Prior to the Mar A Lago dinner with Kanye West (or Ye) i had no idea there was any such person by the name of Nick Fuentes. The name meant nothing to me. i still don’t get why some unknown person is suddenly a person of some significance. Was i supposed to know who he is? This is why i believe Trump when he said he had no idea who he was. He knew Kanye and although the meet up or likely set up was unannounced i know Trump would not be rude and dis Kanye- who obviously has a ton of issues. This meeting was news but not the big to do the media is making of it. They’re trying to write a narrative. For one, i’m not going to help them and make a big deal of it too. 2. i know very well Trump is not antisemitic. Far from it. 3. i also know that Trump is no white supremacist either. So the story dies here and i’m not giving it any further mention. The media is gaslighting again. End of story.  Fuentes can go back to being the unknown he was before the dinner..