Thankful to the Cleveland Clinic. A Life Saver 2 yrs Ago

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 yrs since we were at the Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to a fantastic doctor Unai, a great team and an excellent nursing staff my husband did very well. He was a high risk patient for open heart surgery but he had to have it.

Fell in love with the city of Cleveland too. The people were incredibly nice and the city amazing but then we are small town people.

At the time we didn’t have the money we needed for the trips. We had to go out twice. Once for a barrage of tests and labs and a 2nd trip a few months later for the actual surgery.

I was panicked at the time too. I put up a donation button here on the blog, a go fund me page and dozens upon dozens of tweets for donations.

I didn’t get but two 5.00 donations. Not even close. We went into debt but managed to dig our way out eventually. The surgery was successful and husband has been fine since. He’s not his old 100% self but he’s here doing fine and that’s what matters.

Unfortunately i’m afraid i have come into another situation and it involves a family member. i can’t give out too much information because it would involve the privacy of another person but i can explain enough and try to answer any questions people might have. If i can and it doesn’t harm the confidentiality i owe this person.

This is a very serious matter and the goal is to save the persons life. It involves needing way more money than even needed for the Cleveland Ohio trips. Even if i dipped into our bill money it wouldn’t be enough. The goal is to get the person out of the hell hole he’s in and moved to an assisted living facility due to health issues. He can’t continue to live on his own.

I need $7,000.00 to pay for the move from the current location to the assisted facility and soon. He’s already had one trip to the ER and been hospitalized. Time is short and he needs to be moved soon.

I’m going to try to raise the money through the same route i tried for the Cleveland trip. I hope i do better this time. Save A Senior Fundraiser

Look,if i could get approved for a loan to pay the moving company for my brother i would do it without thinking twice. I definitely wouldn’t want to be trying to drum up donations. It didn’t work out the last time and i worry it’s going to go that way this time. If anything happens to my brother in the meantime I will never forgive myself. This is a race against time. i can’t get into detail about the whole situation-i owe him his privacy and dignity. Now when it’s all said and done i can post pictures and show everyone how it all worked out. I wish i didn’t have to resort to a fund raiser but there are no other options.