🚨Critical🚨📣Senator Mike Lee Needs Us!

The Democrat candidates in Utah are awash in money for their campaigns. i don’t know why it’s always the case that their base out donates Republicans. We know they use dark web donations too but their base isn’t too shabby when it comes to donations. Mitt Romney-fake Republican-again is failing to support a candidate that should be easy for him to support. He refuses to back Senator Lee.

The Dems get how critical these seats are and they would donate their last penny to get them elected.

Let’s make up for it and back Sen Lee 100%.


A small donation goes a long way. We don’t have to donate the maximum to help out. We can give what we’re able. If everyone pitches in we can do this. We can’t afford to lose a good man like Senator Lee.The Dems would love that seat. Let’s tell them ho, you can’t have it for your Biden agenda. Sen. Lee respects our Constitution.