You’ll Love This or Hate This ( there won’t be any in between)

What happens when a President becomes an ex/former? Wouldn’t you say they basically pack up and go home,right?

IF the opposing party has won, the former no longer has a bully pulpit, an office to affect policy from and generally speaking isn’t going to grab too many headlines. The focus swings to the new person holding the office. In President Trump’s case it went further; he was banned from social media so every avenue of communication with his base or the general public was cut off.

A former President becomes invisible almost immediately. The country heads in the direction the new President takes it.

They typically get a honeymoon period. Trump didn’t get one because the Russia Collusion hoax was waiting for him there. Biden always gets a free pass anyway.

The job for Pres Trump was to get an open line of communication going somewhere. if he ever had any hope to seek the nomination for 24.

He still can’t affect policy. He still can’t make headlines with any major legislative accomplishments. He’s in no position to do that.He has no press secretary to promote his agenda. As a former President with plans to run again it’s a tough road to hoe.

The 2nd best spot to be in is a governorship as far as all of the above is concerned. You can pass legislation, have a means to promote the agenda you’re setting and you can make headlines. You have an office to communicate from and a fairly large group of people to stand behind you. It’s worth noting that when Trump was in office he had far too few to stand behind him. The city of D.C. is SWAMP territory on one end and the Deep State with its tentacles everywhere on the other.

Someone out there with future aspirations decided to fill the vacuum. There was an opportunist lurking around the corner waiting for the right moment; not too soon and not too late. The timing had to be just right and in little increments so it didn’t look too obvious. Who could that someone be? Someone Pres Trump helped get into office in the first place.Add backstabber to his resume.

This means the person already had it mind in 2020. This person was Ron DeSantis.When DeSantis started doing stunts to get his name out there i said it right then and there. He’s going to run for President against Trump.

I got wind of a ‘rumor’ that DeSantis had a secret meeting with some of the GOPe big dogs. Evidently Trump got wind of it too so that lent to its credence for me. He attacked Ron and all hell broke loose. I guess he wasn’t permitted to touch Ron with a 10 foot pole. i didn’t know those were the rules. The rule is; as long as you can attack someone secretly you get a pass.

Keep in mind that when DeSantis ran for Governor the first time he was hanging by a thread and was ready to lose. He went to Trump and asked for his support. He got his endorsement AND support. He won. Most people were thinking along the lines of a possible Trump/DeSantis ticket getting Ron set up for 2028. Ron decided upon a 2024 run but kept it under wraps.He would run for a 2nd term as Governor then use it as a stepping stone to a 2024 campaign. He never intended to serve out his term as Governor.

He should have been honest but he wasn’t totally dishonest either. He simply decided not to answer THE question. He knew it would come up in the debate with Crist and sure enough it did. He looked angry, stared straight ahead flat out refusing to respond at all.

If he said yes he intended to run it would expose his intentions to leave the governorship. He couldn’t say no. It would make him look like a liar. He didn’t have an answer ready to go (for his benefit should have) to worm his way out of it. His silence was the answer. The meeting with the cabal wasn’t a rumor. The establishment in DC aka SWAMP would love to see DeSantis take out Trump and the left wouldn’t have a problem with it either. Keep in mind DeSantis was always trying to grab the MAGA base.

It’s the one thing the establishment didn’t get. No candidate could win without them. They mistakenly believe the best route to take i s the destruction of MAGA. They do not make any bones about it. Ron was shrewder and more calculating than that. He didn’t want to alienate them before he got them in his camp. It’s where the SECRET meeting came in and i’m willing to bet there’s been a few more of those since then. Did anyone notice that when Trump’s home in Mar A Lago was raided the person you would have thought would stand up for Trump was the Governor of that state. It was in his backyard and he is a Republican. You didn’t hear a peep.

He can speak up any other time when he’s looking for his own publicity. This wasn’t about a publicity stunt Ron. This was about doing the right thing and speaking out for Trump.

i understand DeSantis had quite the fund raiser of big donors at his inauguration celebration after he won the governorship. I know a person in attendance was quite confused. He noted they were larger donations than you would ever need for the office of governor. He didn’t mention a campaign for the presidency though. i don’t think he figured that in since Ron had just committed to a 4 yr term in Florida.He was genuinely puzzled because he didn’t think DeSantis would run for Governor just to ditch it later.

WRONG. Ron is an opportunist. He didn’t stop to think for an instant about Trump helping him get into office in the first place.

Seems he suddenly had a good case of amnesia. It’s called backstabbing.The MAGA base was thinking along the lines of a Trump/DeSantis ticket..DeSantis and swamp were thinking along the lines of take out Trump and head for the White House.

DeSantis had it in mind back in 2020 and he’s still plotting. I’m staying put. Trump earned a 2nd term and i’m not going to let him-or us- get robbed a 2nd time if i can help it. It’s the DeSantis fatal flaw. Opportunist and backstabber. i just don’t have the stomach for it. Meantime Trump could use a good campaign manager and get some focus in his campaign. A VP choice? Kari Lake would work.So would Jim Jordan. He needs a loyal warrior.


Who’s your VP pick for 2024? Leave some names in a comment. Put them in order of first choice to last if you have more than 1.

What’s In A Name. How the Democrats Trick the Public

The Democrats have a way of getting over on the public when they title a bill they’re trying to pass. Whatever the title is, remember the bill does the opposite. Start with the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT HR 1.Honest to God, if it wasn’t their first act in Congress after they rigged the 2020 election [hence HR 1 as the official title].

The Constitution gives the state legislators the authority to set up the rules for elections. This is one of the violations of the Constitution the Dems pulled off in 2020. The For The People Act actually takes away the rights of the state re elections and gives that authority to the FEDERAL government. So much for being ‘for the people.’ It was a blatant power grab to get the authority for themselves. The title was deliberately misleading.

THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT i don’t think i need to tell anyone how much it reduced inflation. Whatever they did to cause it to go up in the first place is what they needed to reverse course on.

THE RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACT since same sex marriage was already pronounced legal by the court this bill was unnecessary. It could be more accurately named the disrespect for marriage law.Marriage is between one man-one woman.

This 2nd bill was passed to attack people who oppose same sex ‘marriage’.

It penalizes people who in good faith appeal to their right to conscience. It especially targets religious institutions and violates their Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Pres Trump does not oppose same sex ‘marriage’. He appointed an openly gay man to an ambassadorship. It’s the one issue where i disagree with Trump but i will give him that he at least protected people of faith against discrimination whether it was regarding same sex marriage, abortion or contraception.The Democrats are anti Christian in general and the Catholic Church in particular; Biden and Pelosi both claim to be Catholic. You cannot BE Catholic and oppose the doctrines/dogma of the Church. Trump on the other hand has no such obligation [he’s NOT Catholic] yet he’s willing to protect people of faith and their rights.

The nuclear family is being destroyed by perverse forces. You’re watching a break down in law and order that’s partly due to bad policies in Democrat run cities and partly due to the destruction of the nuclear family.

Listen carefully anytime they speak. They do a lot of verbal gymnastics when they’re pushing a narrative.

President Trump Announces Plan to Protect Free Speech and Digital Bill of Rights – The Last Refuge

This afternoon President Donald Trump released a video outlining a campaign platform position around free speech. {Direct Rumble Link}Referencing the latest revelations about various political groups, campaigns and government agencies instructing social media platforms on the removal of content, President Trump notes his position would be to dismantle the government systems that facilitate the censorship.   President Trump notes he would sign an executive order banning any federal agency from censoring or limiting the free speech of American citizens.Additionally, President Trump noted he would ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as misinformation or disinformation, along with firing any bureaucrat who has previously engaged in the domestic censorship, directly or indirectly, including within all agencies of the DHS, FBI or DOJ who have targeted the free speech rights of Americans.

President Trump Announces Plan to Protect Free Speech and Digital Bill of Rights – The Last Refuge

House Democrats Create Another ‘Deem as Passed’ Stopgap Spending Omnibus Construct – Chip Roy Calls It Out loudly – The Last Refuge

House Democrats have returned to their old ‘deem as passed’ playbook to provide a vehicle for the Senate to construct another stopgap omnibus spending bill despite the legally required non-origination from the House.WASHINGTON DC – The House is expected to pass a stopgap spending bill Wednesday night that would give negotiators an extra week to finish a $1.7 trillion year-end spending package, setting up an all-out legislative sprint before lawmakers leave for the holidays. (more)Texas Representative Chip Roy explains exactly what the House is doing. 

House Democrats Create Another ‘Deem as Passed’ Stopgap Spending Omnibus Construct – Chip Roy Calls It Out loudly – The Last Refuge

Campaign Team Behind Ron DeSantis Organize Political Stunt via State Grand Jury to Exploit Vaccine Controversy for 2024 “Win With Ron” Platform – The Last Refuge

The political branding and campaign team behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have structured a “Win with Ron 2024” strategy constructed around the politicization of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Yesterday, the team launched the effort through the governor’s office [Details Here].The polarizing federal vaccine and mask mandates continue to create an opportunity for exploitation by political interests.  The WWR ’24 team see the opportunity within the republican base for Ron DeSantis to create a 2024 lane by presenting himself in alignment with medical autonomy in a similar vein that a candidate might create with strong support for the second amendment.

Campaign Team Behind Ron DeSantis Organize Political Stunt via State Grand Jury to Exploit Vaccine Controversy for 2024 “Win With Ron” Platform – The Last Refuge