Dear @GOPHouse and Kevin McCarthy

Dear @GOPHouse and Kevin McCarthy,
you sacrificed our country to feed the swamp creatures-the Marxist Democrats. Is that harsh name calling? Yes it because it’s true.
We’re going to give Kevin McCarthy the benefit of the doubt that he will rise to the occasion and get tough back with these people. We know McConnell is compromised and needs to step down but we’re willing to give McCarthy a chance. He has a mixed record.
Kevin,what you need to do is think about everything these Democrats have done and what they would do given the chance. No, we do not have to compromise with these people. They never meet us half way unless there’s something you can waste our taxpayer money on. Those days are over.
Worse than that they’ve politicized everything you can think of from the DOJ to the FBI and targeted Biden’s opponents. They would take you out if they were given the chance. So the next time you think it’s a good idea to compromise with them think about that. They would pack ahd courts, end the filibuster and nationaize elections so they could cheat if they are given the chance. They’re said so.
These are the same people who encouraged BLM and ANTIFA to burn down our cities, attack our police. burn down police departments and vandalize federal buildings. They even killed innocent people. The Democrats approved all of it but the FEDS set up a riot on Janurary 6 and they had the nerve to call that an insurrection.
No, you cannot compromise with these people. If there’s wrong doing you expose it and take them down. They all got away with murder with the Russia Collusion LIE. Everyone of them walked and one-just one-got a slap on the wrist.
Forget the media. They’re propoganda. They are not your friends. They work for the DNC.
Next time Donald Trump is elected President tell the never trumpers to sit down and shut up. Support our President the way the other side get behind theirs no matter what he does,corruption included.
We always want to take the high moral ground and mistakenly beleive that means playing nice, compromising and getting along. You take the high moral ground when you stand up for what is right.PERIOD. Your job is to look out for the people you’re sent there to represent and defend the Constitution.
i have listened to all of Pres. Trump’s speeches including his final SOTU address and the one thing he said that stood out to me more than anything else
is when he promised America would never be a socialist country. He had good reason to say that. It angered Pelosi so much she made a public spectacle of herself by tearing up the transcript of his address;something no Speaker has ever done.
McConnell was always working with this woman. She is a vlie,angry and viscous person whose only interests are power and money. Why would he bother to work with her? Why do the Republicans always send a life line to Biden when he can’t get one from his own party?
You’re going to have to do better than this and it will be worth it. You will have the support you need from American partiots.
On the other hand there are things you won’t be able to do. Biden has veto power and anything you will send up to him is going to be shot down. Here is where you have to talk to the American people and make sure they have realistic expecations. Don’t promise what you can’t do. (Worse is when a politician promises anything they know they don’t have the will to do).
Jim Jordan has it rightL do what you said you would do. Like Pres Trump did while he was in office.
If you can’t do it level wih the American people. Fortunately the Presidential election comes up in 2yr and Trump will do everyhing in his power to save our country. Unfortunately it will seem like forever to the American peopl.The Democrats will naturally blame Biden’s failures on the Republicans in Congress for those 2 yrs. Fight back and don’t let them use that as leverage to get the Republicans to compromise just so they can look like they’re doing something.
Better to be honest about what you’re able to do and not do.
Don’t give the Democrats an inch. Remember everything they did to your side since 2016 and what they would do if they were able.The media is going to cover for them. We know that-they lie through their teeth. The media IS the enemy of the people. Treat them as such.
We’re in a battle to save the country we love and they hate. It’s that simple.