All Hands On Deck for Herschel Walker

The Georgia race between Warnock and Walker has gone into a run off on Dec. 6th when the Senate seat will be decided once and for all.

Yes, the Democrats won the Senate this time around but we still need the numbers regardless. Keep in mind come 2024 the Democrats will be on the defensive trying to save 28 seats. Our numbers matter. The message matters too.Herschel gets elected it sends a message loud and clear. Above all else Herschel is just a better candidate. I know they threw some juicy scandals out there as they always do when it’s a black Republican but we knew Herschel wasn’t perfect years ago. He’s the man he is today and he’s a good man who’s grown over the yeasrs.

Warnock like most of the Democrats has some very radical ideas that we can’t afford. We already living through the nightmare of Biden’s radical ideas. He doesn’t need help. He needs our opposition. Warnock hates the country. Does someone like that deserve to be elected to the Senate? How do I know this? He’s said so himself.

Yes, Warnock, some people feel uncomfortable when they hear someone say, “God d—n America. In fact, some people are downright angry to hear that. When the Rev Wright said “the chickens have come home to roost” after the 9/11 attack implying the the death of 3k innocent people was justified it makes people more than a little uncomfortable; it makes them disgusted especially when it’s their father, mother, brother, sister, child, husband or wife that has been murdered.

I hear people say, why vote when it’s rigged. Here’s the deal: we have to vote BECAUSE it’s rigged or if you suspect it is. Maybe it’s not but you vote in large numbers and overwhelm the system. If you stay home it makes matters worse. Here’s the biggest deal: your vote counts more than you give yourself credit for.You’d be surprised how many races are won or lost by a thousand or even a hundred votes. You don’t want to be the one that stayed home and would have counted in that winning column. People not voting costs races.

There’s 3 things you can do for Herschel:

Donate if you’re able. The Democrats always kill us in fundraising. If everyone pitched in a little we could turn that around

You’re committed to voting-get as many of your friends,family,coworkers,neighbors to vote as possible! Someone needs a ride to the polls would you consider offering? Call these people the day before election day and ON election day and make sure they’re ready to roll. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Last but not least VOTE.

Warnock revealed


Fidel Castro

“We pray for the people of Cuba in this moment. We remember Fidel Castro, whose legacy is complex. Don’t let anyone tell you a simple story; life usually isn’t very simple. His legacy is complex, kind of like America’s legacy is complex”

Castro’s reign was not complex. He was the brutal dictator of Cuba and to this day his horrible and oppressive legacy still stands. Ask the migrants from Cuba how complex his legacy is and why they risked life and limb for asylum in the United States.


“When you think about the fact that America still warehouses 25 percent of the world’s prisoners, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see police officers act like bullies on the street”

Talk about painting a group of people with a broad brush that’s it. Most police officers put their own lives on the line to protect the lives of their community. The wives,husbands and children of the police know the second that officer goes out the door they may not come home. I’m sorry but a few police with a serious problem does not condemn a whole police force or law enforcement in general. They have remedies for dealing with rogue cops. Let them do their job and give them the respect they’ve earned. Every agency, group, organization no matter how above board they try to be always has a few bad eggs. Biden, Obama and the radical left in charge of our country has let crime and violent crime run rampant in our country. It has to stop and it all begins with the restoring respect for our police and prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Warnock is not that guy.

“And justice for all” includes our police.

He rubber stamps the failed Biden agenda.

The Federalist cited Warnock’s anti Semitism.

Anti- Semitic Warnock

Warnock claimed Israeli leaders are “racists” and called Jesus, who was Jewish, a “poor Palestinian prophet,” likening support for the Palestinian movement to support for Black Lives Matter.

In 2013, Warnock gave a speech labeling the radical and notably antisemitic Nation of Islam group led by Louis Farrakhan as “important for the development of Black theology.”

Please keep this man from the Senate. Vote Herschel Walker. Get everyone on board and ready to ‘flood the zone’ on election day!

It’s all hands on deck. I hope the Republican Senators will get their butts down to Georgia and campaign for Herschel.Send a message to Biden-Warnock that the good people of George do not support their radical anti American agenda.

Vote Tuesday Dec. 6!

If you’re a Republican Senator who has not campaigned for Herschel yet get your butt down there and donate some time. If you can’t make it to Georgia at least take out an ad, encourage people to vote for Herschel, share his website. Lend your support in some way. This effort to get Herschel in the Senate is all hands on deck.

New York Republican Lee Zeldin Moves Closer to Run for RNC Chair

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who had a strong performance in the New York governor’s race, is “very seriously considering” running to head the Republican National Committee (RNC), challenging the current leader, Ronna McDaniel.Zeldin, who recently lost a gubernatorial campaign against New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), is getting closer to running for RNC chair after sending out an email to committee members on Thursday, according to Politico.“It is time for our party to retool, transform, win back the Presidency in 2024, expand our number of Republican held seats in Congress, and elect the maximum number of down ballot races across the country,” Zeldin said in the message. “The Republican Party needs to be all in to do everything in its power to save America.”

New York Republican Lee Zeldin Moves Closer to Run for RNC Chair