Let’s Talk About The Elections 1 Week Away

The polls look good for Republicans but let’s be realistic. We don’t turn out the vote none of those polls are going to matter.Polls don’t win elections. Never have, never will. Ask Hillary and her pals in the media how those polls did it for them.. Remember the Trump landslide that was coming in 2020? Who’s in the Oval Office now? I know it was rigged and there were a lot of shenanigans, in the battle ground states especially, but Biden is still in the White House. We can talk about the rigged election and i’ve done it several times but we’re living through this nightmare of the Biden presidency now. I’ll keep talking about the rigged election until the cows come home. That said, we have to look at the midterms coming up soon.

A lot of commentators, reporters and political pundits keep bringing up the red wave or red tsunami. I hope they’re right but let’s be realistic. Right now the Democrats are wiping the floor with Republicans in early voting. That’s going to be a red wave? I don’t think so. We can win and yes we could have a red wave but it’s not a done deal especially with the early voting turn out going towards the Democrats. You can’t take the red wave for granted. You don’t vote and every single capable voter either voting early or voting in person it’s not going to happen. You want to win? You vote. You get other people to vote. If you do absentee ballot you do what your state requires. Here you must sign and DATE the envelope on the outside or it will be tossed. Double check if you must. We have 1 week to go. Vote like the survival of our country depends on it because it does.