Save A Senior

Save A Senior

Save A Senior

The senior is my brother who was recently discharged from the hospital after suffering a concussion. It happened weeks after I posed the entry for donations. He is having several health issues and took a fall that caused the injury. He retired from teaching 10 yr ago and is now basically stuck in an apartment with no help from anyone. We don’t have any family left and i live thousands of miles away from him. His family doctor is recommending the same thing i am for his condition-he needs to move to an assisted living facility.

Let me put it this way;you will never get rich in the teaching profession. I have to come up with at least 7,000.00 to get him moved. I contacted a moving company and it’s going to cost anywhere from 4,000-7,000 to pack,since he can’t do it himself-and haul him to one location or another. We have 2 facilities under consideration but i can’t even have him put in an application until we know we can move him. I realize 7k is the high end but i’d rather ask for the larger price tag and be on the safe side than come up short.

He is not going to remain in his current location because he would still have no contact with anyone. I wish i could get a loan but I know that it would be declined and my brother is not going to apply for a loan and put himself in debt when he’s going to be paying for assisted living as it is.

To date i have not taken in 1 penny towards this enormous bill and I only have 20 days left on this fundraiser. If i have to i will do it a 2nd time. Unfortunately if this is any sign of how it is going to go i don’t see that continuing the fundraiser is going to raise any more donations a 2nd time than the first.

i can’t give out too many details as this involves a party other than myself but i am going to post photos when and if the time comes. I know for a fact if he doesn’t get moved as soon as possible he is going to be found deceased by himself in the apartment. He doesn’t feel well and isn’t capable of taking the care of himself he should be. He was hospitalized a few weeks before this recent incident. He was treated for dehydration at that time.

I can’t say much more than that because i owe him some privacy.

It would be his 3rd admission in just a few months.

Long story short; time is critical and i sense the time is getting very short.

Can you help me save my own brother?

I’d even be willing to do this as a LOAN with payment arrangements rather than just having it donated. I would move heaven and

earth to get my brother the help he needs! We speak by phone every other day.