Nancy Pelosi is Clairvoyant? Who Knew?!

We know that Speaker Pelosi was never particularly fond of Pres. Trump. When Trump gave his SOTU address to Congress the Speaker was the first i have ever seen actually rip up a sitting President’s address and make a point to be sure everyone saw it except the President. i’ve never seen anything so ignorant but she couldn’t contain herself. Nothing Pelosi does surprises me.

In fact i wrote an entry on April 9,2022 positing that the FBI colluded with Pelosi and possibly Biden in plotting the January 6 Capitol breach. It certainly looked that way so reading it first before we talk about the new revelation might shed even more light regarding that fateful day.

She knew they were going to trespass on the Capitol grounds? She was hoping for it so she could punch Trump out? She planned on having her own film crew that day because? Tim brings up a lot of good questions but he won’t speculate. I will because I’m convinced it was all an FBI set up and needed her co-operation. Funny how she’s not being questioned by the phony J6 Committee. Remember, she took TOTAL control of it and decided Kevin McCarthy could not pick his reps. She did. She had no right to do that but who’s going to stop Madam Speaker?