DeSantis Had 1 REALLY Bad Idea

A Special Note: before i begin the entry re DeSantis i have to mention another story i posted about DeSantis. There is an allegation about DeSantis colluding with establishment Republicans such as Paul Ryan. It reads like he’s conspiring with GOP insiders who hate Trump. The story was written like it was credible and we know anything in politics is possible but i’ve heard recently from other Republicans [who are MAGA all the way] that the story is false. IF that’s the case then i should never have posted it. It would be a terribly false unwarranted accusation against DeSantis. i’m not sure either way and as long as it’s questionable it should be left alone. It’s probably NOT true. My apologies. i had no business slighting the Governor like that when the story didn’t have legs.Shame on me for falling for it. More on that another day.

Now that i’ve got that out of the way i am going to talk about 1 REALLY bad idea that is credible that is attributed to the Florida Governor.I think Gov Greg Abbot of Texas did this as well. DeSantis got the most media coverage out of it though(shocker).

DeSantis put Biden’s illegal migrants on a bus and sent them with their consent to Martha’s Vineyard. The Vineyard is a liberal area that is the first to support Biden’s border policies. On the plus side for DeSantis it exposed the hypocrisy of the left who are all for providing sanctuary to these people, as long as it’s somewhere else. It also showed these liberals what it was like to have to provide for these illegals and what the southern border states go through routinely on a large scale. DeSantis gets a standing ovation for that. It was clearly a political stunt and he meant to grab a headline like he always does but a political stunt that was strategically smart. However, here is what it was overall-a REALLY bad idea. He helped Biden move the illegal migrants further into the interior United States where they dropped out of sight. Wrong message. While it got DeSantis some good pr with conservatives and put him in the news this is not the actions we want to see or the message we want to send.

The Arizona candidate for Governor ,Kari Lake. is going to enact the right policy. She’s going to declare the border crossings an INVASION-it is- and get the migrants out of the country. That is the right message and the right policy. She will set an example for the other states and no one will doubt the seriousness of her opposition to our open border. If it goes as expected the other Republican governors would do well to follow her model. PERIOD.

Whatever good the DeSantis action may have intended it was a REALLY bad idea. It’s not the worst thing he could have done,but it wasn’t the best he could have done either.

P.S. i think there is only going to be 1 more ballot dump in Arizona-MAYBE 2 which would be tomorrow night. There can’t be that many outstanding ballots so unless the Dems can come up with another reason to delay this is likely going to be it and they SHOULD be able to announce a winner for Az Governor. On the other hand, that’s not to say they won’t come up with another reason to delay. It could be a legit reason tp delay but it doesn’t change the fact the whole process in Az was a disaster.It’s an issue Kari Lake intends to tackle right off the bat.She’ll institute election integrity as one of her first acts as governor, the border invasion being the other one. Both these issues need immediate attention and she knows it..