They Belong in a Circus. PERIOD. We Can Do Better.–PERIOD–We-Can-Do-Better-e1rmla8

Once you watch that segment of TCT you confirm what you already knew; not only is Biden not qualified for the office he holds the people he appointed have no real qualifications either. Not one of them.

They’re all like his son Hunter who went overseas aboard Air Force 2 and sold out his fathers VP office to countries such as China,Russia and Ukraine. Hunter had no real qualifications for the jobs he was hired for but his dad Joe-the big guy-could grant favors for the right price. 

Corrupt people don’t necessarily have to be bright. They just have to be willing to do whatever tt takes to get what they want.

If you find it hard to believe anyone could vote for these people take a look at the mid term race in Pennsylvania. You had a man who lived off his well to do parents for 40 yr and could barely put a sentence together getting elected over a man who actually attended and graduated from medical school.Maybe people thought Oz wasn’t the best candidate but Fetterman was? I hope and pray the good people of Georgia are smarter than the people of Pa and don’t make the same mistake they did up here.

Herschel Walker is a good man. Maybe he made some mistakes in his past but that could be most people. Warnock’s PRESENT behavior is nothing to write home about. He’s a radical who subscribes to the ideology of Louis Farrakhan. All the Democrat candidates were putting themselves out there as moderates for the midterms. Warnock is no different. He will vote in lock step to back anything Biden asks for if he’s elected. IF Warnock is sent to the Senate they will abolish the filibuster and pack the court. They’ve said so enough times that i tend to take them at their word. They end the filibuster and Biden gets everything he wants un opposed. i guess if you like his policies so far that would be a plus. If you don’t like inflation, high gas prices, rampant crime and open borders with illegals invading your country getting Herschel elected is paramount!

Who in their right mind wants to give Joe Biden’s clown show a rubber stamp for the next 2 yrs? Why would the American people vote against their own self interest? i know we did in Pa. Our economy relies heavily on fossil fuels. Biden  promised to destroy them. in favor of the Green New Deal.

Biden’s appointments weren’t based on qualifications. He hired people solely because they were gay, black or transgender. Not one Democrat who was elected to Congress has opposed anything he has done. Manchin always sold out in the end and Sinema caved because she didn’t want to be the only hold out. Moderate Democrats do not exist. 

We can’t let the Republicans off the hook either. Some, like McConnell in the Senate, sold out to Biden themselves. McConnell is nothing but an anti Trumper who preferred working with Nancy Pelosi to working with Pres Trump.

He was willing to sacrifice the Senate to get Lisa Murkowski elected in Alaska. He left perfectly good Republican candidates out to dry. He’s doing the same to Herschel. We’re counting on Georgia to right the ship not only for Georgia but to save  our whole country. 

Raphael Warnock is cut from the same cloth as the newly elected  Democrat Hakeem Jeffries. They share a common ideology.

They’re both huge supporters of Louis Farrakhan. IF the truth were told they’re anti white racists but need the white vote. Warnock and Jeffries are both anti semitic just like Farrakhan. Warnock’s campaign is smearing Walker rather than talk policy. They used the same tactic for Fetterman. They avoided a debate until the tail end when the majority of votes were already cast in an early election and spent their whole time writing their narrative about Oz. They appealed to the younger voter by focusing on abortion. 

The public should have seen that Fetterman wasn’t up to the job. i don’t know how they missed it. Evidently they were more convinced by the narrative against Oz [half truths]than the truth that was plain to see about Fetterman. 

The truth is plain to  see about Joe Biden too. I hope the majority of Americans can see it. Now the truth about Twitter, Big tech, Biden and his shady dealings with Hunter are being exposed by Elon Musk. The revelations are confirming what many of us knew all along. We knew the legacy media was lying for Joe just like they’re lying for Warnock now. There’s no way on earth we can let this corruption go unchecked. We need Herschel’s support in the Senate to stop the clown show in the administration. 

Under Deposition FBI Admits Giving Targeting Instructions to Tech Giants and Social Media Companies for Blocks and Content Removal – The Last Refuge

During a deposition this week the FBI admitted to giving instructions to tech companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft to block URLs without a basis in legality.  Essentially the ideology of the FBI and DHS determines the targets of the content removal, blockage and/or censoring.To repeat, these are not FBI and DHS instructions based on defined criminal activity, these are government instructions based on disagreements over ‘information’ as espoused by the content provider.

Under Deposition FBI Admits Giving Targeting Instructions to Tech Giants and Social Media Companies for Blocks and Content Removal – The Last Refuge