What’s In A Name. How the Democrats Trick the Public

The Democrats have a way of getting over on the public when they title a bill they’re trying to pass. Whatever the title is, remember the bill does the opposite. Start with the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT HR 1.Honest to God, if it wasn’t their first act in Congress after they rigged the 2020 election [hence HR 1 as the official title].

The Constitution gives the state legislators the authority to set up the rules for elections. This is one of the violations of the Constitution the Dems pulled off in 2020. The For The People Act actually takes away the rights of the state re elections and gives that authority to the FEDERAL government. So much for being ‘for the people.’ It was a blatant power grab to get the authority for themselves. The title was deliberately misleading.

THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT i don’t think i need to tell anyone how much it reduced inflation. Whatever they did to cause it to go up in the first place is what they needed to reverse course on.

THE RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACT since same sex marriage was already pronounced legal by the court this bill was unnecessary. It could be more accurately named the disrespect for marriage law.Marriage is between one man-one woman.

This 2nd bill was passed to attack people who oppose same sex ‘marriage’.

It penalizes people who in good faith appeal to their right to conscience. It especially targets religious institutions and violates their Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Pres Trump does not oppose same sex ‘marriage’. He appointed an openly gay man to an ambassadorship. It’s the one issue where i disagree with Trump but i will give him that he at least protected people of faith against discrimination whether it was regarding same sex marriage, abortion or contraception.The Democrats are anti Christian in general and the Catholic Church in particular; Biden and Pelosi both claim to be Catholic. You cannot BE Catholic and oppose the doctrines/dogma of the Church. Trump on the other hand has no such obligation [he’s NOT Catholic] yet he’s willing to protect people of faith and their rights.

The nuclear family is being destroyed by perverse forces. You’re watching a break down in law and order that’s partly due to bad policies in Democrat run cities and partly due to the destruction of the nuclear family.

Listen carefully anytime they speak. They do a lot of verbal gymnastics when they’re pushing a narrative.