Democrat Ads: One Issue Pony

The ads i see from the Democrats never address the economy, inflation, gas prices, education or immigration. It’s always 1 issue and it targets an audience of women. They believe they can grab this demographic over the issue of abortion. They may be right. I can only speak for myself as a woman.

For one, i’m past child bearing age. When i was young i had my son at the age of 21. I never considered abortion. It wasn’t legal when i was growing up. The thought was horrifying. So where do we go with this in 2022? i would turn to my husband and say, look i have to vote Democrat because someday i may have to get an abortion.. Who would want to face their other children and have to tell them i never considered aborting them and never aborted a brother or sister they might have had. You tell this to your spouse and your children. i’d take a pass. Maybe not getting pregnant in the first place would be the best option.

You mean to tell me it’s the only issue women care about? I wish the Democrats would give us more credit. We do happen to worry about having enough food to feed our families, whether or not we can afford the gas to get back and forth to work and if our wages can keep up with prices. We worry about getting shot, assaulted or raped on our streets. We worry about some thug attacking our children.

You want to debate the abortion issue, fine, i’ll be glad to take it up but when it comes to this election we have 2 choices. Go with the Democrats stoking fear about the Republican candidates and abortion or go with the Republicans and address the issues that affect all of us. They’re trying to distract from all the real failures with the only issue that matters to them.

Abortion is going to be decided by the state legislators not the federal government or one candidate. Let’s use our heads.

Kind of a side note i wanted to bring up. As a child/teen i grew up when abortion was illegal. Nobody was using a coat hanger to perform their own abortion at home.Maybe there was one person crazy enough to try it but there were no widespread coat hanger abortions. How did the myth get started? Think about how bizarre and ineffective it would be. You think people would know better than fall for this.