Election Deniers, Election Integrity, Elon Musk

The 45th President got 74 million votes in the 2020 election; that was more than he had in 2016. Joey baby-as he likes to say-got 81 million and we know he carried the swing states. The swing states helped him with the electoral collage. Let’s suppose Biden gor more votes than any candidate in history;even outdoing Obama’s numbers.He’s in the White House and been there for 2 yrs. He was sworn in. It’s over.We will move on to 2024 soon enough.

Herschel Walker faces his run off in Georgia.Trump is going to make his announcement next Tues the 15th. I understand that some Republicans have approached Trump and asked he postpone the announcement due to the Walker run off. i also heard he intends to go ahead. i don’t see why not.He can still support the Walker campaign.Why would it intefere? He was planning to announce after the mid terms anyway. He’s been putting it off and just hinting a run.Walker is a Trump endorsed candidate. i can’t imagine Trump wouldn’t get behind the 30 day campaign, so why the big stink? Who endorsed Herschel? The people pitching the fit or Trump? ( I rest my case).

I’m one of those election deniers. Newsflash: I’m allowed. It’s not without good reason. However, let’s suppose the Democrats didn’t outright cheat in 2020.and i concede that Biden actually won. You can’t say the election wasn’t rigged. There’s receipts all over the place. Let’s quickly go through the way it was done; for the zillionth time.

Facebook Zuck colluded with the FBI to suppress information that would damage Biden. The goal was to defeat Trump. Zuck did more than just collude with the FBI, as if that wasn’t corrupt on its own, he also poured his Zuck Bucks into the Democrat party’s coffers. This Washington Post opinion piece explains:

“The 2020 presidential election was decided by just 42,000 votes in three states. If the 37 electoral votes in Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia had flipped the other way, President Biden would not be president right now. During the toss-up election we experienced in 2020, both sides were looking for innovative ways to gain an advantage over their opponent due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. A major adjustment or a minor tweak to the allocation of campaign resources could make all the difference because it came down to mere thousands of votes out of over 150 million cast to decide the next leader of the free world.

By using the excuse of the COVID-19 emergency, roughly $400 million flowed through two liberal-leaning 501(c)(3) organizations under the guise of supporting a safe election during the pandemic in 2020. What ended up happening amounted to an enormous Democrat voter turnout operation complete with mass mail-in voting, insecure drop boxes, recruiting poll workers and ballot curing — all courtesy of “Zuck bucks.”

The group that got the bulk of Mr. Zuckerberg’s money — the Center for Tech and Civic Life — sent some 2,500 grants to government elections offices in 48 states…The fact is that an overwhelming percentage of the funds were distributed exactly where Mr. Biden needed the most help…”

Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/apr/12/mark-zuckerbergs-donations-rigged-the-2020-electio/

Election laws were ILLEGALLY changed in the battleground states. The Constitution is clear that only the LEGISLATIVE body can determine the rules for elections. Pennsylvania is the most glaring example of the laws being changed illegally. The Republican legislature was caught off guard and didn’t move quickly enough to put a stop to it.I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. i haven’t seen evidence suggesting otherwise.

We know the media is an arm of the Democrat party. It’s an uphill battle to fight state run media. When you have Never Trumpers, closet Never Trumpers, uniparty or spineless Republicans it doesn’t help.

God knows what all the FBI and DOJ were up to during the 2020 election. We know about the Facebook and Twitter collusion. What DON’T we know?

Trump never really had a Congress on board like he should have. The Democrats had a majority in the Senate and House. When you don’t have the majority in the legislative branch and your own party isn’t willing to support you 100% you’re lucky to get anything done. Trump’s accomplishments were no small matter.

It’s far more difficult than it is for someone like DeSantis who has a Republican majority that can back him up especially when he doesn’t have the Deep State breathing down his neck the whole term. Big difference.

Keep in mind that Ron DeSantis would not BE in the governors office were it not for the endorsement and support of one Donald J. Trump. Seems like Ron is suffering from selective amnesia, opportunism and good old fashioned backstabbing. It never goes out of style does it?

IF your spouse is cheating make sure it’s not with your best friend, right? I’ll give DeSantis credit. He was very good at mimicking Trump’s mannerisms and style but that was not out of admiration for Trump. He was courting the MAGA supporters knowing he’d have to have their support. Trump supported him so they supported him. Look at all the talk about a Trump/DeSantis ticket. Mission accomplished. He understood now that he didn’t need Trump’s support anymore. Get it?

Rigged is one way of putting it. These people should not have escaped culpability no matter what you call defrauding the American people.Rigged, cheating, stealing-whatever you call it-the bottom line is that much of what they did was ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL and did not give the folks a free and fair election. Trump and the ‘election deniers’ like myself are not the reason people are suspicious of our elections and no longer trust the system.The rigged election of 2020 is the sole reason and we should never let it happen again.

Elon Musk owns Twitter. The left is having a real hissy about the march towards free speech on Twitter. We forgot-it’s their way or the highway. Free speech is free only for them. We’re talking about the social media platform that banned a sitting, now former, President and buried information re the Biden Crime family before the election. I don’t always agree with Elon’s opinions and ideas but he’s till a hero for having the guts to take on these people head first.

Update: Speculation about the Trump announcement tonight and i strongly beg to differ-no, Trump and DeSantis are NOT going to appear together. It’s not a 3d chess move that includes DeSantis.IF it were someone loyal like Jim Jordan standing beside him i could see it. Ron? Not so much.

So yeah, i’m a denier and unless we can conclude a stolen election is the truth and not ignore it ,the sooner we can get free and fair election again.

DEVELOPING: Patriots Organize Rally TOMORROW (Saturday) at Maricopa County Election Department In Response To Maricopa County’s Attack On Free Speech

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reported on Steve Bannon’s War Room that Patriots in Maricopa County are planning a peaceful and patriotic rally outside the elections department following Maricopa County’s attack on free speech and elections.This will take place outside 510 S 3rd Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona at noon. – story continues below

DEVELOPING: Patriots Organize Rally TOMORROW (Saturday) at Maricopa County Election Department In Response To Maricopa County’s Attack On Free Speech