I’ll be working on at least 2 maybe 3 blog entries tonight.

All Hands On Deck For Herschel re the Senate run off in Georgia and a call to get behind Herschel Walker.

How Fetterman Won In Pa. Oz was nothing to write home about as far as candidates go,but how on earth could he not be better than Fetterman? Why did Pennsylvania vote for a guy who could barely put 2 sentences together, had no idea what was going on and was a grown man supported by his parents until he was in his 40’s? Either they ran a spectacular campaign or some of the people in Pa have become that stupid.

Finally, sometime next week most likely, we’re going to take a look at the nonsense from Merrick Garland and the Deep State’s last attempt to take out Trump once and for all. It’s not up to them. We hold all the cards. They just psych us out to make us believe they do.I may even take a look at this group of people called Gen Z. Since most of the population of a future generation from 1973 on was wiped out by abortion, the small group that is left doesn’t give us any hope for the future at all. It sounds dystopian because it is. If i was going to characterize Gen Z with one narrative only it would be that they think they’re entitled; that they are owed everything here and now. They engage in 2 yr old ‘magical thinking’.

Unfortunately i have a husband that is not well and i’m not at 100% myself so i have to struggle all day long with a household that needs attention and not enough time left to do everything i would actually prefer doing-writing here, reading the best articles from other blogs and reading the 4 books i’ve got on hold. Maybe if there were 30 hours in a day or a different situation I would have the time to spare for things i prefer to do rather than the things i need to do that are staring me straight in the eye.

We are buried in snow here and it’s cold. It’s too quiet out because nobody is moving. I almost wish i could crawl back under the blankets, keep snug and warm then go to sleep.

Back tonight/ early morning. Rushed as always.