Compassion, Empathy, Tolerance

Maybe some people don’t recall this but i recall very well when the U.S. Catholic bishops met with then Pres Obama and backed him on immigration including his acting on his own. The reason i remember as well as i do because i was furious with the bishops. For those that are not Catholic i’d better explain. The Pope is not infallible in all matters. He can opine all day long and let his opinions be known but that’s exactly what it is-opinion. His opinion-as free as he is to have one-is neither doctrine or dogma. Obama was clearly a pro abortion candidate. i could never understand why they would back Obama on immigration as strongly as they did and seemed to sacrifice the issue of abortion as a top priority. I was also disturbed by their position because it clearly encouraged people to break our laws. i couldn’t imagine our Church leaders encouraging such a thing over an issue like immigration.

There are people who come into our country the right way. They have to pay money, wait years and meet certain requirement. It’s not an easy process so how fair is it to allow people to break our laws when other people go to such great lengths. You want to come, come the right way.

Here we are again today facing an immigration crisis of epic proportions. Biden has destroyed our border and now we are being invaded.We have the right to expect citizens of other countries to respect our sovreignity. You’d expect it from our own President.

There are ways to address the immigration crisis and do so with compassion. The human and sex trafficking and perilous journey these people are put on is NOT compassionate.Let’s be honest; the Democrats are looking for voters. That’s the goal.

Any bishop that would side with Biden and the Democrats on immigration needs his head examined. i respect them as servants of God and would never speak ill of them but i’m not willing to sit by and let this crisis destroy our country either.Sorry, Trump had it right and the misery he saved these people was real compassion.Besides, the role of the President is to govern and look out for the security of our citizens. It’s his FIRST duty.He takes an oath to defend our laws, not break them.

i read a tweet the other day i wish i had saved. The woman accused the Republicans of lacking empathy. Party affiliation doesn’t have anything to do with our being empathetic or not. I’m sure there’s Democrats you could say that about. The accusation that gets me the most though is the accusation of being racist. If you don’t have proof positive why go there?

Don’t know any. Never met any. The chances of this tweet coming from a white liberal? 100%.
Black crime affects minority communities more than other communities. Blacks usually attack blacks. Whites usually attack whites. Blacks are more apt to suffer at the hands of another black person. We don’t get cable so Fox News isn’t the network i typically get news from. They’re not thrilled with Joe Biden on Fox. i can say that. Most of the Fox viewers i know are not a part of those groups. In fact i don’t know anyone from those groups. People who watch Fox tend to be conservative rather than radical.If Joe Reid considers white people supremacists then she’s probably a racist herself.

Racism exists, but i believe most people are trying to get along. Why are people in the media like Joy always trying to drum up racial strife?

This by far is the worst tweet i have read in a long time.

It was alleged Walker paid for an abortion. We don’t know for sure.Yes, we like Herschel. He’s a good man who made some terrible decisions in his past. Walker is not compliant with anyone. The reason i admire Mr Walker, in spite of his flaws, is that he’s his own man. He’s been transparent about his past. He’s not in hiding.You don’t get to lecture anyone about abortion when you support it. It’s your sacred cow not ours. Unfortunately a lot of people have been convinced there’s nothing wrong with it. When you have a culture like that nobody should be surprised when people resort to it. Herschel is not single handedly responsible for the death of 63 million (and rising) lives. He’s pro life now. It’s all that matters. The pro life movement has always been accepting of women,doctors and men who have resorted to abortion in their past. We want people to heal.

I’ve never seen a more ignorant ad than the one with the woman being arrested and put in cuffs for having an abortion. It’s wrong on so many levels i’m not going to waste a lot of time on it. Who decided they could insult the intelligence of the American people with an ad they think people would fall for when the ad is so egregious it’s not funny? What a lie.

Healing the wounds of abortion:

The timing of the allegation is a tad suspect. They could have thrown it out there a long time ago not a month before the mid terms. It looks desperate. Herschel will do right by the people of Georgia.

“America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance-it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.” Bishop Fulton J. Sheen