Is Kamala Harris High All The Time?

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Can you think of 2 people more suited to each other as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Would it be an exaggeration if i said the neither one of them were the sharpest tool in the box?

Harris gives me the impression she’s been smoking a little (or a lot)before she goes out in public. She’s always laughing even when it’s inappropriate. She’s given some real stoner speeches too. i don’t know who’s worse Kamala or Joe but i can tell you he’s the more dangerous. It does cross people’s minds what to do if anything happens to Joe. The big question is, would Harris be much better? I’m not suggesting her possible weed use because she’s black. i’m bringing it up because she sure acts it like she is. Give me a white person that acts like Harris and i would say the same thing.

if you don’t get it let me know

USA Today reported that the car in which Vice President Kamala Harris was riding in her motorcade was in a minor accident on its way to the White House… No one was hurt and the Secret Service quickly transferred her to another vehicle to continue the ride.

“Initial radio traffic indicated this was a mechanical failure and that was communicated to agency leadership by personnel supporting the motorcade movement,” Guglielmi [a Secret Service spokesman] said in the statement. “After the protective movement was completed, leadership was verbally updated with additional pertinent facts that the vehicle struck a curb.”


The SUV carrying Harris hit a curb of a tunnel with such force that the tire had to be replaced.

  1. the initial report was that the accident was caused by a mechanical failure; obviously not
  2. an accident involving the U.S. VP is not a small matter. Why the lapse between the time it happened and when it was reported. In fact, had someone not grabbed a video of the accident and posted it on Tik Tok who would have known? Did they intend to ever report it at all?
  3. something caused the agent to crash and whatever that something was it was inside the vehicle.

The only reasons i can think of are that Harris and the driver were high OR the driver was distracted meaning occupied enough to take his attention off the road. The only reason i can think of that it wasn’t reported the day it happened is because they never intended to report it but they got caught with their pants down [nice choice of words] and had to. Obviously they didn’t want the public to know. The VP is in an accident and they don’t want people to know? 

Maybe Harris was screaming “I’m the f**king Vice President. Take me to the Capitol now!” Did she reach up to the front of the vehicle and try to grab the steering wheel? Maybe she even lunged at or tried to choke the Secret Service agent? 

What do you think happened? It doesn’t pass the smell test does it? IMHO she acts as high as a kite.