The Horrific Attack on Paul Pelosi

You couldn’t wish this on anyone but i do wish Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery. He is probably horribly traumatized by the attack. Who wouldn’t be? The thought alone bothers me immensely. From the report i took it the man was looking for his wife,Speaker Pelosi, not him [Paul Pelosi]. She wasn’t there and thank God she wasn’t. He revealed his plans to the officers and it was to kidnap and torture the Speaker. What about this man? First of all i was not about to speculate on his political leanings. They hardly matter. i know this-he is an extremely deranged, sick,violent man who should not have been in this country even legally. He was here illegally. He didn’t merit legal status either. I know what he wasn’t-what the media was hoping he was and portrayed him to be. MAGA people do not live in hippie communes, display BLM and Pride flags and take hallucinogenic drugs while they’re hanging out at Berkley. He was deranged and violent and there are likely a lot of those people out there who will end up in violent acts eventually, given the opportunity. There is no point in curbing the political speech of our opponents. These deranged violent people don’t require much to act out. We can’t walk on egg shells in fear of something that shouldn’t happen in the first place. All we can do is protect society from them so they don’t get the opportunity and we have to protect ourselves if all else fails.

As for the details that are missing in this story i will wait till they come out before commenting. There is a lot of speculation going on including some theories that may or may not hold water. The problem is that the WHOLE story is being hushed. There are more questions than answers. The way to put the different theories to rest is transparency. You don’t want conspiracy theories,you don’t leave the missing pieces to imagination. You investigate and report. You give people the whole picture and verify it. Another words you bring the receipts, not make wild accusations like cable news is doing.

I don’t want to hear another peep from Biden or the media about Trump supporters aka MAGA . When the deranged act out like this the violence is the responsibility of the perpetrator. He needs to be held accountable even if he’s deemed criminally insane.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Pelosi family especially Paul and Nancy. I’m not going to say another word until we get more information but i’m not going to tolerate them [MEDIA/CABLE NEWS] blaming Trump supporters every time something like this happens. The least they can do is wait until they get the facts; that’s their job. When they don’t do their job-and a lot of them don’t-it doesn’t solve the problem and barely addresses the real issues.