Biden is Fetterman, Fetterman is Biden

Why are they asking about Fetterman when Biden got elected President? I knew Fetterman’s health was covered up but then i knew they had Biden’s health covered up.The only  differences between Fetterman and Biden is that by degrees Fetterman’s condition is worse and it was fully exposed before the election. Biden should never have been elected and for the same reasons Fetterman should not be elected. Why do journalists cover for these people. Zito is wrong on this point ;it’s not because they’re out of touch with the American people. They are but that’s not why they got behind Biden and Fetterman. They do what they do based on ideology. They’re Marxists. PERIOD.  They want power.

BTW, the folks love Trump. The only reason he’s not in the Oval office and we’re stuck with Biden is because they election was rigged-that’s the ONLY reason. I do know that there are Republicans, conservatives and Independents that don’t have the affinity most of us do for Trump but those people voted for him anyway. Why? Simple. He proved himself to be an effective President, who put America First and loved our country. They may have thought he acted like a jerk sometimes but he did a darned good job and they couldn’t ignore it. Some conservatives were converts. They were convinced Trump was just a liberal Democrat in disguise. They were taken by surprise. Trump is not necessarily an ideologue. He’s an ‘I’ll  do what I said I would CEO’ .Trump had more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. It really was rigged.

The media is doing for Fetterman what they did for Biden in 2020.I’m not sure the hide em in the basement strategy is the way to go.

Biden has to stick his  head out  from time to time. On the campaign trail you can call a lid and  avoid questions. The exposure is limited. You can’t hide forever as President. It doesn’t work. There a few differences between Fetterman and Biden. It’s obvious that Joe’s mental decline is getting worse  while Fetterman’s is already severe. He’s either going to slowly improve or he isn’t. Another difference is that Fetterman may have been stopped dead in his tracks from winning the night of the debate. Biden got through the cover up all the way. He made it into office.He hasn’t been totally exposed like Fetterman was-not yet anyway.  The media can keep covering for Joe and carrying his water ;with Fetterman there’s no hiding it anymore. IF Oz doesn’t win there’s going to be a lot of really peeved people.  [Maybe early voting is not such a good idea]? 

People are already furious. Can you imagine if you were someone who already voted for Fetterman and now you can’t do a darned thing about it-as much as you would like to. We still have a chance to set things right.  Hopefully in person voting will turn the election in Oz’s favor. We can send a  message and let these elites have it. Trump will run in 2024. People won’t make the same mistake twice. Journalism is dead though. Most of us were fed up with fake news a long time ago. After being duped twice the rest won’t put up with it either. The Democrats may be questioning why their party would let 2 terrible candidates run in the first place.

I’ll predict here and now that Biden won’t run. The candidates don’t even want his endorsement. The problem they have is that the message is as bad as the messenger. They don’t get that part so they’ll go with Newsome from California thinking he can sell it better. [Maybe he can].  I’m not sure Hillary won’t get some crazy idea about running again. I just know it won’t be Biden. The strangest part is to listen to the media with a totally different take on Fetterman. It’s like they’re living in a distant unknown universe made for journalists. One news anchor actually compared him to FDR and Churchill. They’re either still trying to gaslight the public or they are delusional. IMHO some of them are just plain stupid.

NOTE TO LIBERALS: next time the Democrats hide a candidate get a clue.