriously but not throw them into a panic. How do you do that? i wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes.

He left most of the decision making to the states. Some handled it better than others. Our supplies were depleted. He had them ramped up invoking the Defense Production Act. When a governor asked for something, he delivered, regardless of party.

He sent out Naval Hospitals to the states of California and NYC to help out Gov Newsome and Cuomo so their hospitals would not get overwhelmed with Covid patients.

Headed to NYC

The Mercy Naval ship was sent “to provide…beds for non-coronavirus cases to take the load off regional medical centers expecting a surge of COVID-19 patients. The floating hospital was docked in LA to help in the event of a patient surge as coronavirus spread through the region”

Did Trump push the vaccines? He pushed the pharmaceutical companies to create a vaccine to combat the virus. He NEVER mandated the vaccines. i do remember clearly that he was pushing the use of therapeutics and the media jumping all over him for that one. 

There were people claiming the virus was a hoax, that is until they lost a family member or caught it themselves. I also remember people becoming paranoid as if Covid were inescapable. 

I know this; we didn’t know, what we didn’t know.

This is what we did know at the time:

  • it was created in a lab and was meant to be a biological weapon meaning make it as deadly and contagious as possible.
  • Fauci was aiding and abetting the enemy and we didn’t know it.
  • \ALL biological weapons should be banned NOBODY should be fooling with this stuff
  • Trump caught the virus himself and it was serious enough for him to be hospitalized. We’re fortunate we didn’t lose him. I noticed he was short of breathe when he returned from John Hopkins but he did improve. Let’s be honest; it was a scary and dark time for the country. We never saw it coming and were totally unprepared. 
  • Why did Trump even  push for vaccines? For one reason and one alone: natural herd immunity would have been difficult to achieve. How many people were we willing to lose to achieve immunity?  Natural herd immunity is the ideal way to beat a virus but this Coronavirus was out of our league. Remember this wasn’t a natural virus. This was designed and engineered as a biological weapon. It was meant to do what it did. What else could Trump have done? We didn’t have years. However, it’s a stretch to claim he pushed people to GET the vaccines. He let the states make most of the decisions on how to handle Covid. He never mandated the vaccines. Some of the governors did., mostly Democrat
  • The Virus was politicized when it should have been strictly a health crisis issue. It was an election year though and you know how that goes. Everything becomes political. Unfortunately with a crisis as serious as a pandemic it should never have happened. Remember the death counts every night while Trump was in office?  The blame belongs solely with the CCP and anyone who helped them cover up.  It was neither Trump’s or Biden’s fault. Yet when Biden took office the death counts suddenly disappeared from the media. 
  • If Trump is re-elected he will hold China accountable. Biden hasn’t touched them and he won’t. You can’t do that when you’re in bed with the Chinese government.Fauci better answer for his funding and cover up. The WHO can’t be trusted anymore. Lesson learned.
  • We didn’t have any data at the time. We do now and we better be taking a look at it. 

I’ll be honest and admit i did not get the vaccine. Given my circumstances i weighed the risks from one or the other and i didn’t consider getting the virus a high risk. My husband makes his own decisions. He consulted with our pcp and decided to get a vaccine and 1 booster. He is also a senior and has comorbidities that made him high risk. We respected each other’s decisions. 

i wasn’t thrilled that he did it but didn’t oppose him either. I didn’t think we had sufficient data at the time and were kind of flying blind. He probably made the right decision for him. I’m comfortable with mine. However, we both caught omicron. i won’t say which vaccine he got. i am not here to promote or disparage any company. You consult with an actual dr-which i’m not-and make up your own mind.

Our pcp prescribed antibiotics and of course we isolated ourselves for 10 days as required. We wouldn’t want to pass it to anyone so required or not we would have anyway.

i never wore a mask either except to the dr office. Their office, their rules, i complied.

I can’t see mandating either the masks or vaccines except for doctors, nurses, health care workers. i know there will be people who will say it shouldn’t be mandated at all for anyone but those in the health care field are caring for people who are already ill or have chronic health issues. It just makes sense. They’re already vulnerable. If medical personnel requires an exception i’m sure there could be an allowance. Now that we have more data it’s definitely the time to study it. We can  asses  the risks and benefits of anything we do. It would be a good idea to be better prepared in the future. We tend to be reactive in the United States no matter what the crisis happens to be. This had to be THE worst in our lifetime. 
Our president was not a magician or miracle worker. He was stuck with the worst possible people in the agency meant to handle just such a crisis. He made the best possible decisions given a shortage of good options. He encouraged getting vaccinated but he didn’t push it and he didn’t mandate it. Big difference. I have the feeling the gentleman attacking him was a NEVER Trumper. If you’re going to criticize Trump-i don’t agree with him 100% myself-at least get it straight. Yes, i am voting for him in ’24. Totally it, God willing of course.