The Top 10 REAL Threats To Our Republic (we are not a democracy)

  1. mob rule/anarchy nothing will take a down a government faster than large scale mob rule/anarchy. Not even a standing army can wreck as much havoc. BLM and Antifa are great examples of mob rule/anarchy.BLM wanted to take out the police. Antifa wanted to get Trump out of office. We have the right to peacefully protest and assemble but we elect people to represent us. We hope they will. Don’t like what they’re doing, vote them out.
  2. Attack on our 2nd amendment rights.Do not let them take your firearms away. Look at the countries that have given up that particular right. How’s it going for them? When the government confiscates YOUR weapons and keeps theirs we have a problem.
  3. Unequal application of the law. We’ve seen this in our own country especially since Biden took office. The perpetrators on January 6 whether it was a misdemeanor like trespassing or not they were tossed into prison and are still waiting to go to trial while Antifa/BLM spent a whole year rioting and got a slap on the wrist. The raid on Mar A Lago of a former President is unheard of in the United States. It happens in 3rd world countries.
  4. Failure to recognize the value of human life.What seperates the United States from tryannical dictatorships is that we place the highest value on human life. i’m thankful we have a pro life movement in the United States to help us stay vigilant against groups who don’t.
  5. Censorship of dissenting political views. When our government and our institutions don’t let people express opposing political views we’re in trouble. A healthy republic welcomes debate and the best ideas prevail.
  6. A lack of election integrity. Rules are meant to give us free and fair elections. You make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. When you make it easy to cheat people don’t trust the outcome.
  7. An uninformed, ignorant, uneducated population. When the people don’t understand our Constitution it gives the powerful a way to abuse their power on unaware citizens. You aren’t going to stand up for your God given rights if you don’t know what they are.Then you have to understand the Constitution so the same powerful people don’t twist its words to use those words for their own agenda. The Constitution is the highest law of the land and when its threatened we have to realize it’s being threatened and take the abusers to the highest court in the land to stop them. An uninformed people are not going to be keeping an eye on the powerful. We have to know what’s going on to make the best decisions-especially when it comes time to vote. An uninformed people are not going to know what is propaganda and what isn’t. The media can only gas light the ignorant. Mark Levin points out they use the Constitution and the rights it grants us to attack the Constitution. People can use the tools of our Republic to attack it. Check out Venezuela. How would you like to vote in your own dictator and not be able to escape him?
  8. Disrespect of our own borders. You flood the country(an invasion)with people who don’t understand our culture and way of life there are bound to be problems. First of all, they’ve disrespected our laws . Second, they are disenfranchised the minute they step in here. People who come here legally and go through a process appreciate earning their citizenship and assimilate better. They respect our laws. They will contribute to the country. When you’re an invader who could care less about our laws you’re going to be more a burden than a contributor. Any person in power that allows this to happen is lawless and failed to keep their own oath of office.
  9. Undermine the nuclear family. Throw everything at it but the kitchen sink.Take away parental rights and get children to turn against their own parents.The Communists knew enough to do this in Russia & got a stranglehold on power. The cornerstone of a functioning civilized society is the nuclear family. Mom, dad and the kids matter.When the government stands for everything that opposes them we suffer the consequences and they are devastating. The nuclear family is how our values are passed down and children are given moral guidance. The nuclear family holds our communities together. Perversion has been introduced into our culture and metastisized. We’re rotting from within.When a country loses its moral compass terrible things happen. The corrupt win and the honest are demonized. Everything is turned on its head and chaos ensues. It’s why people are comparing the times we live in to George Orwell’s 1984.
  10. Orange man was not bad. He put America First and his policies benefitted everyone.Our Republic was still fairly strong.

Win or Lose Fetterman Will Be Fine

It’s the American people who get the short end of the stick. Fetterman lived off his parents until he was 49 according to reports. He was elected as a small town mayor in Braddock, Pa. He  became the 34th lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania  in 2019.He had an abysmal record as lt governor. He was the only one to vote in favor of the criminal-a murderer. He showed incredibly poor judgment. I bet most Pennsylvanians had  no idea who John Fetterman was prior to 2022. What they did to John Fetterman  wasn’t as cruel as what they pulled over on the American people.i wish Mr Fetterman no ill will and will pray for his full recovery. i can’t vote for him. I can pray for him. (We already voted a straight Republican ticket by absentee ballot).

I’ll be honest though-i highly doubt he was aware that the debate was humiliating. Should he lose he’ll just move onto wherever he can get a check. The media was going to praise him no matter how well he did or didn’t do in the debate. He probably doesn’t care where he goes from here as long as he gets paid. I’m sure that’s exactly what he thinks about the office he’s running for. The Democrats only cared about getting his vote. I’m sure they were empathetic about his condition. NOT. They certainly weren’t worried about the people they were duping. 

There was one reporter who actually told the truth about what she observed. You could tell she meant no harm to the man. She was doing her job. She was quickly attacked by her colleagues. Fetterman’s wife threatened her. She probably had no idea any of it was coming. She missed the memo about covering up for him. 

I wouldn’t worry about how the debate went for Mr Fetterman. The REAL problem is how the Democrats, media and the Fetterman campaign played the American people. We’ve seen this movie before when Joe Biden ran for President in 2020.The one difference is the severity of Fetterman’s condition compared to Biden’s but Fetterman isn’t running for President either.

Fetterman was exposed. Biden hasn’t been exposed YET. Fortunately for us,  our eyes work.If  the media weren’t covering for Biden we’d know exactly what his condition is. It’s like squeezing blood from a turnip to get medical information for Fetterman or Biden. i heard someone on cable ‘news’ actually say Fetterman reminded them of FDR and Winston Churchill. One of 2 things are possible; they are delusional and really do believe their own ‘reporting’ . The other is they know and don’t care.    They’re gaslighting the gullible.                                                                                                                                                                                     

You have to wonder why anyone would fall for it again. How many times have they pulled this? They convinced people Trump was a Russian agent, they kept Biden’s obvious mental decline under wraps, they hid the Hunter Laptop Scandal.They lied time and time again to the American people. Yet the same [gullible] people were convinced Fetterman had no problems even though he had a stroke and could barely speak in full coherent sentences. By the time we got to their lies about Fetterman you think these people would have caught on already.

The messenger isn’t the only problem. It’s the message. Fetterman and Biden support the same policies. You can thank the media for the disaster our country has gotten into.i honestly don’t know how they sleep at night. The destruction of our country falls squarely on them as much as it does Biden and the Democrats.

Biden is up there telling us gas prices have gone down. My husband’s aide had just gone to our local service station. She called bunk on him. The price had gone up. Prices are up across the board. Biden talks like everything is coming up roses thanks to his administration.   Our eyes tell us otherwise but our journalists are willing to lie for Biden. They did no service to our country hiding Biden’s mental condition and corruption. They actually  had the nerve to turn around and do the same thing for Fetterman. No Putin did not cause the rise in prices.

Biden did that when he shut down our energy sector. He told everyone exactly what he intended to do when he was campaigning. Was no one listening? So now he’s blaming Putin and we’re supposed to fall for it?  If he didn’t shut it down why is he dipping into our oil reserves and depleting them?  The latest news is that we’ll be out of diesel in less than 25 daysnow. Can you imagine the affect this is going to have on our economy? Brace yourselves folks.   We’re probably heading for economic collapse. Yes, we’re becoming Venezuela. People were sure it would never happen here. The people of Venezuela were thinking the same thing themselves.

The media would have everyone believe orange man was bad and Biden was the man because he didn’t send mean tweets. The media would have everyone believe Trump was a tyrant when it was the left that banned our own President from social media, sent swat teams in to raid Biden’s opponents and destroyed the lives of anyone who stood in their way. They labeled protesting parents domestic terrorists  yet they pretended  Antifa and BLM didn’t burn down our cities.. Trump was the tyrant?   

They kept saying Trump committed crimes but it’s Biden who’s breaking our own immigration laws. It was Biden who sold out our country for a 10% cut of his son’s profits. He sold out the office of VP; exchanging favors for money. Lawless.. It takes some chutzpah to point the finger at Trump when he’s been under investigation since 2016, for anything the left can dream up. Biden is knee deep in corruption and the proof is there but we’re to ignore that.

Here’s hoping we send a message back come November. A message that is loud and clear. You’ve never voted Republican?

This is a good time to do so, at least this one time and again in 2024.Fetterman will be fine. He’ll go onto the next best thing. I doubt Biden is going to run again.(the Dems won’t let him, trust me). By 2024 the truth will have caught up with these people. The media needs a message too. People were sympathetic to Fetterman for what they did to him letting him go out there. Doubt he cares. He probably believes he won anyway. I feel terrible for what these people did to our country between Biden and Fetterman. I feel sympathetic for the American people. We’ve been through enough.

You can’t keep the government honest when the so called journalists who are supposed to be keeping them honest are liars themselves.

BTW. Orange man wasn’t bad. Orange man did the right things for the American people and loves our country as much as we do. You can see how much it pains him to see what’s happened in just 2 yrs. It’s written all over his face when he talks about it.It’s the same way we feel. He’s going to run in 2024 and they are going to do everything they can to stop him. It’s not their job but it didn’t stop them before.

They’ll be more determined than ever to keep him out of the oval office; whether it’s legal or illegal. They’ve already proven that. They will accuse him of everything they are doing. They even corrupted our FBI to get their way. You know those words, We the People? They mean nothing to them. We have to show them we the people have the final say. VOTE. If you can’t get to the polls-if you’re ill to make it-vote absentee ballot according to your states rules. It may not be the ideal way but at this point we’ll take the 2nd best way as opposed to not voting at all. Massive turn out will make up for any fraud they might try to pull. We have a country to save.