Sounding the Alarm: Tulsi Gabbard Is a Never Trumper and Fake (watch your back)

I don’t trust Tulsi Gabbard as far as i can spit. Never have.She’s got her own agenda. She has big plans for her future.She’s had them for some time. She didn’t dream it up overnight.

Did we forget she voted with the Democrats to impeach Pres Trump? Why didn’t she find her principles then and stand up to them at that time? Why do this at midterms? The timing is suspect and so is she.

She started this [recent] ball rolling by her appearances on Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. How did she pull the wool over their eyes? They’re usually pretty sharp.

They never get her to articulate her positions on a number of policies. Ok, she’s anti-war. Got that. She’s usually ambiguous about what she does and doesn’t stand for except her anti war position. She leaves a lot more blank than what she fills in.

Let’s go back to the Democrat party’s primary in 2020 when she was on the debate stage with all the front runners at that time. As she usually does, no matter where she makes an appearance, she left sublime messages. She never jumped into the fray with the other candidates. She let them duke it out. She was distancing herself from them.It was her way of trying to stand out and separate herself from the pack. She knew very well she wasn’t going to be the Democrat nominee then-didn’t matter. Some Republicans started falling all over her. Do i have to hear 50x from Republicans how hot she is? i don’t know that she’s hot but i do know she’s crafty.

To get a real grasp on the story here let’s go back to the race in 2016.

We know from the 2016 race that Bernie Sanders was never going to be the nominee for the Democrat party. I am convinced he could have beat Hillary Clinton but for the Democrat machine that was behind her. Their elites were never going to allow Bernie to win. In the end he didn’t put up a fight. The story that was true in 2016 was also true in 2020. Bernie could run and no matter how well he did they would never let him win. They tried to pull this in the Republican party too. The elites were looking for a Bush-Clinton rematch. They certainly weren’t going to allow Donald Trump to win-or so they thought. Trump is not one to back down. They found that out. The folks were solid behind him too. The MAGA movement began.

Bernie was on the stage in 2020 too.Not sure why since he didn’t have a prayer but, bless his heart ,he was there anyway. Every week the Democrats had a new front runner. Their loyalty kept changing direction but it never included Tulsi. If you want to know who the Democrats are behind all you have to do is follow the media. In 2020 it was crazy. I’m not sure why they got behind Joe in the end except they may have thought they could pass him off as a moderate. Joe and Kamala couldn’t stand each other. She even accused him of being a racist on the debate stage. So who does he pick as his running mate? Kamala Harris. She’s so principled she accepts the spot from the guy she thought was a racist. Joe picks her because she’s black and a woman.

Tulsi accomplished what she set out to do. She quietly set the narrative that she wasn’t one of them. It wouldn’t advance her politically in 2020 but she wasn’t looking to get there in 2020 anyway. She got enough name recognition to set herself up for the future. She would even be able to hoodwink some Republicans. As long as she did all that mission accomplished.

Did she get a spot on Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight? Yep. Adversarial or friendly? i rest my case.

Notice she always wore the same white outfit too? Not a coincidence or a lack of wardrobe. It’s a means of branding; a way of selling your image. It’s a way to stick in people’s minds.She’s got some good tricks up her sleeve.

I’ve also heard it suggested she could be trying to cause division in the MAGA movement. Could be. I’m not sure about that but it won’t happen anyway. She’s not that important and certainly not important to the MAGA movement.

A few Republicans have mentioned her being a VP choice for Pres. Trump in 2024. Who thinks he would pick someone who voted to impeach him? I wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for that one. A total impossibility. The President values loyalty and we’ve had far too many backstabbers already. His base puts a big premium on loyalty. I think some people have forgotten she voted to impeach the President and opposed him like the rest of the Democrats.

I’ll say what i’ve been saying all along about Tulsi Gabbard. She’s a snake. Watch your back. Now let’s get back to turning out the vote for our MAGA candidates.Her 15 minute of fame are over. She made the news cycle for a day.The midterms are just around the corner. We have a country to save!