#GeorgiaRunOff #Georgia Republicans… Word…There Are NO MODERATE Democrats. #PennsylvaniaMidterms they voted Fetterman 😲 (not too swift)🤪

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There are some points in the Yahoo article to take into consideration. Keep in mind Yahoo news is a virulently anti Trump, anti conservative rag. We can still take some of these points as valid because they definitely explain an unexplainable discrepancy.

Yahoo news is one of the worst sources for credible news however i did find one report that may be more credible than most of the garbage they publish. There isn’t an anti Trump story they’ll miss-true or not; mostly the latter .They took a close look at the mid term races to see why there were split votes. They were puzzling although some of the races probably came down to Democrat shenanigans ie ballot harvesting, broken machines in Maricopa county, suppression of Republican voters. Most of which took place in Arizona.


So what the article tells me is that there were some Republicans stupid enough to vote for a Democrat candidate or were slack enough not to turn out the vote for some Republican candidates-they didn’t give them the support they needed. What was really striking is how they thought a Republican MAGA candidate was too extreme when the Biden agenda[which the Democrats support] is clearly extreme enough to be Marxist. The goal of Biden and the Democrat party is to destroy the economy and follow the road to the Green New Deal. Yes, folks he is destroying fossil fuels and we will all be going to wind mills and solar power. Does their policy work? Obviously not but it’s not about what works. It’s about ideology. The MAGA candidates-the ones these Republicans believed were extreme- believed in America First, lowering taxes, securing the border, being energy independent and even dominant, school choice and stopping the indoctrination going on in our schools. You know-all those extreme ideas Trump supported. They split the ticket and voted for some Republicans and some Democrats. Pennsylvania went to Fetterman-a man who could barely spit out 1 coherent sentence .

Fetterman lived with his well to do parents until he was 40 and never held a real job. Oz attended the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a joint MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School. The Fetterman campaign kept claiming that Oz wasn’t really a Pennsylvanian. They failed to mention those years he spent here attending school, the fact that 2 of his children were born in Pennsylvania and that he had purchased a home here. What difference does it really make anyway? Anyone remember how Hillary Clinton ran for a :NY Senate seat when she could hardly claim to be a New Yorker? Nobody cared.

Oz was not my first choice but comparing the 2 men Oz was far more qualified than Fetterman. Fetterman may have lived his whole life in Pa. but he never held a real job his whole life. He would be clueless in the Senate given his obvious problems but he would be able to do 1 thing-vote yes when told.

I was sure the people of Pennsylvania knew better. I was wrong.John Adams was right when he said that our liberty would go out the window if the public weren’t an informed public and here we are.

I hope the people of Georgia are aware that if Herschel Walker is not elected that the Democrats will have a clear unimpeded path to enact all of Biden’s agenda. They will begin by eliminating the filibuster. Once they do that,anything they want, they’ll get.It will be damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. The Democrats are doing the same thing they always do; can’t beat Herschel on policy beat him with a smear campaign. We all know Herschel Walker had a past. A lot of people do but he’s come a long ways since then.He’s a good man and he gets the issues.He is looking out for the best interests of Georgians. Warnock is looking out for the best interests of Joe Biden.Warnock’s background isn’t anything to write home about either and he hasn’t changed one iota. He’s still preaching the same hate he always has.

I’ll say it; there are SOME radical black politicians who are racist and hate whites but they know they need the white vote. If you are a follower of Louis Farrakhan then you are a racist. Warnock is definitely a follower of the leader of the Nation of Islam but he’s certainly not going to tell the white voters.He needs your vote. Note liberals; i am NOT saying blacks are racist. The majority of people-black or white-don’t have a racist bone in their bodies. We get along just fine. Racist politicians are few and far between but they’re not non existent either.

I hope the good folks of Georgia use more common sense than the people of Pennsylvania did.We shot ourselves in the foot letting Fetterman get elected. Fossil fuels was crucial to our state’s economy. I say ‘was’ because Biden has declared war on fossil fuels no matter who it hurts.

Here’s 2 races that have a similar theme:

Mastriano “had a base among (former President Donald) Trump’s most loyal supporters, that’s why he got the nomination, but he could not expand that base,” Millersville University’s Madonna said. “Establishment Republicans also moved away from him.” Madonna suggested many were content to do so given some of Shapiro’s more moderate issue positions, including on fracking.
In Michigan, Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was more enthusiastically supported than her Republican competitor Tudor Dixon. More were concerned that Dixon was “too extreme” in her political views than said that of Whitmer, 62% vs. 46%. About 1 in 10 Republican voters backed the Democrat.


Love how the Republicans think the Republican candidates are too extreme when they both supported America First policies particularly when it came to a secure border, law and order and being energy independent. That’s too extreme so let’s vote Democrat because they appear to be moderates.

Newsflash good ol Republicans; all of these Democrats support Biden’s policies. Look them up. When it came time for the midterms they looked right at the American people and lied-there are no moderate Democrats. I hope people plan on waking up before the Dec 6 election in Georgia. If we have any Republicans down there thinking like they did in Michigan and Pennsylvania were up the creek. The only possible moderates in the Democrat party are Sinema and Manchin and even Manchin is questionable. He has a routine. Object, Obect, Object then CAVE. Does it every time.

Anyone who thinks the MAGA candidates are too extreme have forgotten what the economy was like under Trump and how secure our border was then. They don’t know these so called moderate Democrats very well either.

Now the Arizona races are a little different and that may be an understatement. I followed those races very closely. I also followed election day results in Arizona very closely including the time they spent-days after-counting the votes. I believe 2 of the races are going to end up in court and should. The election in Arizona was a mess. Maricopa County was THE worst.

I’m not going to comment on the specifics because it warrants a whole blog entry to cover the Arizona fiasco. It went as well as the 2020 election did except this time the Democrats outdid their own shenanigans.

So People Voted Against Their Own Self Interests

Vote Herschel Walker. Please, do not do this again!