We Sent in Our Absentee Ballots Today!

We usually vote in person but this year we weren’t feeling the best and decided to go the way of absentee ballot. This way if were not up to it in Nov we don’t have to worry about it. I swore the last time we voted in person i would crawl to get there if i had to.Darned near did.

It didn’t take more than a few min to fill it out, sign and date the outside envelope and get them to the post office!

We voted Oz, Mastriano, Kelly and the other Republicans on the ballot. It was easy.I’ll be honest though; as convenient as that was i’d prefer to vote in person. There’s something about being able to participate in person with other civic minded people on election day. I take a lot of pride in it. I hope it goes smoothly this time unlike 2020. What a cluster that was especially here where they illegally changed the voting laws and in some polling stations ie ‘Philly’ kicked out observers.

If I were a Democrat i would not be able to bring myself to vote for John Fetterman. What a nightmare. I don’t know how they could possibly put him out there as a candidate; but then again they did make Biden their nominee. Fetterman is bad news and all the Republican candidates are good choices.

Anyway, i’m pleased to say there are 2 votes on the way for the Republican ticket. Please get out the vote!!! It matters.