Mid Term Wins, Losses and Shenanigans (again). We Stand With Trump 2024 EDITED to add content

Pres Trump is going to be making his announcement soon. I can hardly wait! The official kick off for 2024.

Trump sent a truth* at Truth Social with the same announcement he made at his last rally.

I am going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15th at Mar a Lago—in Palm Beach, Florida!

Former & Future President Donald J. Trump

Now before we go on to the official start of election 2024 I want to say a few words about the mid term elections on Nov 8. Maybe more than a few words but i’ll try to keep it concise.

For days on end we heard about this Red Tsunami and Red Wave that was coming in the mid terms. Sure it was possible. I happen to think given the state of the country and the horrible person in the White House it was not hard to imagine.

After all Trump gave us a terrific economy and our enemies in check world wide. What not to like? Now with Biden in the Oval office and the Democrats in full control of Congress the economy is on the verge of collapse, inflation is raging and the prices at the gas pump are nothing like the 2.00 and under gas prices we had with Trump.Crime especially violent crime is rampant across the country. If Biden doesn’t kill us with his economy he is going to kill us with the murderers roaming the streets and drugs pouring over our border-if you want to call it a border anymore. Gas and food prices-outrageous. So why wouldn’t there be a red wave and possibly a red tsunami? It makes sense and typically that’s how it would go. You can’t fault people for talking about a red wave or red tsunami I was a little more cautious and didn’t mention either in the blog, but even in the back of my mind i was thinking it was possible.

Let’s put it this way, i was at least hoping, like everyone was. We had some fantastic candidates that were Trump endorsements. I’ve never seen a better group of people than those he picked to endorse. With the possible exception of 1 that I’ll write about near the end. I was also a little nervous about talking like we had it in the bag. i didn’t want anyone to shrug off voting because their vote wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other. i also knew Biden was a horrid candidate himself and look what happened there. He carried Pa. meaning they voted for a man who couldn’t find his butt with both hands and against their own self interests in 2020.We couldn’t afford to take anything for granted. If Biden could win here so could Fetterman.


So it seemed we MIGHT be poised for a wave or bigger still, a tsunami.I’ll define what i think we meant by a wave/tsunami and make sure we’re on the same page. The Republicans would take a large majority in the House and Senate. The outcome: we had some great wins but also some losses.The reaction: holy cow,you would think election night was Armageddon: We had some great almost impossible wins. It wasn’t the tsuami but it was pretty darned good anyway.It could have been better,no doubt, but it’s not as bad as some are painting it. A month or so ago we’d have given anything to get the gavel away from Pelosi. Done. That alone is cause to celebrate!

The candidates we had were the best i’ve seen in a very long time. Some were incumbents but there were many fresh faces. We had the MAGA candidates who were inspired by and endorsed by Pres Trump.

I’d say the most significant races were DeSantis and Rubio in Florida,JD Vance in Ohio, Herschel Walker in Georgia. Lee Zeldin in NY state, Kari Lake,Blake Masters and Adam Laxal are also significant races but haven’t been called yet. Herschel Walker goes to a run off with Warnock and although Zeldin lost he brought some winners into the NY state legislature with coat tails. He came awfully darned close to defeating Democrat Kathy Hochul.

A red tsunami would have been fantastic but these wins are nothing to sneeze at either. IMHO building up to these waves and tsunamis get expectations too high. When you’re down the only way to go is up. When you’re thinking you’re up the only way to go is down. I don’t get some of the pundits, news anchors and commentators beating up on Trump though and raising all kinds of speculation and UNNECESSARY questions.

He’s 147 to 9 in wins. Did they expect we would win every single race? How realistic is that? Keep in mind he’s not in office and doesn’t have the pull he would have if he were. There were other factors we should take into consideration too.

It is always an uphill battle for Republicans especially if they’re truly conservative. The media is an arm of the Democrat party and now Big Tech and Big Corporations are directly involved with the party apparatus. The FBI,DOJ and Joe Biden are all corrupt.

The Deep State is called deep for a reason and this Deep State has had it in for Trump the past 6 yrs. Add to that the Uniparty in Congress that consists of Never Trumpers both publicly and secretly. i hate to think of how many closet Never Trumpers there might be. No candidate, not even DeSantis, has had to deal with the onslaught Pres. Trump did. Say what you like about Trump,say what you like about DeSantis; one had to deal with all this and one didn’t.

Some advice for all the Trump supporters; be cautious who you deal with now. We know what the Dems are all about. It’s the Republicans who worry me more. Some are going to try and start a rivalry. The unsuspecting and weak may fall for it. DeSantis has a lot of good points. You can’t help but admire what he’s done in Florida or the fantastic win he had the other night but he’s also an opportunist. I sized him up the day Trump left office and got banned from social media. DeSantis now had a platform and Trump didn’t. DeSantis could make the news and showcase his policies. Trump was lucky to have that even when he was President. DeSantis calculated he could fill the gap.

Two things stood out to me recently; his reluctance to say if he’d abandon the office of Governor to run for the Republican nomination in a primary and his silence when Trump was attacked, particularly during the Mar A Lago raid. He had nothing to say about the FBI then.

It was in his backyard for crying out loud. He couldn’t issue some kind of statement?

If i were Trump i wouldn’t play into their hands and attack DeSantis. He’s shrewd. He’ll stay silent and allow the Never Trumpers and other opponents to paint this as a Trump flaw, then they’ll write the narrative about DeSantis being the better candidate. As tempting as it may be to fight at this point i would simply congratulate the Governor and move on. There is no primary yet and the best strategy is to look forward now to 2024 with one goal; salvaging what’s left of the country. We need a warrior.

There is someone to clearly blame for the losses and that is Mitch McConnell. He’s no leader. Never has been. I know Trump tried to work with these people-the swamp- when he got to DC but there’s obviously no working with them. He had to work with who he had but we’re way past that now. There are some real warriors in Congress. Thankfully not everyone is a swamp creature. There’s Jim Jordan who i’d love to see as Speaker or Trump’s VP pick, MTG, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, Matt Gaetz.

Where to go from here? Oust Mitch McConnell and please do not put in his surrogates. We don’t need Mitch 2.0.

Go all out for Herschel Walker in Georgia. Set everything aside and throw all your support behind him. Raise money-he’s going to need it. The Dems will put an enormous amount of money behind Warknock. We have to out raise them for a change. This is an all hands on deck moment. Trump will make the news with his announcement but we have to pivot to Herschel immediately. We only have 30 days to secure the win. Then we can pivot back to the run for the White House and have the rest of the year to support his campaign.

Get these election processes in order. It’s shameful watching some of the states continue to destroy confidence in our election process. Back in the day[ without all the technology we have today[ we voted, they counted, we had a clear winner by the end of the day. Arizona, Alaska and Nevada are especially egregious. . The worst is Arizona where the Secretary of State and candidate is one and the same person running for election against Lake. Are you kidding me? Believe me, if this were a Republican the media would be all over it.

Finally, the Republicans have got to find their way in the environment we’re in. When Fetterman and Biden are able to get elected something is horribly wrong. I’m going to offer my .02 on how to win the battle.I also want to say this to the Never Trumpers and swamp Republicans as well as some of the pundits and commentators: Trump isn’t perfect. He, like any person, has his flaws. The Democrats and media spend enough time beating him up for his real ones along with the crazy narratives they have drummed up. I decided some time ago not to help them out.

I am angry though or as i say spitting nails. We, the deplorable ultra maga Trump supporters, were attacked physically, pelted with eggs, grabbed, punched and in some instances hospitalized just for wearing a red MAGA hat. Recently one of us was the victim of a kill by car attack. Biden et al painted us as the Nazi’s, fascists, domestic terrorists. Some of us are in prison for misdemeanors. Others, who were close associates of Trump, had their lives destroyed. Do you have to pile on? You don’t have to kiss butt-we’d never expect that-but you don’t have to join the popular ‘bash the 45th’ club so there’s someone to blame for something he didn’t do.

He Got It

*truth. the Truth Social equivalent of a retweet on twitter.

The 2 Significant Losses

Oz and Mastriano were the 2 signicant losses and they both happened to be in the blue state of Pennsylvania. We voted for both of them. I came around to like Oz later and wasn’t too crazy about him at first. He was a nice guy, very smart, personable and had a good message.We had issues in Pa anyway and Oz was probably not a strong enough candidate.Marstiano was fantastic after i learned who he was. The problem was i had no idea who he was until it was nearing the end.I’m sure the Republicans voted for them as i did. Unfortunately i don’t think too many people were convinced Oz was a conservative. Maybe on economics but not on social issues. Those views were troubling. Now Doug Mastriano was impressive but his campaign like Dr. Oz’s, wasn’t the sharpest. Trump can endorse but it’s still up to the candidates to run good campaigns. The Democrat candidates get to hide in their basements. We don’t.

Finally,what really did Mastriano in was his his views on abortion. Yes, he’s pro life but the left made him out to be extreme and anti woman. It worked. For the Republicans the disastrous Biden policies were front and center. For the Dems there was only 1 issue: abortion.

NOTE: am convinced we’d be better off now if DeSantis would have made his intentions clear some time ago. He had a chance to answer THE question during the debate with Crist.; even a diplomatic answer would have worked. I said it months ago and stand by it- DeSantis is a fantastic governor but he’s an opportunist and a backstabber. He just hides it better. Trump wears his thinking on his sleeve. DeSantis operates in stealth mode. Why did DeSantis let this fester and now it looks like it could head to a huge rift.

Truth be told DeSantis had his sights on the White House back at the end of 2020, the first months of 2021. The governorship became a stepping stone. Timing? Look for the time when DeSantis started making headlines. i’d bet the farm that’s when he started his quiet campaign by getting PR and all he was waiting for was the right time.Opportunist. Ron’s biggest flaw.