Happy Thanksgiving All!

Hard to believe it was 2 yrs ago right before Thanksgiving that my husband started out with cellulitis and eventually would end up at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for open heart surgery. He missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years at home. He spent all 3 holidays between hospitals and a nursing home stay. We’ve had him for 2 yr since and he’s doing very well thanks to God and the fantastic heart surgeon Dr. Uni at the Clinic as well as their top rate team and staff. I’m also thankful to his son for making the 2nd trip to Cleveland that i couldn’t make for his actual surgery. He stayed the whole time until dad was recouping in his room. He’s fortunate to be here at all. I tell him he has a guardian angel working overtime. We definitely have much to be thankful for.

Feel free to leave comments about the things in your own life your most thankful for. Love to read them! We hope you and yours have a wonderful day and a good meal to share with your families.

God bless each and every one of you. Thank you for becoming a reader here!