Pennsylvania, PLEASE Tell Me You’re NOT Going to Vote For The Whacked Fetterman Guy?(I’d like to give you more credit after you fell for Biden).

My husband and I sent in our ballots for Oz, Kelly and Mastriano. We voted a straight Republican ticket this time. We had no qualms about casting our vote for Oz. No, he did not live in Pa. but if as i recall neither did Hillary when she ran for Senate and had MOVED to NY state. Nothing new under the sun for any candidate to do this. It’s not a common practice but there’s nothing new about it either.

Fetterman is a nightmare. He tries to make out Oz to be out of touch with the voters. His parents supported him for 40 yr of his adult life. If anyone is out of touch he is. Oz went to medical school and got his degree. He worked at being successful.

I’m sure many of us have had our parents lend a hand from time to time just as i’m sure some of us have helped our parents out, over the years,in their time of need. We’re not talking about that kind of help from Fetterman’s parents. They were well to do people that actually SUPPORTED him until he was 1 yr away from 50. Now that’s ridiculous. He goes around wearing a hoodie and trying to act like the common guy from Pa. but the policies he supports will crush Pa. even more. He may not have Biden on the campaign trail with him but their agenda is simpatico. He’s Biden’s rubber stamp. He doesn’t have the cognitive ability to see the failure of those policies if he even wanted to.

I remember Biden on his campaign saying he was going to shut down the energy sector. Pennsylvania is dependent on that industry. Why on earth would anyone from Pa have voted for that? Biden said he was going to raise taxes. Now his administration has hired some 87,000 IRS agents and that’s in addition to the ones that are already there.

Everything Biden said he was going to do [that we knew would hurt Pennsylvania economically]he’s done and we voted for that?

You didn’t hear him when he said it as plain as day?

Maybe all you heard was the media story about lunch bucket Joe from Scranton riding the train.

For one, he hardly lived in Scranton and the only ‘job’ he ever had was in politics living on the public dole of taxpayer funding. Other than his son Hunter’s illicit business dealings that he took a 10% cut of Joe never had any idea how the private sector works.

Fetterman is cut from that same cloth with the same extreme ideas and about the same cognitive ability. Fool me once,shame on you. Fool me twice, there’s no saving the commonwealth of Pennsylvania .

Trump warned you. The moderator did her best to cut him off the whole debate but he did what he could to warn Pennsylvania. Joe said it himself. We knew what he had planned. We knew the Democrat party was behind the Green New Deal and so was Joe.

Remember this:

Notice the headline then. Trump ‘claims’. No, Trump didn’t ‘claim’. He was telling the truth. He knew darned well what Biden was going to do. Didn’t listen?

Biden told you himself over and over again. You didn’t believe him either in his own words?

This is Fetterman on how to handle crime. A no-answer, answer.

We know what Fetterman supports; cashless bail, release of violent criminals from prison and defund the police. Biden calls it re-locating the money elsewhere but that’s the same thing as defunding. You take the money away from the police and give it to another organization, that’s DEFUNDING.

Look Pennsylvania, you put one guy who hid in his basement and wasn’t mentally fit for the job-Biden-because the media carried water for him. You’re not going to do it again with Fetterman are you?

i gave you credit for being sharp enough to see through it in 2020 and you weren’t. i’d like to think you’ll come through this time and put a stop to Biden and Fetterman both. Oz is a decent guy. He graduated from medical school. No small matter. He’s served in the private sector. He has his wits about him and will make good decisions.

My husband and i voted a straight Republican ticket here because they’re all decent people and we have to send a message to Biden loud and clear or he’s not going to hear it.

They may not be in a position to fix all of Joe’s mess but they can stop him from making it worse.We don’t need lethal drugs on the street, murderers and rapists roaming free, a larger invasion on the border than the one we already have. We don’t need hard drugs legalized when we already have deaths from fentanyl through the roof. We don’t need more fossil fuels shut down to make way for the Biden-Fetterman ‘Green New Deal.” We don’t stop these people now we may never recover in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman supports all of that yet he refuses to debate Oz. He finally agreed to one. He doesn’t want to be pin pointed on what he supports or make his cognitive disabilities apparent to the public. You’ve been warned. We love this state. We deserve better. I hope Pennsylvanians heed the warning this time.