Deep Triggered, The CIA and Intelligence Community are Very Worried About the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization – The Last Refuge

Deep Triggered, The CIA and Intelligence Community are Very Worried About the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization – The Last Refuge

Deep Triggered, The CIA and Intelligence Community are Very Worried About the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization – The Last Refuge

Twitter File Release #15 – Hamilton 68 Group Labels Counter Opinions “Russians”, Corporate Media Amplified, But Twitter Could Not Find Evidence – The Last Refuge

Twitter File Release #15 – Hamilton 68 Group Labels Counter Opinions “Russians”, Corporate Media Amplified, But Twitter Could Not Find Evidence – The Last Refuge

Twitter File Release #15 – Hamilton 68 Group Labels Counter Opinions “Russians”, Corporate Media Amplified, But Twitter Could Not Find Evidence – The Last Refuge

WWIII With the RNC

it’s obvious the blog supports Pres. Trump for 2024 and did so in 2016 AND 2020. You have to know there is a bias here.You can take that into consideration as you read what i am about to say re the re-election of RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

I for one was disgusted she was re-elected. My hope was for Harmeet Dhillon. She wasn’t flawless but i know she’d have done a lot better job than Ronna.

Now i see people attacking Pres Trump over Ronna’s win. First of all , contrary to the rumor,he did not endorse her. He did not endorse anyone in that race.

He let the process play out as it’s supposed to. Now i’ve heard some people say well he endorsed her by his silence.

Do you really think that the people who were supporting Ronna 100% considered her the best choice and were determined to see her win would have swtiched their support for another candidate because Trump said so?

Trump did the right thing when he congratualted her on the win. He did the only thing he could do because she won. He would have congratulated whoever won that race. i wasn’t thrilled she won and if all the accusations against her were true[ it seems they were] she shouldn’t have won but guess what? She did anyway.

I still can’t get behind her,but that said, why attack Trump for a vote other people cast?

The other option he had was to raise a stink and start WWIII in the RNC with the very people he’s going to have to count on to get the election in the primary and evemtually in the general against Biden.

IF he would have done that the left and the media would have had a field day. It wouldn’t have helped us one bit.

We may not like Ronna and the people in the RNC that did this but it has nothing to do with Trump. It’s a matter we can take up with the people who actually made it happen and left us stuck with her. Thankfully she is not going to run for another term. I’m sure with all the flack she’s getting she probably means it.

My support for Trump is a firm 100%. My support for Ronna is a firm 0%.

I’ve heard some rumblings re Trump and Lindsey Graham too.

Trump knows Lindsey like a book. He openly said in front of Graham that they do not always agree.

True. Lindsey has come through for us a few times ie the appointment of Bret Kavanaugh. He stuck by the conservative picks through thick and thin when it mattered. I’d never seen Lindsey so fired up as he was then.

He’s a mixed bag that’s for sure. We know he’s a neo con and that’s never going to change. On the other hand if Pres Trump ever needs support for a military strike Lindsey’s the guy.

Trump is not a neo cron. If anything he’s one to keep us out of foreign entanglements that cost us lives and treasure. However, that’s not to say the day won’t come he might have to make that choice.

Trump knows Graham very well and as

already noted they have had disagreements.Major ones. On the other hand the people of S Carolina have elected him consistently. Trump has to campaign in that state and carry it in the primary.. Why would you go against a candidate the people supported and risk losing their vote? Remember our elections go STATE BY STATE-not nationwide- and that’s how you have to campaign.

Trump congratulated the winners of the races in S Carolina and New Hampshire when they were announced. That’s what you do.

Truth is i support Prres Trump 100% but it doesn’t mean i agree with him on every issue 100% of the time either. What i don’t do is put those disagreements out in the public so people on the left[or never Trumpers]can use it against him.

He has to fend off enough attacks without getting one from his base.

Lindsey is supporting him in spite of their disagreements.. Lindsey supported him in 2016 AND 2020.

His support helps Trump carry that state. This is all hands on deck even with people we may not particularly care for like Ronna and Lindsey.

You don’t have to donate to the RNC. You can DIRECTLY support the candidate of your choice. In fact if you don’t agree with the RNC re Ronna or any other issues.i would recommend donating to the individual candidates anyway.

i just don’t see where piling on Trump for something he has little to 0 (ZERO) control over is helpful

NOTE:It probably sounds iike i’m a closet Graham fan or a Graham apologist . I will say this,when he supports anyone he goes all in. He doesn’t waffle even when the going gets rough.. I will also say this for Graham. For whatever reasons his constituents keep sending him back.i wouldn’t do that for all the tea in China but the voters in his state do and they must have a reason. When it comes to any candidate-even the ones i would never vote for-if they do something that supports the cause i am going to give them kudos. It does not make me their apologist. When they do something that hurts the cause darned right i’m speaking up against them. Graham included.

The Greatest Generation-The Boomers-Generation Zombies

Those Who Remain by G. Michael Hopf

Our Greatest Generation is leaving us. The old soldiers are no longer here to tell us their stories. They were our parents and grandparents.Every time dad told us about the war we heard the story about the death of Mussloni and his mistress every time. Dad brought back malaria with him too.They didn’t have half the luxuries we take for granted today. Some of them were really just kids when they went off to war. They knew hard work, sacrifice and gratitude for whatever they had. They waited until marriage,they went to church on Sunday in their Sunday best as they called it and had no problem admitting they were Christian. They wore it on their sleeves like their patriotism.

They lived through WWII and the Great Depression. Not too many people had it made back then. Unfortunately while many Americans suffered through those hard times, the minorities had to suffer through racism as well. Black people were treated like 2nd class citizens. If there was any one flaw of that generation that was it, while everyone-regardless of race-went off to war and if you were black you returned to segregation and discrimination. There was a sinister group,founded by the Democrat party and hailed by Margaret Sanger called the KKK. It didn’t make sense. Thousands upon thousands of people died to end slavery. It tore the nation apart until we went into the only civil war the country has ever known.Yet, there was that time period racism raised its ugly head.

Still the culture today treats blacks as if the only thing they had ever done was slavery. The white liberal of the next generation was going to save them. A little pathetic for a group that was known for wearing a white hood over their heads and lynching people in the dark of night.The accomplishments of many blacks given the background they started from is remarkable. They don’t need whites to save them. Given opportunities,they did very well saving themselves. I am not saying we shouldn’t help people but the idea that the white man is going to save the black man is laughable (and frankly ridiculous).

For all the qualities you could admire in that generation,you couldn’t help but see the whites only and ‘colored’ only signs or realize that black and white children could not attend school together.

I’m not saying that generation was inherently racist or more racist than another generation. I am saying that a culture of bigotry was more tolerated-sometimes with a wink and a nod-then or with brutal force, particularly in the south.I’m not going to make that the main focus; bigotry always occurs when one group of people believes they are superior and it’s not always based on race.The greatest generation had many values worth emulating. They wanted to give their children a better life than they had. They didn’t want them to endure the hardships they struggled under so the country was strong. Then, like now,not everyone was racist either.

Our dads were our heroes. They freed the world from the darkness of tyranny. They came back and started their families. Family was everything. The greatest generation gave the country the next generation that would become known as the boomers. My brother and i just made it into that generation. We were born in 1952. We were going to witness a rapidly changing country.

Our father of course fought in WWII like nearly everyone’s father then. He came from a family of 8 brothers and sisters (if i didn’t miss anyone)and grew up in a little mining town of mostly poles, italians and blacks whose ancestors probably came up from the south. The kids wore hand me downs and while unheard of now our parents knew exactly what they were; the younget ended up with the older siblings wardrobe. Dad’s family was dirt poor. I learned the truth about how poor after he died. The children never had a Christmas present. A few years they might get a fruit.Once i learned that i really felt for my dad. There was no way on earth to imagine being that poor. The 3 things i remember about going to grandma’s house on his side were kids everywhere for a get together. The huge pot of homemade perogies grandma spent all day making in the kitchen. Never had bettter than hers. Finally,if you had to go to the bathroom the word room didn’t fit the bill. You ran for the backyard and sat on the old wooden hole in the outhouse. In the heat and humidity of summer it wasn’t pleasent.They didn’t have indoor plumbing for years.

All the kids in the family left school in 8th grade. They had to get work to help out at home. It was only the baby of dad’s family that actually finished school. i know to this day dad drilled into us how important an education was due to that fact. He wanted us to have what he was deprived of. He was by no means an uneducated man. He was the smartest man i knew. He made up for in book learning with every skill he was self taught. He was a good man.I wish now i had appreciated him more growing up.

He taught us to respect other people no matter their race, class or income.

He taught us that marriage meant giving 100%

He was tough on the outside and a marshmallow all the way through way to his heart. I know he’d have given anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it.

He worked his butt off till the Parkinson’s took it all away. It was unbearable for him. He was never one to be dependent on anyone. If he wasn’t busy doing something he wasn’t happy.

My mother’s side was not well to do either but there were some differences. She was only 1 of 2 children. They both graduated from school. In fact, they attended a Catholic school until they graduated. It ran from grades 1-12 then. When we attended they had cut back to 8. Grandpa was a Sicilian immigrant who fought in WWI under Pres. Woodrow Wilson.Grandma was a little Irish gal who grandpa took under his wing because she came from an abusive family. He had an in home store and also worked at the Italian-American club downtown so they weren’t near as poor as our father’s side. The thing i remember most about grandpa was his glass eye-he lost one eye in the war. I thought that was the most fascinating thing i had ever seen as a kid. The other was how short but muscular he was. His nickname was Shorty and he spoke in broken English with an Italian accent. He kept a large garden in the backyard and a chicken coop to the side-we would go out and collect fresh eggs from the nests. The baby chicks were the biggest thrill to us kids. i think people were more self sufficent then, probably in part because they had to be.

We were the boomers and these were the kinds of people who raised us.We came into a peaceful world with no world wars on the horizon. We didn’t lack for much. We certainly didn’t have to quit school to help out at home. The streets were safe and everyone we knew had a gun including in our own house.

You dressed up for school.You respected your teachers. We said the pledge every morning in class with our hands over our hearts. You respected your police officers and you better seriously respect your parents.
If you acted up anywhere you didn’t plan on spending the day playing with your friends. You acted up too much you were headed for a spanking.

By now you are probably asking, what is it with all this personal information? It’s the lens i see the world through.

There’s the one you see the world through too; you couldn’t escape it if you wanted to. We can always try to understand the other point of view. Most of us can feel empathetic to someone else’s story. What the story is here comes down to 3 factors:our upbringing, the culture and the time period we lived in.

We were the first in our extended family to own a tv.The new technology came into the house and so did all the relatives to enjoy it. Those were the times of Cronkite and Brinkley for news. Westerns were the best. The good guy always won. Come midnight the most you were going to get was a test pattern. It was time to turn it off. There were no 24/7 news reports (thank God!)

My parents got newsprint every weekend from NY. i don’t think it was the NY Times-hard to say-but i clearly remember one front page story. It was a young woman wearing what we would soon be calling a pair of bell bottoms or the old Navy pants. The headline read “World Beatnik Swarm Grows.” I knew what the beatniks were and these weren’t beatniks. They were soon to be called hippies. The counter culture beatnik generation was dying replaced by another counter culture movement.

The youngest president in our history was elected, John F. Kennedy. Martin Luther King was beginning the civil rights movement. The world was going to change so rapidly from this point on our parents heads had to be spinning.I bet the boomers remember the really big shew.

The Beatles made their first television appearance on Ed Sullivan. I was one of the millions who tuned in.

One day at school we got the terrible news. I lived to see something i didn’t think we’d ever see. A sitting U.S. President was shot and killed in Dallas-then on a live broadcast Jack Ruby shot and killed his assailant.Three more prominent figures would be shot and killed soon after, Robert Kennedy-John’s brother and attorney general- Martin Luther King Jr. & the other notable civil rights leader Malcom X.

i believe all those events had a huge impact on our culture while another was going to follow.The country became divided over the Vietnam War. If you were 18 you had a pretty good chance you’d be drafted.

There was a lot of turmoil in our country. We got to see the Vietnam war play out on our tv screens night after night.

The boomers started to question everything and i do mean everything. We no longer accepted anything at face value & questioned all of it. Unfortunately in our eagerness to be that skeptical we threw the baby out with the bathwater. We didn’t stop to think that maybe some of the tried and true we grew up with might have been worth hanging onto. There were aspects of our culture that needed condemning but if you’re going to condemn one side you need to do some self reflection and make sure you’re not internalizing new ideas that could use some condemnation.

Good times create weak men:

Our parents handed us peace and prosperity. They fought in a war to be sure our freedoms were protected. They sacrificed everything they could to be sure we didn’t have the struggles they did.

The Civil Rights movement gave us Martin Luther Kings bold vision for the future of all our children. Our school taught us about the evils of slavery, the KKK and racism. King and Malcom X paid the ultimate price for their walk towards the founding principles we were taught.

i’m convinced the Civil Rights movement was the greatest acheivement of that time period. It was difficult to watch the reaction of some people who opposed the good changes that were coming.

The counter culture movement culminated with 50 million strong at Yaegers Farm for 3 days of peace, music and love. Ok,peaceful i will give you. The music was great.I’m referring to the event at Woodstock when half a million ppl spontaneously decided to show up at the same time. I still listen to that music. The love part is questionable. Hedonism is nothing but self love with little to no sacrifice required.

How ever the counter cultural movment started out it didn’t go that way. The peace part metasized into something ugly and violent. The Weather Underground was born out of the SDS. These people were Marxists. They took over academia. They took over our cultural institutions. They made their way into media. Free Love as it was called had a price. Were you willing to kill your babies and destroy the nuclear family that gave us a comfortable and loving childhood?

The Weatherunderground [or weathermen as they were sometimes called]were willing to blow up buildings and if someone were killed it was unexpected collateral damage they could accept. The Students For a Democratic Society must have rejected their way of acheiving the same goals. The group split into the 2. The SDS died out probably due to the willingness of the weathermen to do whatever they thought it would take to reach their goals.They murdered a police officer. Saul Alinsky wrote his opus Rules for Radicals. He was Hillary Clinton’s mentor.

Our future President Barrack Obama would be in touch one day with the leader of the Weather Underground, Wiliam Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn. The romantic duo were both wanted fugitives. Ayers had his case tossed over legal technicalities. He went on to teach in Chicago.

Some of us took the Marxist way. Some of us realized the excesses of our youth were a wasted youth and our parents generation, minus the flaws of racial discrimation, was our greatest generation.

Here’s some truths before i take a look at Gen Z and i say Z for Zombies. Perfect description.

Nobody i knew went to Woodstock. We never heard about it until after the fact.

A lot of the kids i went to school with went onto higher education, my brother included. They left town and never looked back.

I never realized just how special my parents were, how much my brother meant to me and how important the values we were taught were until i stumbled through too many bad choices and crazy events with no real direction in life. The man as we called it was worth listening to IF the message was right. There were rules and standards for a reason. They were the glue that held us together as a society. I don’t mean laws necessarily. Of course good laws matter; i mean rules and standards to apply to our own decisions. I was a pacifist. Truth is sometimes there are principles worth fighting for. i’m still no necon but pacifism does not deal with the world as it is. The service men and women who returned from Vietnam were maligned and it was partly due to people like myself. We don’t need formal engagements every time we turn around but had we listened to people like me when Hitler was taking over the world he might have been succesful.i cannot be a total pacifist anymore. i do consider each situation carefully and i don’t make off the chart comparisons to Vietnam for every situation.

Mom and dad passed away. i wish i had been able to tell them how fantastic they were and how under appreciated their great sacrifices for us were.i should have been a better daughter as well as more grateful when i had the chance.

My brother and i live too far apart but try to keep in touch these days.

We’ve spent too many years seperated.

i’m thankful our parents passed away at home and did not have to suffer prolonged illnesses. i lived between their generation and the boomer generation and was able to see both. My brother became the teacher he dreamed about being from the time he was little. Thanks to mom and dad he had the encouragement and support to get there. He’s been retired for at least 10 yrs. He made mostly good decisions with few regrets.

Now we’re dealing with Generation Z and what a picnic we have going on here. They’ve lost touch with objective reality. They are the most clueless people i have ever seen.

We are here:

Weak Men Create Hard Times

When you no longer believe there are 2 genders and men can have babies you are in big trouble. These are the same people who will tell you Biden is a great President even the best ever (as if they would know). The story is he got 81 million votes. I hope there really aren’t that many of these people out there. I have my doubts.

They oppose free speech and call you a tyrant in the same breathe without catching the irony.i know the word debate in not in ther vocabulary arsenal. You would have to be willing to consider another viewpoint and defend your own. Not in the world of my highway or the highway is this going to happen.

My question is; how did these people turn out like this? Did their parents not guide them to grow out of the wishful thinking period of childhood? Did they turn their world upside down and give them an A+ regardless of outcome? Was the parental response to them always yes, whatever you want? Were temper tantrums rewarded? Were they raised in a faith tradition so they could learn about God and worshipping something other than themselves?

Have you listened to these people in their hopes for the future? They want the government to control every aspect of our lives but don’t take away their ‘freedom’ to abort their babies. Here’s the kind of car you can drive, here’s how far you can drive it, here’s the kind of house you can live in and here are the appliances you must use. You want to have your offpsring killed? Sure,go ahead.

I have never seen more displays of perverted behaviors than i have seen recently. It’s not acceptable and children should not be subjected to it. Some things are a no brainer. President Trump calls it common sense. i think the average American citizen gets that regardless of party.I certainly hope so.

Thanks to this Marxist agenda we have infaltion, a debt we can’t pay, crime ruling our cities, gas we can barely afford, our children subjected to lewd and lascivious behavior which last i knew was agains the law. We have immgrants pouring over our border in the millions along with drugs and they lie straight to our faces and say it’s secure. Gen Z acts as if every lie they tell us is the gospel truth. Don’t believe what you see. No wonder they believe you can be any gender you think you are and don’t want to hear other points of view. No wonder they approve of indoctrination in our schools and want the parents arrested. They think that’s acceptable? They can’t discern how crazy & destructive that is?

Have you seen crazier than what we’ve witnessed in our culture lately? We have the worst President we’ve ever had in our history. Jimmy Carter has nothing on this guy. Yet, the media keeps lying to the American people about him and the liberals keep eating it up. They believe every word even with the economy crashing down around us and the streets given over to the lawless.Maybe they know it’s lies and don’t care?

I’m not saying everyone in the Z generation has gone off the rails either. There are plenty of young people who are outstanding and they are up against the same [Godless] Marxist agenda as we are.

Maybe now we are back at hard times and hopefully we’ll be able to recover. We have to rediscover our founding principles and try to live up to them.We’re still a young country but great empires in the past fell too. We’d be wise to remember that. What’s brought us this far through many hard times and our own failures is the judeo-christian principles we were founded on.

PS hope you got to catch Pres. Trump’s 2 speeches tonight. He’s ready for battle!

Covid, The Chy-Na Bio Weapon

Back when the pandemic first broke out in the states i didn’t talk about it much here. It was too politicized. Most people wanted sound medial information NOT politics. i remember how some people were virtue signaling about masks. On both sides. Some people were shaming others for not wearing a mask. Some people were mocking people who were wearing them.

i didn’t care one way or the other. The word is ambivalent. Yes, some people are still bringing it up.

Now i ran into someone on twitter attacking Pres Trump for pushing the vaccine up until a few months ago. i felt the need to put up some kind of [honest]response.

Trump was talking about the vaccines up until several months ago. I’ll give him that .Was he pushing the vaccines? No-he was pushing the pharmaceutical companies to come up with a vaccine. The 45th President never mandated the vaccines. He was pushing therapeutics though. i remember that clearly. His opponents jumped on his case for that one. They jumped on his case for calling it the CHY-NA virus. Last i knew viruses were named for the location of origin. i didn’t know we were making an exception.

[The look from Pence was priceless. Anyone want to take a stab at what he was thinking at the time]?

Trump handled the crisis as good as anyone could have given the circumstances.In order to get a better idea of what the President did and didn’t do we can go back and look at that terrible year of 2020.

The WHO covered up for the CCP. When the virus was first breaking the WHO downplayed the danger of it. Fauci downplayed the danger of it in a cya narrative. What we didn’t know at the time was that Fauci was providing illegal, at the least unethical, funding for GOF research at the Wuhan Lab.Maybe if we had been given the honest skinny from the start we might have been able to get a handle on the spread or been a little better prepared. When there was no stopping it the President had to address the nation. On his shoulders was the burden of getting the American people to take the virus seriously but not throw them into a panic. How do you do that? i wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes.

He left most of the decision making to the states. Some handled it better than others. Our supplies were depleted. He had them ramped up invoking the Defense Production Act. When a governor asked for something, he delivered, regardless of party.

He sent out Naval Hospitals to the states of California and NYC to help out Gov Newsome and Cuomo so their hospitals would not get overwhelmed with Covid patients.

Headed to NYC

The Mercy Naval ship was sent “to provide…beds for non-coronavirus cases to take the load off regional medical centers expecting a surge of COVID-19 patients. The floating hospital was docked in LA to help in the event of a patient surge as coronavirus spread through the region”

Did Trump push the vaccines? He pushed the pharmaceutical companies to create a vaccine to combat the virus. He NEVER mandated the vaccines. i do remember clearly that he was pushing the use of therapeutics and the media jumping all over him for that one. 

There were people claiming the virus was a hoax, that is until they lost a family member or caught it themselves. I also remember people becoming paranoid as if Covid were inescapable. 

I know this; we didn’t know, what we didn’t know.

This is what we did know at the time:

  • it was created in a lab and was meant to be a biological weapon meaning make it as deadly and contagious as possible.
  • Fauci was aiding and abetting the enemy and we didn’t know it.
  • \ALL biological weapons should be banned NOBODY should be fooling with this stuff
  • Trump caught the virus himself and it was serious enough for him to be hospitalized. We’re fortunate we didn’t lose him. I noticed he was short of breathe when he returned from John Hopkins but he did improve. Let’s be honest; it was a scary and dark time for the country. We never saw it coming and were totally unprepared. 
  • Why did Trump even  push for vaccines? For one reason and one alone: natural herd immunity would have been difficult to achieve. How many people were we willing to lose to achieve immunity?  Natural herd immunity is the ideal way to beat a virus but this Coronavirus was out of our league. Remember this wasn’t a natural virus. This was designed and engineered as a biological weapon. It was meant to do what it did. What else could Trump have done? We didn’t have years. However, it’s a stretch to claim he pushed people to GET the vaccines. He let the states make most of the decisions on how to handle Covid. He never mandated the vaccines. Some of the governors did., mostly Democrat
  • The Virus was politicized when it should have been strictly a health crisis issue. It was an election year though and you know how that goes. Everything becomes political. Unfortunately with a crisis as serious as a pandemic it should never have happened. Remember the death counts every night while Trump was in office?  The blame belongs solely with the CCP and anyone who helped them cover up.  It was neither Trump’s or Biden’s fault. Yet when Biden took office the death counts suddenly disappeared from the media. 
  • If Trump is re-elected he will hold China accountable. Biden hasn’t touched them and he won’t. You can’t do that when you’re in bed with the Chinese government.Fauci better answer for his funding and cover up. The WHO can’t be trusted anymore. Lesson learned.
  • We didn’t have any data at the time. We do now and we better be taking a look at it. 

I’ll be honest and admit i did not get the vaccine. Given my circumstances i weighed the risks from one or the other and i didn’t consider getting the virus a high risk. My husband makes his own decisions. He consulted with our pcp and decided to get a vaccine and 1 booster. He is also a senior and has comorbidities that made him high risk. We respected each other’s decisions. 

i wasn’t thrilled that he did it but didn’t oppose him either. I didn’t think we had sufficient data at the time and were kind of flying blind. He probably made the right decision for him. I’m comfortable with mine. However, we both caught omicron. i won’t say which vaccine he got. i am not here to promote or disparage any company. You consult with an actual dr-which i’m not-and make up your own mind.

Our pcp prescribed antibiotics and of course we isolated ourselves for 10 days as required. We wouldn’t want to pass it to anyone so required or not we would have anyway.

i never wore a mask either except to the dr office. Their office, their rules, i complied.

I can’t see mandating either the masks or vaccines except for doctors, nurses, health care workers. i know there will be people who will say it shouldn’t be mandated at all for anyone but those in the health care field are caring for people who are already ill or have chronic health issues. It just makes sense. They’re already vulnerable. If medical personnel requires an exception i’m sure there could be an allowance. Now that we have more data it’s definitely the time to study it. We can  asses  the risks and benefits of anything we do. It would be a good idea to be better prepared in the future. We tend to be reactive in the United States no matter what the crisis happens to be. This had to be THE worst in our lifetime. 
Our president was not a magician or miracle worker. He was stuck with the worst possible people in the agency meant to handle just such a crisis. He made the best possible decisions given a shortage of good options. He encouraged getting vaccinated but he didn’t push it and he didn’t mandate it. Big difference. I have the feeling the gentleman attacking him was a NEVER Trumper. If you’re going to criticize Trump-i don’t agree with him 100% myself-at least get it straight. Yes, i am voting for him in ’24. Totally it, God willing of course.