Is There A Miracle Out There?

i’m stepping away from politics for a minute to talk about a very personal matter. At the risk of sounding dramatic i’m going to be upfront-am trying to save my brother’s life.

I set up a fundraiser at paypal. Raised 0. Please recommend a fundraiser that would work for this situation. Time feels short.

Here is the situation. My brother is a retired school teacher who lives on a fixed income. He is senior living alone with no family to speak of,except me. Our family is gone. He was in good health a few years after his retirement but it started going south and one health issue led to another. This happens quite often to seniors that they have one problem and it leads to another problem and sometimes it snowballs. He’s somewhat mobile now with difficulty. He’s been hospitalized at least twice this year. His family doctor recommended he go into assisted living the first time and i agreed totally. He needs to be in an area where he has people he knows well or closer to me where he has some family. i can’t say too much because i respect his privacy so i’m saying as much as i’m able.Please bear with me. i apologize if i can’t get out a lot of detail; am disclosing as much as possible. The problem is he’s on a fixed income as i am. Recently the situation got worse. He dehydrated, blacked out and ended up at the local emergency room. He was hospitalized for 4 days and had suffered a concussion from the fall. :This is it. I have to get him out of the situation he’s in.

He can no longer stay where he is but i know in his condition and the lack of finances it will be difficult to convince him to move unless there is financial help. Realistically it’s not going to happen without it so he has a point. I can’t leave him there like this-it’s basically suicidal and he will die depressed and alone with nothing to show for all the years he dedicated to the teaching profession. From the time he was in grade school he wanted to be a teacher. He worked his way through college and went on to get his masters. I never expected his life would turn out like this at all. The man was brilliant surrounded by people. Now he’s alone, suffering depression, on a fixed income and in poor health. He doesn’t seem to be as mentally sharp as he used to be but am glad that hasn’t declined too much yet. When the situation is resolved i will post photos and tell the whole story. i can’t even give out his name right now. i wouldn’t be able to write this without respecting his privacy. It’s a bit of pickle but if you bear with me i will eventually be filling in the blanks in the near future(depending on the outcome of course). My apologies for the lack of details. Hope you understand.

I called a professional mover. He can’t pack himself in his condition. The movers are professional and would make it as stress free as possible for him. This is what he needs. However, it’s going to cost anywhere from 4,000-7,000 and i had hoped on raising the 7,000 just to be on the safe side. i did not want to have to start over a 2nd time to make up a difference. Zero isn’t going to do it and that’s where i’m at with it. i don’t see that it’s going to raise a dime more no matter how many times i put it up.

I would get a loan and pay for it but my credit score isn’t high enough. IF i had a car i would sell it but i don’t have a single asset to sell, let alone a car. i don’t have a thing that would raise over 300.00 and that’s a stretch. i sit here night after night crying because i have no idea what i can do. i call him every other night to be sure he’s ok. He sounds more depressed each time i call. i’m trying to keep his spirits up so i never let on how upset i am. i know he’s not eating right so i do send him little care packages of groceries and hope he’s eating them. It’s the best i can do.

I can pay back a loan. i simply have no way on earth to get that kind of money otherwise. He has insurance that will help him pay for the assisted living facility and i found 2 he’d likely consider-that’s not a problem. The sticking point is getting him there.

If you know of any bank that would lend 7,000 with a reasonable payment each month please let me know. i don’t want to get involved in a bank that would be the equivalent of a loan shark,let’s put it that way OR If you know of a good fundraiser where the chances of my raising 7,000 would be very likely.That would be a God send!

All i feel is anymore is desperation and some days i sink to resignation and fear of the worst. I would move heaven and earth to get him into one of these facilities as soon as possible. There must be a miracle out there. i don’t understand how i can see all these fundraisers and people raise hundreds of thousands and i end up with 0.

At the least thank you for listening, if nothing else.