The MAGA midterms

This time around Trump has endorsed a stellar line up of MAGA candidates from Kari Lake to J.D. Vance. i can’t think of one who is not going to do a good job if elected. The Never Trumpers will come out of the woodwork now because the legacy media will be glad to give them a platform. They may be relevant to the media. They are not relevant to us-the people who vote.

We must have massive voter turn out and wins across the board. Biden and the Marxist left have to be given a clear decisive message of rejection.

Now what can these candidates do in the House and Senate if they were to get there given that Biden has veto power and can stop them at every turn? We have to be realistic about this but it can’t be an excuse not to do a darned thing either. We have to get by until Trump takes the White House in 24.Yes, Trump will make his announcement after the mid terms. Count on it. i hate to make any predictions but i think i’m reading the tea leaves correctly on that one.

.I hope they use every tool in the arsenal as limited as it might be.

McConnell and his underlings cannot hold on anymore. We need real leadership now.

IF they were kissing the McConnel ring ie John Thune they cannot replace him.

There’s no point in McConnell 2.0.

Merrick Garland has to be impeached. There’s plenty of grounds. i know a lot of people are looking for Biden to be the first to be impeached but i am convinced Garland’s ouster is almost more consequential and probably easier.

They won’t have the power to dismantle the FBI but they can get off to a good start by defunding it. The Republican President in 2024 as CEO of the executive branch can dissolve it and reassign the best agents-while telling the rats, You’re Fired. Wray should be the first to go. We have to get the documents they’ve been hiding over there before they vanish. Everything from Hunter’s laptop to Crossfire Hurricane.

Let’s get a handle on the funding to Ukraine. There’s a lot of unaccounted for spending going on.

It’s not THEIR money. It’s ours. We should have some say in what they’re doing with it in Ukraine.

They better not compromise with the Dems this time around. Only the uniparty depends on compromise. [A better word for it is capitulation]. Nope. Done. Lesson Learned.

While Republican Governors Abbot (Texas) and DeSantis (Florida)drew attention to the border crisis and highlighted the hypocrisy of the left it’s time to put a stop to the migrant invasion. Kari Lake has promised that once elected her 1st act would be to declare the invasion over the border an invasion giving it legal ramifications with actions she can take to stop it.

This is what ALL the Republican governors should be doing, including Abbot and DeSantis. i get their point but they’re only moving these illegals further into the interior U.S. The whole plan should be to get them out of here PERIOD and stop the border crossings as much as possible until we get REAL immigration reform once and for all.

Biden’s first term is up in ’24. Trump will have announced by then. I’m not sure it’s worth impeaching him now. The best moves would be to get the DOJ and FBI in check.There’s where the real power is and the Dems have weaponized them. We can always vote Biden out. I would definitely ‘bork’ any of his crazy appointments. i know what everyone is thinking about Joe (same here believe me!) and if anyone deserves impeachment it’s him but with the next election not that far away and with our just getting control of Congress i’m not sure that’s a good look for our side. God forbid we’d look like them. The main goal should be to stop his agenda and reveal the corruption and lies that permeates his whole administration. He’s a puppet.His biggest fear is being revealed for his crimes prior to being installed. Someone is behind the screen pulling all of his strings.

Goal 1: get all our MAGA candidates elected or none of this is going to matter. Once they’re sworn in we have to back them. We can’t have the RINO’s running the show.