We Have to Start ‘Writing the Narrative’

You know why liberals write the narrative? They use it to shut down any real discussion. They don’t want to debate you. They want everyone to believe their lies. They have an advantage. The media is their mouthpiece. Whatever the Democrat talking points are for the day, the media is there to pass them along to the public. The gullible fall for it while the rest want to help them out.

We have to start writing the narrative and not be afraid to confront them. It’s not our job to make friends in the media. They are the enemy of the people. Treat them as such.

They might call you mean. So what? BTW, don’t help them characterize Trump’s tweets as mean. They weren’t. They were brutally honest. They were ‘mean’ because the media didn’t like them.

I’m an election denier. You’re darned right i am. The whole thing was rigged. They plotted it out in advance. The day Trump was sworn into office on Jan 20 in 2016 they were already plotting on how to get rid of him. When that failed with every attempt they knew they had to rig the 2020 election and they got a head start. You can be sure they have plenty up their sleeves for 2024.

There was no insurrection on Jan 6th. That was an FBI,DOJ, BIDEN, PELOSI set up. :Ray Epps and the vanished DNC bomber were FBI assets. There were likely more. We just don’t know about them [yet]. All you have to do is check out the Gov Whitmer kidnapping case.

I doubt the Democrats would check out anything. They don’t even care about the Russia collusion scandal. So the FBI lied to the FISA court. So they spied on Trump and the Trump campaign. So they set up a scam Mueller investigation. In the Democrat mind it’s a big, so what?

Your narrative is fact and theis isn’t. They’ve already moved on to the next lie and hope that one will work.

We can look at some of the simple ideas and see the narrative they’ve written.

Anyone with a brain [it’s biology] and working eyes know there are only 2 genders. Men cannot get pregnant .The nuclear family is the healthiest environment to raise children in and parents have rights.. Their narrative opposes all those ideas but the verbal engineering they will do to make it sound good is amazing. Look at some of their other verbal engineering. .

The Reduce Inflation Act had nothing at all to do with reducing inflation. It’s still rising.

The Voting Rights Act was not about the people’s right to vote. The voting rights act or HR1 would have federalized elections.

The 2016 and 2020 riots that burnt down cities, vandalized property, killed innocent people, tried to get Trump out of the White House-they actually attempted to storm the White House. They injured 50 Secret Service agents, some seriously. They were called peaceful protests and supported by the Democrats. Jan 6 was partly the peaceful protest Trump called for and a riot that he never called for. They deemed it an insurrection; something BLM/ANTIFA publicly stated was their goal. They said Trump obstructed justice when Barr never touched a thing while Biden’s DOJ under Merrick Garland is targeting Biden’s political opponents. Garland even threatened FBI whistleblowers when they are protected by law. The left had a movement called the Resistance which Hillary Clinton publicly stated being a part of. Their plan was to drive Trump out of office by hook or crook. That’s called sedition. They accuse the other side of what THEY are doing. They use verbal engineering in their narratives. Their words always say the exact opposite of their real intentions. They call killing the unborn a woman’s right as protected by the Constitution. The Constitution does not even mention abortion. It does mention the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as a God given right.

They ignore God given rights so they can empower the state(themselves)and remove God from all discourse. They call it separation of church and state when the Constitution actually acknowledges rights given to us by God, NOT the state.

They’re willing to relinquish all power to the state because the state is on their side. It’s strange how they called Trump tyrannical and started the resistance. Yet, Biden is the real tyrant and they want to cede more power to him.

The media narrative is that Joe is doing a good job. They don’t see the economy, inflation or crime as big issues. Abortion is THE issue. It’s the only issue they believe they can run on. They are right.The Democrat candidates are distancing themselves from Biden. It doesn’t make sense. There are no policy differences. He’s running the same agenda they want. Some of them are trying to sell the idea they’re moderates. There are no moderates in the Democrat party. They ALL rubber stamped the Biden agenda.

Here’s the deal though.The media opposed Trump. They supported Biden. They did his campaigning for him. They are not going to say Joe is not doing a good job. You’re going to hear a lot about abortion and women’s rights before the mid terms. They have to change the subject. They have to make it about abortion.

Abortion has always been THE issue for them anyway. When you get right down to it, if the Republicans were more pro abortion than Democrats and liberals,the shockwaves would be enormous. Big money would follow them. Hollywood and the music industry-basically the entertainment industry-would be falling at their feet. Planned Parenthood would make sure they got elected. The Democrats might even cheat for them. They’d probably switch party’s.

The Republicans decided to stand for life years ago. Conservatives definitely decided to stand for life years ago. The Democrats decided that women had the right to choose to kill their own babies. Planned Parenthood decided to create a revolving door so they would be able to have more abortions to perform.

You know about the coat hanger fear mongering. I grew up when abortion was illegal and rarely heard of-there were no coat hanger abortions. Think about how bizarre and ineffective that would be. When i was young the thought of an abortion was horrific. It was through the ideas of Margaret Sanger and extremist liberals that killing the unborn would become acceptable, couched in the narrative that it was a woman’s right.

Sure women can choose to have an abortion but having a choice to do anything doesn’t make it a good idea. There are always as many terrible choices as there are good ones. I would say choosing to skip going to work for a week could get you fired, choosing to drive at a high rate of speed could get people killed, choosing to commit armed robbery could land you in prison or shot. We always have the right to make choices for good or ill.

Planned Parenthood scrubbed their own history but their founder Margaret Sanger had a terrible idea called eugenics and her goal was to get rid of the black race. She was a racist through and through. Hitler adopted her idea of eugenics replacing the black race with the Jewish race he wanted to exterminate. Sanger is probably why there are so many abortion clinics in minority areas.

Planned Parenthood isn’t stupid either. The revolving door i mentioned is the door to make sure there are more babies to abort. All they have to do is sexualize children and convince them that freedom means being able to sleep around without consequences. Sure they push birth control but they also push abortion as a back up. All birth control and abortion does is make children less wanted. Men don’t think twice about abandoning a pregnant girl friend or partner. So much for ‘freedom.’ i believe that most women who have abortions are pressured into it by a sexual partner; including one they consider a ‘significant other.’ Planned Parenthood is not helping women plan for parenthood. They’re helping women plan to get rid of their babies. They’re helping men escape responsibility. In the 50’s at least if a man got a woman in what was called a ‘family way’ they were more likely to marry the woman and raise the baby.

Mother Therese pointed it out in her famous speech at the National Prayer Breakfast February 1994 in D.C.

“…And, by abortion, the father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. That father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So abortion just leads to more abortion.
Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion”.

Source: https://doxaweb.com/blog/2019/01/22/saint-theresa-of-calcuttas-wise-words-on-abortion/

I’m convinced that’s true.I witnessed it back in the day. They were called ‘shotgun weddings”: Believe ir or not many of those people stayed married long term. Prove me wrong.You can always research the data.

i know this; the slogan[ when there were protests for abortion back in 1973 ]said legalized abortion would make it rare. i don’t think over 63 million abortions is rare. It was rare and almost unheard of when it was illegal. Oddly enough divorce was rare then too.

Yes, women have the right to choose but choosing to kill your own offspring is as horrific as i thought it was growing up. I don’t see Planned Parenthood promoting adoption. They only promote abortion-it’s never life or adoption. They fight tooth and nail to make sure women get to kill their offspring. When abortion is the only option it’s NOT a choice. It’s a horrible decision that can’t be undone.

They also call abortion health care. When i think of heath care i think of treatments & procedures meant to make you healthy. Pregnancy is not an illness or disease. It’s part of the reproductive process that begins at conception and is followed by various stages of development. You’re not making a woman healthier with an abortion-you’re definitely not making the baby healthier. You’re making the baby dead. Yes, there are difficult pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother. There are conditions*where it all goes wrong and the mother is likely to die. In those circumstances the doctor does not deliberately kill the unborn. The doctor does what is necessary to save the life of the mother and the death of the unborn is an UNINTENDED consequence of the treatment.. Nobody wants a mother to die. The whole accusation against pro life Republicans is absurd and shameful. i don’t know of any Republican or pro life advocate who supports letting a woman die.

You know how to tell the pro choice left doesn’t really support choice? Simple. Look at the hell they raise if they think they’re opposed. When Roe V Wade was overturned in the Supreme Court they went crazy and violent. They vandalized pregnancy centers and left death threats written graffiti. They harassed the justices at their homes (against the law).

i happen to believe the closer we get to election day in Nov the more they will focus on the issue of abortion. They can’t run on anything else. They’re tanking the economy. They’ve corrupted much of our government particularly the DOJ and FBI. They will write the narrative about Republicans being extremist. They will attempt their old narrative about the Republicans cutting Social Security and Medicare. Never happens. They will say the Republicans are anti woman and want to force women to have babies.

I believe women care about the economy, inflation, feeding their families, the crime wave and not having their children indoctrinated. It depends on how well the Democrats get people to focus on the issue of abortion and off their destructive policies. The Republicans would do well not to let them write the narrative and to hide their real intentions in buzz words. The Republicans would do well to point out the nonsense the media pushes. Tie them to Joe, even when they try to hide it.

Forget the polls. You can’t trust them either. Vote and vote in huge numbers. Send a message to Joe and his cohorts.Make it loud and clear.

*Ectopic pregnancy occurs outside the uterus, threatening the mother’s life. It can’t continue normally. But swift treatment can prevent deadly blood loss.

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ectopic-pregnancy/symptoms-causes/syc-20372088

First Woman President of the United States? First Woman Doctor to Cure Cancer? Your First Grand-daughter? Your son’s future wife?