Elon Musk now in charge of Twitter, CEO and CFO have left, sources say

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now in charge of Twitter, CNBC has learned.Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and finance chief Ned Segal have left the company’s San Francisco headquarters and will not be returning, sources said.  Vijaya Gadde, the head of legal policy, trust, and safety was also fired, the Washington Post reported.Musk had until Friday to complete his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter or face a court battle with the company.The billionaire tweeted “the bird is freed” in an apparent reference to the takeover being completed.

Elon Musk now in charge of Twitter, CEO and CFO have left, sources say

Thankful to the Cleveland Clinic. A Life Saver 2 yrs Ago

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 yrs since we were at the Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to a fantastic doctor Unai, a great team and an excellent nursing staff my husband did very well. He was a high risk patient for open heart surgery but he had to have it.

Fell in love with the city of Cleveland too. The people were incredibly nice and the city amazing but then we are small town people.

At the time we didn’t have the money we needed for the trips. We had to go out twice. Once for a barrage of tests and labs and a 2nd trip a few months later for the actual surgery.

I was panicked at the time too. I put up a donation button here on the blog, a go fund me page and dozens upon dozens of tweets for donations.

I didn’t get but two 5.00 donations. Not even close. We went into debt but managed to dig our way out eventually. The surgery was successful and husband has been fine since. He’s not his old 100% self but he’s here doing fine and that’s what matters.

Unfortunately i’m afraid i have come into another situation and it involves a family member. i can’t give out too much information because it would involve the privacy of another person but i can explain enough and try to answer any questions people might have. If i can and it doesn’t harm the confidentiality i owe this person.

This is a very serious matter and the goal is to save the persons life. It involves needing way more money than even needed for the Cleveland Ohio trips. Even if i dipped into our bill money it wouldn’t be enough. The goal is to get the person out of the hell hole he’s in and moved to an assisted living facility due to health issues. He can’t continue to live on his own.

I need $7,000.00 to pay for the move from the current location to the assisted facility and soon. He’s already had one trip to the ER and been hospitalized. Time is short and he needs to be moved soon.

I’m going to try to raise the money through the same route i tried for the Cleveland trip. I hope i do better this time.

https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8OvqBOuWbt Save A Senior Fundraiser

Look,if i could get approved for a loan to pay the moving company for my brother i would do it without thinking twice. I definitely wouldn’t want to be trying to drum up donations. It didn’t work out the last time and i worry it’s going to go that way this time. If anything happens to my brother in the meantime I will never forgive myself. This is a race against time. i can’t get into detail about the whole situation-i owe him his privacy and dignity. Now when it’s all said and done i can post pictures and show everyone how it all worked out. I wish i didn’t have to resort to a fund raiser but there are no other options.

President Trump Announces Midterm Election Rallies in Key States Including Florida, as Democrats Abandon the Sunshine State – The Last Refuge

President Donald J Trump has announced four key election week rallies, with more possible, as the race to the midterm election comes down the stretch.The announced stops include Sioux City, Iowa (Thursday 11/3); Latrobe, Pennsylvania (Saturday 11/5); Miami, Florida (Sunday 11/6); and Dayton, Ohio on Monday November 07.

Scroll all the way down for a table of events.

The Sunday evening event in Miami, Florida, is happening as Democrat donors and party officials have all but given up on the state.  According to Politico:
[…] “Most worrisome for Democrats, national organizations and donors have all but abandoned their candidates — setting off fears that Florida is no longer viewed as competitive. That would have dire implications for the next presidential election.”
[…] “Translation: It’s over. And it’s going to be ugly.”

It’s not the only bad sign for Democrats in Miami-Dade County, where nearly 60 percent of voters are Hispanic. An internal poll released earlier this month by Democrat Annette Taddeo had her beating her Republican opponent, Rep. María Elvira Salazar, by just 1 point in Miami-Dade County’s 27th Congressional District — but with DeSantis up on Crist by 6 points in that district. DeSantis lost the district in 2018 by nearly 8 points. (read more)
President Trump organizing a Sunday rally in Miami-Dade for Marco Rubio, where Trump’s support level far exceeds current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is a smart move.  Rubio will benefit from the high Latino loyalty to President Trump, gain additional exposure in a high-density population, and put the nail in the coffin for Democrats in their former stronghold.
Despite the anxiety it brings to the Republican Club, the unique nature of Miami-Dade shows how the MAGA message attracts a deep and wide coalition of working-class voters.  In a general sense, the electorate shift in Miami-Dade is indicative of a new Trump brand of the republican party, focused on economic outcomes and America-First.
In a separate article, the GOPe club members aligned with more acceptable form republican, specifically Governor Ron DeSantis, are angered that President Trump would extend his influence and rally support for Marco Rubio without requesting prior approval and unity with the Florida governor.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Former President Donald Trump is coming to Miami just two days before Election Day. But one Republican won’t be there — Gov. Ron DeSantis. Not yet anyway.
Trump on Wednesday said he’ll hold a rally with Sen. Marco Rubio on Nov. 6. DeSantis was left off the announcement and an adviser to the former president said the Florida governor is not attending.
The apparent snub angered some people within DeSantis’ orbit, who complained that the Florida governor’s team was not informed of the rally prior to Trump announcing it. The timing of the Trump and Rubio event means any campaign event DeSantis holds that day won’t get as much attention during the all-important final stretch of the 2022 midterms.
“You’ve got the Sunday before Election Day totally hijacked by Trump parachuting in on Trump Force One taking up the whole day,” said a longtime Republican consultant who is close to the governor. “No Republican could go to a DeSantis event that day. None. And DeSantis won’t be here? This is big.”
Another person who is influential in DeSantis’ world said it was “an elbow to Ron’s throat” and blamed Trump advisers. (read more)
The Florida rally announcement comes on the heels of Ron DeSantis endorsing anti-MAGA Colorado candidate Joe O’Dea, a republican who promised to campaign against President Trump and any MAGA candidate who supports him.

President Trump Announces Midterm Election Rallies in Key States Including Florida, as Democrats Abandon the Sunshine State – The Last Refuge