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Today was Open Maga Mic Friday meaning you can call in about any topic relative to recent current events. Wouldn’t you know someone called in about the Catholic Church and homosexuality. I wasn’t able to catch the whole conversation but i thought given the topic this would be a good way to set things straight about Church teaching.

Let’s jump right into it.

First of all the Pope has opinions like everyone else and like everyone else he’s entitled to them. The Pope’s opinions are not infallible teaching. Feel free to disagree with them. He can be just as wrong as anyone or he could be right but you disagree anyway.

Homosexuality is not a sin. It’s a disordered attraction. Same sex relations are a sin. Anytime you choose to engage in immoral behavior-same sex or otherwise-it’s a sin. You cannot BE Catholic and support same sex ‘marriage.’

No more than you can BE Catholic and support abortion.

A person with same sex attraction should seek disinterested friendships and practice chastity. Yes, it’s difficult but it’s not impossible.For that matter ALL Catholics are called to practice chastity including the clergy, religious orders and the laity.

Chastity and celibacy are not the same thing. ALL Catholics are called to chastity. Some take a vow of celibacy.

When the Pope speaks ex cathedra regarding faith and morals it IS infallible teaching. It may be difficult for Catholics to accept, sometimes we fall short of understanding a teaching, but we accept it on faith and try to overcome our difficulties with it. We can treat homosexuals with dignity and respect avoiding discrimination. Some of us have our own family members that are gay and we love them like we do all members of our own family. We can’t violate our own conscience and support their lifestyle. We don’t speak in love towards anyone when we don’t speak in the truth we believe the Catholic Church teaches. This is what it means to be a devout Catholic. Some of our Catholic politicians claim to be devout Catholics when we know they reject the infallible teaching of the Church. They have a unique responsibility because they effect laws and have public opinions that reflect on the Church.They’re entitled to their opinions but they cause scandal when they lead other Catholics to think they can reject Church teaching or lead non Catholics to think their opinions ARE Church teaching.

The bigger problem with these kind of issues is that laws are passed to prevent discrimination against one group and cause discrimination against another. No law should be used to force a person to violate their freedom of conscience. Remember the Vietnam War and the draft? There were people who objected to the war and based on violation of their conscience they were exempted from the draft. They were called a conscientious objector. They could serve time in prison. The Constitution protects freedom of religion. If my Catholic faith informs me that i can’t accept same sex marriage can the law discriminate against me for not participating in a business that supports same sex marriage? Can a Christian be forced into providing a service to a same sex couple for their ‘marriage’? You mean i have to bake a wedding cake or face imprisonment and/or a fine? I am a Catholic nurse or doctor that refuses to assist in an abortion, provide artificial birth or perform transgender surgery on a minor? What if i’m a member of a non Catholic denomination that objects on moral grounds; can i be forced to do anything that violates my conscience? What the government ought to be doing is preventing reverse discrimination-that is, using the protection of one group to discriminate against another. [Abortion is a major issue i’ll take up in a future entry].

 Infallibility is not the absence of sin. Nor is it a charism that belongs only to the pope. Indeed, infallibility also belongs to the body of bishops as a whole, when, in doctrinal unity with the pope, they solemnly teach a doctrine as true. We have this from Jesus himself, who promised the apostles and their successors the bishops, the magisterium of the Church: “He who hears you hears me” (Luke 10:16)…

Christ instructed the Church to preach everything he taught (Matt. 28:19–20) and promised the protection of the Holy Spirit to “guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13). That mandate and that promise guarantee the Church will never fall away from his teachings (Matt. 16:18, 1 Tim. 3:15), even if individual Catholics might.

I have a big issue with the media and how they’re trying to spread the Biden LIE that Trump supporters are violent right wingers. This means that every time some kind of attack happens they automatically assume the perp is a Trump supporter. They may even know better. They make the accusation before they have the facts. I am NOT saying it couldn’t possibly be a Trump supporter-i am NOT saying the person couldn’t possibly be a Catholic but i am saying a real journalist doesn’t assume anything especially when they’re trying to push out allegations that fit their narrative. I like the Bongino rule; wait 24-48 hr and make sure all the facts are in first.

Most murders are crimes of passion meaning they know their victims and have a personal vendetta to carry out. Some murders are committed by a mentally/emotionally disturbed individual. Some murders are followed by copy cat crimes. There are groups that are politically motivated but i can say flat out Trump supporters and Catholics have no political manifesto that justifies murder and violence.

When our DOJ labels parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists we have a problem. When Biden addresses the nation and insinuates that Trump supporters( that he refers to as Ultra MAGA) are domestic terrorists we have a problem. The Justice Dept has gone off the rails and become highly politicized with the goal of destroying Biden’s opponents. They have a media willing to assist them.In fact, the media is playing an active role in the program.

The media has an enormous responsibility to the public but all they worry about now is pushing an agenda. I don’t think they even care about ratings anymore. They’ll lie to the public if it supports the agenda. They pushed the Russia collusion lie for years. They buried the Hunter Biden laptop story because they wanted Biden to win the election in 2020. They were afraid it would damage his chances of winning. They even covered for his obvious mental decline. How on earth could anyone trust them again? Evidently there’s a group of people that are ok with the media lying or a group of people who want to believe what they’re saying is true. i wouldn’t even call it bias confirmation. If something is objectively true it’s not a bias. If you believe a stereotype that’s a bias. You can fall for anything that supports a stereotype. I would call that a bias if you look for a narrative that confirms it. When you believe a lie and look for reporting that supports a lie that’s hardly confirmation bias. That’s looking for reporting that supports a lie and that is exactly what the Russia Collusion narrative was-a lie. Adam Schiff was on tv every week claiming he had evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He never showed anyone the evidence but people accepted that he had it so he confirmed them in a lie they believed.

When Tucker Carlson reports a story he makes sure he gets the facts, he refuses to follow group think and he gets attacked. He was accused of causing the Colorado shooting. I suppose the Biden administration would resort to calling Tucker a domestic terrorist. Some people probably call his reporting biased. He’s doing what all journalists should be doing-getting the facts and reporting them. He calls balls and strikes.i doubt the Colorado shooter got any messages from Tucker. i doubt the Jan 6 rioters got any messaging from President Trump. You could take any reporting and use it for your own agenda but that doesn’t make the reporter responsible for the perps behavior UNLESS like the left you look the other way when a perp acts out ie calling them peaceful protestors or saying they should continue acting out. Yes,the left did that when Antifa/BLM were burning down our cities and violating the law left and right. When you know you have cover why worry about what you’re doing?

We always condemn anyone who uses violence against abortion clinics or people who perform abortions. It happens but thankfully it’s rare. I haven’t heard any condemnation of the groups targeting pro life centers, have you? The left is looking the other way. Political violence is wrong. As right as a cause may be, violence is not a justifiable response and never does the cause any good either.

Journalism was supposed to be a check on political power. It’s supposed to keep our government honest. It’s become state run media; no different than the propaganda of the CCP in China. When they lied about Russia Collusion and the Hunter laptop that should have been enough to make anything they report questionable.

When Pelosi gets on tv, holds a presser & is riled up about someone questioning her Catholic faith i don’t look to Pelosi for authentic Catholic teaching-i have a ‘go to’, the Catechism of the Catholic faith. We don’t rely on Pope Pelosi. She claims to know Church history. i’d bet the farm she doesn’t spend 5 minutes of her time researching anything the Church teaches. So far everything she’s said has been contradictory. You want to know what is authentic Catholic teaching? Go to the source. PERIOD. Nowhere does the Church teach that ANY immoral behavior is acceptable. A heterosexual that engages in homosexual behavior is just as immoral as a homosexual who does so, MAYBE more so. (Food for thought). Word: If you’re Catholic, know what the Church teaches. I highly recommend the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Send a copy to Pelosi and Biden.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Hard to believe it was 2 yrs ago right before Thanksgiving that my husband started out with cellulitis and eventually would end up at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for open heart surgery. He missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years at home. He spent all 3 holidays between hospitals and a nursing home stay. We’ve had him for 2 yr since and he’s doing very well thanks to God and the fantastic heart surgeon Dr. Uni at the Clinic as well as their top rate team and staff. I’m also thankful to his son for making the 2nd trip to Cleveland that i couldn’t make for his actual surgery. He stayed the whole time until dad was recouping in his room. He’s fortunate to be here at all. I tell him he has a guardian angel working overtime. We definitely have much to be thankful for.

Feel free to leave comments about the things in your own life your most thankful for. Love to read them! We hope you and yours have a wonderful day and a good meal to share with your families.

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