The FBI Will Get Right On This – The American Catholic

The FBI Will Get Right On This – The American Catholic

The FBI Will Get Right On This – The American Catholic

Preach It Sister! – The American Catholic

By now even the stupidest Leftist must realize how massively unpopular their attempt to groom kids in sexual perversions is.  That they attempt to continue to do this indicates that this is a major priority for them.  Leftists by and large have few kids.  They are intent on stealing and corrupting yours.

Preach It Sister! – The American Catholic

It’s Your Last Chance N.Y. Save Your State! Don’t Be California

California had a chance to recall Gavin Newsome. Larry Elder ran against him. Elder would have made a fantastic Governor. Well, the people of California thought Newsome was doing such a fantastic job they decided to keep him. Better have a good look out there. They had their chance and blew it. Now it’s your chance. Don’t be California,ok? If you decide to go their route please stay put. You don’t get to vote to wreck your own state then leave.

We’re hoping you choose wisely. Zeldin will turn your state around. He’s a good man.