Rumble in the Jungle

Some of you might take the title to mean the George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali fight of 1974. i’m using it to describe the race for Speaker of the House in which Kevin McCarthy was nominated. All hell broke loose when 20 members of Congress-the MAGA Rebels-decided to withhold their vote until they were given concessions.

The media went crazy. They called it chaos. . About time we had some scrappy debate up there and not a room full of lemmings.

What a way to start off 2023 too.The Democrats don’t have food fights like this. They fall in line and clap like seals.

The election of Speaker was contentious. It got ugly. Matt Gaetz* came close to getting his teeth knocked out. It was definitely raucous. Loved it.

When it comes to the Democrats it doesn’t matter how lousy their candidate is, they’re backing em.They were clapping like seals when Jeffries gave the most cringe speech i have ever heard. It was 15 votes later and McCarthy was handed the House gavel.

Now the House Republicans are unified and ready to roll.IMHO that’s how it’s done.

Remember the Obamacare Bill and how that went down.

The Dragon Lady infamously said you had to pass the bill to see what was in it(and they did).

Those days are over as long as the Republicans can hold onto the majority in the House.

I think Kevin McCarthy is going to surprise a lot of people too and turn out to be a stellar speaker. One we can finally be proud of.

Boehner, Ryan and Pelosi were nothing to write home about. I will say this for Pelosi though, when she said jump, the Democrats would say how high. She didn’t remain Speaker for as long as she did without a stranglehold on power.Whatever she did-no matter how horrid it was-got a pass. Boehner was close to mental crying all the time(like Kinzinger).. Paul Ryan was a condescending RINO. I think McCarthy is going to be smart, tough and productive.

We will have to be realistic and not get our expectations too high. Now why do i say that? Ther uniparty is strong in the Senate. McConnell has uniparty written all over him and there’s too many rinos. Anything passed over to the Senate is going to run into a brickwall and even if it gets through Biden does have veto power. The Republicans have a few tools in their box; the power of the purse and subpoena power. If they make good use of both-and it looks like they will-they can be effective.

It was worth the battle and i hope from now on every election for Speaker will be as tough as this one. You get a chance, watch the pressers with Speaker McCarthy. Impressive.

*Matt Gaetz is a MAGA warrior. He held their feet to the fire. Don’t misunderstand my comment. i think the world of Gaetz.