Ignore the Polls‼️ Simple: You Vote, We Win. You Don’t, We Lose

We proudly voted for Dr. Oz, Mastriano and Mike Kelly and all the other Republicans running in the state of Pennsylvania. Normally we would vote in person and never give a thought to early voting by absentee ballot. This time was different. Neither of us are feeling well. We’ve had several health issues this year so we decided rather than chance not making the in person vote we’d vote now by absentee ballot. We knew exactly who we were voting for so we went ahead and sent them in. I personally prefer an in person vote but we couldn’t chance our not being able to make it . If you also vote absentee be sure to SIGN YOUR NAME and DATE the envelope on the outside. Doublecheck too. If the ballot isn’t signed or dated it’s invalid so make sure your vote will count.

We have to turn out in massive numbers. Ignore the polls. Polls have never won an election and never will. The only thing that counts is your vote.The issue with polls is sometimes they’re not very accurate. Other times they’re skewed-outright lies. There is such a thing as suppression polls and here’s how they work.

There’s the polls that put your candidates/party comfortably ahead. They make it appear as if it’s a sure win. People then get complacent and figure we’ve got in the bag so they stay home. Not good. There’s another poll that has us losing miserably. The purpose of that poll is to get you to give up, decide your vote is useless and again stay home. No matter what the polls say. just vote. It’s amazing how many races have been decided by a few thousand,hundred or even single digit votes. So anyone who thinks their vote doesn’t count is badly mistaken. It matters a lot.

This time we have a country to save. Our vote was meant to do 2 things; obviously to get our candidates elected. The other is to send a message to Biden-a loud and clear message.

If you feel like sitting this one out take minute to think of people who live in countries where their vote means nothing and they wish they had it as easy as we do.

Countries where they could get killed trying to vote for the candidate of their choice; that is,if they are fortunate enough to live in a country that even has more than one choice. In a lot of countries it’s all a sham. They have 1 person on the ballot and they’re unanimously elected for life.

Let’s all encourage each other to get out the vote. Offer rides if someone needs one. Help them get registered if they need to get registered. Show them where to get an absentee ballot if they need one.If you know of 10 people who aren’t sure who to vote for encourage them to vote Republican. Get 10 ppl to vote if you know of 10 people who would vote. All they need is your encouragement. Call your friends and remind them on election day.

It’s a big deal. Now more than ever. We have some great Trump endorsed candidates in the mid term. Quite a few of them are citizen candidates who have lived in the private sector and will truly represent us. Others are good enough and will do the right thing when it’s time to vote. At this point i’d even vote a RINO if i had to so we can stop the Biden agenda. We can always replace them later. We have a country to save!