The Libs of Twitter

Note: Just so you know i was banned from Twitter. It’s called a Permanent Suspension. Same thing. They claim i had violated their TOS by threatening or inciting violence. They’re nuts.

I’m waiting for support to send me the tweet where i supposedly did this. No reply yet. If you have a twitter account yourself it would be greatly appreciated if you could tweet out the entries here. The twitter button at the end of each entry will do it. Thanks folks!

Truth is. I don’t care if i get back on twitter or not.; either way it doesn’t matter. Truth Social is a better platform. What bugs me though is them making their claim about violence. i know better. I have NEVER advocated for violence anywhere. They have a chance to produce the tweet.

Who would miss the garbage the liberals trend? They started back when Trump was running and they can’t even give it up now.

You have to wonder if they spread the nonsense they get from the media knowing it’s crap and don’t care or if they’re just incredibly gullible.

There wasn’t a day that went by when Trump was in office that #impeachtrump #TrumpResign #TrumpisaCriminal #ConvictTrump #ArrestTrump didn’t trend. They were always calling Trump a criminal or saying he should be convicted for his crimes. They would never say what those crimes were but they were sure he should be convicted of them. They still tweet that one.

Fortunately for us Trump supporters we had alternative sources where they did real journalism. When the Russia Collusion lie was revealed the liberals never said a word. When Spygate was exposed they never said a word. On the other hand Twitter and other social media got the memo from their bosses that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal should be suppressed-and it was true.

Again, they never said a word.

What they don’t realize is this corrupt FBI and DOJ going after Biden’s opponents will eventually come for them.They don’t recognize this is tyranny or they don’t want to admit it. When Trump was in office they accused him of being a tyrant and he did no such thing.

When they spy on a political opponent even a sitting President they will spy on anyone. When they can ban a sitting President and suppress a real story like the Hunter Biden laptop they can do it to anyone.

They don’t mind that the legacy media lied to them? They don’t mind anything even anything ILLEGAL that they did to Trump?They’re not worried that someday these people might turn on them? As long as they’re [FBI] raiding Trump’s house everything is ok?

What’s this?

Look at the tweets they put up today. Joy Reid was trending for awhile.

It’s terrifying how little the liberal masses know about REAL news.

Odd how they react when they’re accused of racism isn’t it? Whites supremacists-meaning conservatives-are afraid of strong black women? Liberals and Democrats don’t have a good thing to say about strong black conservative men or women. They attack them or belittle them all the time.

Joe Biden supported segregation for years but Tucker is a Klansman. What are they basing this on?

We don’t call Trump a racist because he has never given anyone the impression he is. The word gets tossed around a lot.

Now we’re a combination racist/fascist. The tweet says vote blue to make things better.

We’re going down the tubes-getting better is a big stretch. Joy Reid has always been a thoughtless flame thrower. Nothing new here.

Maybe they should be tweeting about the Rolling Stone story. Rolling Stone is hardly a conservative pro Trump rag. The raid happened in April. They waited 6 months to break the story and question the journalists whereabouts?