#TrumpRally They’re Losing It on Twitter Again @AlexButterfly01 Please Send to Twitter via Twitter button! thank you

The Trump Rally in Robstown Texas was massive (as always). He had a huge turn out-more on that later. Trump Rally was trending on Twitter and naturally the liberals started losing their minds. The tweet above encapsulates everything the liberals always say about Trump so it was the best one to use as an illustration of the liberal mind set.

They honestly believe Trump was involved in sedition. For some reason they missed the 4 yr Russia collusion lie, Spygate, the riots in 2016 and 2020 meant to get Trump out of office. They didn’t hear his call to march peacefully to the Capitol. Evidently they didn’t hear he offered the military to Pelosi so she could protect the Capitol that day. They don’t seem to understand the Constitution either. When Trump questioned the election results and requested the illegitimate electoral votes not be certified or that alternate electors be counted it was all within the framework of our Constitution. 

The Constitution clearly states that it is ONLY the state legislators that can determine election laws and how the elections are to be conducted. It’s not up to the governors, courts, attorney’s general etc. There were swing states where people who had no authority to change the rules actually did. Notably Pennsylvania but there were others. By the time the legislators caught up with them in Pa. the damage was already done. Pres. Trump had every right to object to those electors. BTW, questioning the election results is not sedition and it’s hardly a coup. The Russia Collusion lie and Spygate was an attempted coup (the real thing).  Antifa and BLM both publicly stated that the purpose of their riots and violence in 2016 and 2020 were to get Trump out of office. There’s your insurrection and is especially true when Antifa tried to get into the White House and injured 50 Secret Service agents, some seriously,in the attempt. Trump and his family were forced to move into the bunker.

Alex missed out on some other facts we can point out. Trump declassified the documents. When they were packed up by the GSA and left the White House they were declassified. Presidents don’t have to steal any documents. Bush, Clinton and Obama all had documents removed when they left office. Nothing new under the sun. I’m not sure where Alex got the espionage accusation from. That’s one they haven’t used yet.

President Trump did not let anyone die of Covid. In fact more people died of Covid in 2021 when Biden was in office. Trump did everything he could possibly due to protect the American people. He allowed the states to decide for themselves how to handle Covid. When the Governors needed anything they contacted Trump and he made sure they got it including Democrat Governors from the blue states. Newsome and Cuomo both expressed their gratitude for his help. The CCP in China is responsible for the Covid virus and all the deaths it caused. PERIOD. The WHO is responsible for covering up for them. 

When i was a kid there was this neighbor kid who always cheated no matter what you were playing. He seemed to think if he cheated and won all that mattered was that he won. Eventually the other kids quit playing with him. Did you have that kid in your neighborhood? They never understand they don’t really win and sooner or later people quit playing with them altogether. Biden is that kid. When the Dems weren’t outright cheating they already had it all rigged in 2020. You see, they thought they had stopped Trump from winning in 2016. It wasn’t for lack of trying. The Russia collusion lie, Spygate and the scam Mueller investigation were supposed to take him out. Peter Strozk of the FBI assured his paramour, Lisa Page, Trump would never get elected but they had an ‘insurance policy” (back up plan)in case he did.  So when it came to 2020 they had to make sure it didn’t happen again. They hatched a fail proof plan as it were.

The last 2 plots they had in 2016 and 2020 are nothing compared to the doozy they’ve cooked up for 2024! They will do anything to keep Trump out of office and that includes anything illegal.

Winners have rallies the American people show their support with. Losers cheat and get installed into an office they’re not entitled to and certainly don’t deserve. They don’t have rallies-they hide in their basement-because nobody will attend. They’re fakes and in Biden’s case corrupt.